Mostly Peaceful Gunfire

Please watch the following amazing video. Edit: the video was taken down (I know, big surprise), so here's the closest suitable replacement I could find. The commentary below was based on the original footage and not this version.

It's time to honor the inspiring legacy of a dead negro criminal who overdosed in police custody and became the ugly simian face of the latest afromania meltdown. You could select any random White from the street and you'd almost certainly find a much better person, but here in Clown World we literally worship a nightmare animal who enjoyed taking narcotics and pointing guns at pregnant women. This was truly the son of g*d, the greatest humanoid unit to ever behave like a poorly programmed video game character inside a bodega before taking enough Fentanyl to kill a horse. We must gather at the sacred pile of garbage and kneel down to the alien flag of a worthless failed race. In any sane country this grotesque visual pollution would have been bulldozed and the worthless negro burden would be on a boat back to Wakanda.

Our Cuck Island (?) reporter laments that the latest anti-White bill won't be signed in time to mark the anniversary of a brown scumbag abruptly ceasing to be a threat to our dead nation. He starts talking about "police reform" as the distinctive sounds of "busting" ring out. It's like we've gone so far into "exactly what I thought would happen occurred" we somehow came out the other side and into irony. "Just got to be careful here with some gunshots." It's been a rough week for the Associated Press. First your office is blown up by an Israeli missile paid for by the American taxpayer, now there's a chance you're going to "hold corn" in the Moneyapolis all against all.

The shooting continues while debased Whites make a languid effort to find cover. It's almost like we have no self-preservation instincts whatsoever. The mountain of kosher garbage is now clearly visible. More shooting. And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free/And I won't forget the groids who died to cause this insanity. Creatures straight from a nightmare perform the Jesse Owens act while the fraud news mouthpiece speculates about the precise nature of the "drillin." There is an eerie moment of almost perfect stillness, the silence of the grave. A disgusting fat-body runs off, g*d knows what this power eater's plan is.

"Shit." Sometimes less is more when it comes to describing a scene from a dead nation. A dark vehicle, no doubt full of dark contents, drives by. It's like observing the Chiraq weekend death report as it happens from the relative safety of your China Box. Watch the decline and fall without a paywall, it's really uh-maze-in. More gunfire. Build back better. We have won a mighty victory over "racism." The alien garbage is "resting in power" in a gold coffin. Negro aliens, bereft of even the slightest humanity, mill about in a cold weather Liberia. Rap "music" starts to play as we fade to black. This is how it ends.


  1. Dat be an Afronaut! He dun be flyin’ in space and sheet! Dem STEM skolarships be bringin’ us closer to da dreem of Doctah Kang!

  2. I saw that in the comments. Was that the Immortal MH? Maybe in another dimension we won’t all have to hide our identities from fear of doxxing (doxification/doxation/doxified??) from speaking the truth. I would love to throw back a few with MH, Mortal, PB, etc and just shoot the shit. We can have dreams.


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