In Service of an Idea

Our globalist kosher economic zone is an idea. It has nothing to do with ensuring a future for our posterity and everything to do with importing the worst available brown aliens. Democracy, defined as highly corrupt racial headcounts, is the best system and it should be spread around the world by violence. Israel is our greatest ally and you should be honored to die defending this highly legitimate nation. This is pretty compelling stuff, but there are a few dissidents, if you can even imagine it. If you won't listen to me, maybe you'll be convinced by our ruling semitic junta and the senile criminal acting as its figurehead. C'mon man, it's time to start believing sickening inanities.

President Joe Biden, observing his first Memorial Day as commander-in-chief, delivered remarks Monday at Arlington National Cemetery, painting democracy as the "soul of America" and one that "worth fighting for ... worth dying for."

I'd rather die for a pile of horse shit. At least that has some value, as fertilizer, unlike a leprous anti-White mongrel sewer shaped like a country. Imagine actually swallowing this drivel. The sooner we reach the "acceptance" stage of the death of America, the better.

"Democracy itself is at peril, here at home and around the world,” Biden warned in an emphatic and emotional address, speaking to military families at Arlington National Cemetery’s Memorial Amphitheater. 

What is democracy? As far as I can tell, it seems to revolve around sodomy, negro worship and young White men dying for the jew.

"How we honor the memory of the fallen will determine whether or not democracy will long endure."

I takes the mind of a sociopath to say this with a straight face after last year's election.

"For those who mourn a loved one today, Jill and I have some idea how you're feeling. Our losses are not the same, but that black hole you feel in your chest as if it's gonna suck you into it, we get," Biden said, noting that Sunday marked the sixth anniversary of his son Beau's death.

Black hole chest, won't you come and wash away the pain?

"I know the incredible pride you felt seeing your loved one wear the uniform of our country and the pride they felt wearing it."

Yup, that's my boy, fighting for global jewish hegemony and the right to put building materials into your anus.

On Friday in Hampton, Virginia, Biden shared details about Beau, who deployed to Iraq in 2008 with the Delaware National Guard. He died at the age of 46 from cancer.

I shed greasy tears for the seven gram rocks he'll never bang. Wait, that's your other worthless scumbag son.

"Our son did not die in Iraq, but he came back -- went as an incredibly healthy young man and came back with a severe brain tumor because his [living quarters] was just downwind from those burn pits -- I don’t know if that’s the reason. But he came home. It was just a matter of how long he lived," Biden said in an address to troops.

It's all about you on national "they died for nothing" day. Looks like you've been hanging out with the Kenyan queer a little too much. Please, share your uh-maze-in story about the deadly burn pits (Just like in the holohoax!). It's a tragedy, not unlike the brave troops defending the capital occupation zone from absolutely nothing who had to eat poison food. 

His speech Monday focused on the ultimate sacrifice -- U.S. service members dying for their country -- and what he said President Lincoln called "the last full measure of devotion."

Dead. White. Male. Booooooooo!!!!!!!!

"They did not only die at Gettysburg or in Flanders Field or on the beaches of Normandy, but in the mountains of Afghanistan, the deserts of Iraq, in the last 20 years," Biden said.

Our proud tradition of embracing hateful death in service of the worst possible causes.

"Hundreds of graves here from recent conflicts. Hundreds of patriots gave their all, each of them leaving behind a family who live with their pain and their absence every single day. I want to assure each of those families we will never forget what you gave to our country," he said.

Dead goyim storage.

He said he carries a piece of paper in his jacket pocket with the number of troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He probably needs to carry a piece of paper around with his own name written on it. 

He went on, "Our freedom and the freedom of innumerable others has been secured by young men and women who answered the call history and gave everything in service of an idea."

We're serving an idea! There was a time in living memory when bleating out this kind of repellent kosher nonsense would probably earn at least a beating, if not a noose around your scrawny neck.

