Gonna Get Dealt With

Please watch the following amazing video.

Grab a handful of anti-depressants, a plate of partially cooked maggots and your estrogen drink with the weird little "U" on the bottle, it's time for the evening news. We're looking for a "woman," meaning a living fossil, who was involved in a "fight," meaning a completely one-sided attack on an Eloi. Not exactly a hot start for the fraud news. Nevertheless, it's time to break out the "serious voice," normally reserved for Cohen-19 death statistics and innocent good boys murdered by "racist" police, as we toss it to Holly Hottentot at Little Caesars.

It looks like "Renetta" might have been getting into some of that "peat-zuh," judging by an obese frame, no doubt created by the mental, physical and spiritual ravages of "black fatigue." Aunt Jemima explains that vaguely humanoid units are "choosing sides" on whether or not living in a profoundly ugly all against all is a good thing. Is it okay to randomly brutalize snow hoes against the backdrop of a rotting nation in the midst of the final collapse? Only our best moral philosophers and lovers of the truth can make this determination and luckily we have two likely candidates for The Academy in the form of primitive tar monsters.

Nas-tee, broo-tish an shore, mudda fudda.

A 70 I.Q. inferior suggests "handling it in a different way," presumably zapping the offender while it's sitting in a "whip" instead of a brawl ridiculous at the SPQR slop shop. We are not here to praise Little Caesar, but rather to bury him. We get some more footage of the attempt to "bee datt beech." A groid calling itself "Bull" gives a mostly incoherent answer, complete with a bizarre reference to "Jesus standin raht derr." Can anything good come out of Weimar America? Come and see.

We leave the Plato and Aristotle our dead nation deserves to examine the finer details of the jungle violence. The miscegenation case is dragged across the floor by her hair like a Neolithic war trophy. The negro is a very desirable partner, shiksas. So cool and hip, not like stiff and boring Whites. It's time to stomp some "dome." Do you want to know what the future will be? Imagine La-ah's foot stomping on a race traitor's face, forever. 

We now solicit the opinion of a debased White. Somewhere a fat bloated jew plutocrat is watching this and howling with laughter, barely able to believe how it could destroy a country without even getting its rat claws dirty. Em and Em here thinks the Stone Age all against all is wrong, so the kosher process of completely destroying his soul isn't finished yet. Meanwhile, on Faceberg, the horrible truth that this "fight" was over "children" is revealed. Crank out a Curious George, get hammered by an evolutionary dead-end while the brown slaves promised by the talmud watch with depraved indifference...this is not what the "Fresh Prince" on my talmudvision said would happen.

It's back to "Bull," who makes a semi-intelligible point about "staying in yo layne." You might also want to avoid sitting in your car in the predawn hours. Without any true resolution, we conclude this latest glimpse of the coming nightmare. 


  1. You feel me? (Feel me now and hear me later)

  2. This is what happens when you take monkeys out of the jungle and sell them 2 pizzas for 10$. If you're not conceal carrying by now, there is zero hope for you. You have to base your life around avoiding niggers at all cost. If you must be around them, you better be armed with one in the pipe. If an encounter with one goes south, you better make sure they're finished and then you'd better make yourself disappear.b

  3. To be fair tho, the backstory to this spirited dance of death appears to involve some mudsharkery, so if you must venture into the belly of the beast (or let the beast venture into your belly, so to speak) then it's likely there'll be consequences.

    1. no doubt

      still doesn’t excuse the primitive behaviour of this filthy, feral, smelly Simian She-boon though.

      only point being....these animals don’t belong among us.
      thanks kike-rats

  4. Karma dealt tenfold to the Trailer Trash Snow Hoe for succumbing to the black snake moan. Dem brothas gawn take keer of my baybay. Thank g*d I have only boys, of whom will get their asses handed to them bringing home anything other than White Women.

    1. notice how the filthy ,jew-controlled Weimerican media hides that pathetic Harris shit-creature away.......

      i think maybe it’s because even these thick-headed Kikes realized she is an imbecile.

  5. Goddamn MH...

    you owned this nigger/ mud-sharkey traversty ....as ush.

    your writing .....sharpened daily ...not that it was ever weak.


  6. Lets look at the bright side. Maybe La-ah knocked some sense into this mudshark.

    1. doubtful..
      “it’s” prolly crying on the uncaring shoulder of some blunt smoking , void-minded urban Simian Ape as we type.

      White dereliction like this is irredeemable .

      your not allowed back .

      *not that mbp implied otherwise.

  7. Please do me a favor MH?? I’m sure you don’t like Twitter, but there’s this chosen one never-was “celebrity” fuckwad named Adam Goldberg (OGAG) that I argue with randomly that I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ROASTED BY THE LIKES OF YOU. He will definitely respond, he can’t keep his fucking mouth shut. Or if any of the other MH readers would like to get in on the action of trolling this Pedowood faggot PLEASE FEEL FREE TO.

    1. If you have ever seen Dazed and Confused, he’s the jewboy that gets his ass kicked by the jock Clint at the party in the final act. I know you would have fun fucking with him, Mortal. @NickStillSmokin is my Twitter handle. LOTS got banned along with about 10 other accounts I used to have. Dumbasses don’t realize it’s a fake name, Nick Kurz. Get it? Niggers. Duh. Holler at me sometime Mortal, or MH.

  8. I guess there was no Chuck E Cheese in town.

  9. just read this on another site...

    two weeks later.

    jesus ! wow .


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