The president underscored throughout his speech what American troops have fought for and are still fighting for -- democracy -- or, as he called it, "the soul of America."

More like the dibbuk box of America.

"Democracy must be defended at all costs for democracy makes all this possible," Biden said. "Democracy. That's the soul of America. And I believe it's a soul worth fighting for. And so do you, a soul worth dying for."

A system that believes a 60 I.Q. African criminal who breaks the plane of an open border is now your equal and probably your better is certainly worth an ocean of gentile blood.

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  1. Serves him right for voting for the fucking wars to begin with. Perhaps his grief can be eased if Netanyahu can find him an underaged shiksa to sniff.

    1. Voting? That'll fix it! Just vote harder, next time.

    2. He voted for each of those wars as a senator. Unlike us, a senators vote often counts.

    3. Exactly. I was on board with your train of thought.

  2. Wow. Profound. His son only lived another 26 years or so. His death was definitely from poison of war. Poisonous mushrooms maybe. Surprised you didn’t mention the 6 YEAR OLD SITTING IN THE FRONT ROW that Biden said “you look like a 19 year old sitting there with your pretty barrettes and YOUR LEGS CROSSED”. This sick fuck needs to go. He can’t make it through a Memorial Day speech without fantasizing about fucking children. Dead Pedophile Storage.

  3. I was thinking of listing my Twitter handle for my troll account here. Then ppl I talk to regular here could have conversations outside of this platform. Even private message. What do you think? Bad/good idea? I’m sure there are FBI agents crawling all over this site fighting the scourge of White Supremacy. Not that anything illegal is being done, I just couldn’t imagine how many “lists” there are out there. I’m sure I’m on a few. I was reading comments on the last post (I was impressed how many were left by ppl I’ve never seen before) and dude was talking about the age of “Pushback”. I don’t see how we can get to that without having a place to congregate. And I’m not calling anyone here a coward but the fear of doxxing or becoming a pariah is real and I understand ppls hesitancy.

    1. Though it would do wonders for morale and sanity to do so, it’s probably not a good idea. Unless you know someone well, you just can’t be sure of anyone you meet on the internet. Best to find someone within your circle of friends. Best way is not to preach and not to push too hard. Making someone aware that their nation and what they’ve believed in for their entire lives is gone is like telling them their spouse is having an affair.

      The other thing to beware of are sites that post a lot of things that you agree with and then slipping in pro-Israel propaganda or crazy ideas designed to lead people down dead ends or be discredited. Each of us is an army of one, unfortunately. But there are numerous signs of positive change!

    2. I know no one here. Idk many ppl in my ideology besides a few immediate family members. My eldest son reads this blog for the humor but he doesn’t realize the importance of the situation. He’s a live and let live kind of guy. It’s a catch 22. I want this blog to grow because MH’s writing deserves to be glorified, but I don’t want the uber-offended to find it and try to shut it down. I guess I just need to find a community.

    3. I post under my real name on the FB page for a large west coast newspaper. I have questioned the holocaust, the holo”cough”, climate change, PRIDE, the election and several other sacrosanct topics. I am not worried about losing my job, since I am retired and i don’t see how they can take my pensions, social security or savings away. I would say my only concern is violence against me or my family or vandalism. One guy wanted to meet me to fight me when I basically the military was full of fuckups fighting for Israel. I do make sure my logic is clear and my facts are backed up. Sometimes I even use their facts to show how their logic doesn’t work. Particularly with the virus. Anyways, I’ve noticed that I can only post 5 times a day on that FB page and once I reach that limit, I also have posing limits on other media FB pages. I noted that the PB “page managers” were located in Israel, which the pro-Palistinian commenters jumped on. All in a days work!

  4. Also everyone google National Black Power Convention kill all whites. Looking forward to MH SKEWERING these clowns. And also looking forward to MH doing the same to Saint Fauci now that he is implemented in the coverup of WIV creating the ChiCom Virus.


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