Negro Erosion

When New York City Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams opened up about his emotional fatigue from racism, his shift in candor during the press conference last year hit home for many who empathized with him.

It's time for the advanced moral reasoning of a sinecure genetic alien who hates its White benefactors. Jew Mang here is struggling with its animal emotions. I hope I don't run into this fragile genetic alien during Civil War 2. Decades of appeasement, appalling waste, cowardice and delusion and here we are. A creature straight from a nightmare had its brittle and primitive mind tormented by, I guess, the endless White supplication before jungle moloch.

It was shortly after George Floyd was killed by then-Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, even as Covid-19 ravaged the city and political strife continued to amp up. 

While heroic nurses were making cringe videos and hiding in sheds from Cohen-19, a completely worthless negro criminal overdosed in police custody. While America was in the middle of a national psychotic break, a tar monster grifter had hurt feelings. 

"I want to give the Black community permission to say I am not OK," he continued. "I am tired. I am tired. I have not watched the video of Ahmaud Arbery. It is too much. I have not watched the video of George Floyd. It is too much. Black people have to go to work the next day and be alright. I am not OK. I am tired. I am tired of racism.”

Maybe you should watch the actual footage so you can start interfacing with something called "reality" instead of kosher snow jobs about jogging and evil "racist" White officers who marry Orientals. Everything we're told is a cynical lie. Also, insert your own joke about "blatt pee-poh bee goin two werk an sheeet," I'm too tired from all the "racism."

The author Mary-Frances Winters documented this moment in “Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes the Mind, Body, and Spirit," because it captured the essence of her book.

Wow, I had no idea we were "eroding" the otherwise robust humanity of nightmare monsters. Clearly the solution is a boat back to Africa, far away from the horrible pink people and their insidious attacks on noble and hardworking living fossils. Every day I'm out there, stuntin' on jews and exhausting Ethiopians.

Winters, founder and CEO of The Winters Group Inc., a global firm specializing in diversity and inclusion consulting, uses this scene to name and describe a phenomenon that she believes countless Black Americans know all too well. She terms it “Black fatigue.”

Welcome to Clown World, where Aunt Jemima can "git datt chedda" in a kosher "Down with Whites and Western Civilization!" Thought Crime protection racket. Also, dem nikkas bee tarred an sheeet. This definitely explains the welfare dependency and comically worthless mirror-fogging "jobs" in "diversity and inclusion." 


In nearly 300 pages, the book delves into the history of white supremacy and racist systems that have led to intergenerational Black fatigue.

Almost 300 entire pages from this brilliant beast, truly uh-maze-in. You'll learn how the bargain of a lifetime from the jewish slave ships became a permanent burden. The negro will start improving on page 300.

Winters also contends that in every aspect of life -- from education and socioeconomics to the workforce, criminal justice and health outcomes — racism is literally killing Black people.

We dyin' hee-ah! This total inversion of reality will be forced on you in an act of humiliation. You will nod in bovine agreement to obvious lies to keep your careerism. You need to be less White. I heard America was back.

"Science has proven that racism is a direct cause of physiological and psychological maladies," she writes.

Is this the "science" that claims there's invisible objects in space which explain why none of our equations work or the "science" that thinks race is caused by climate and there are 59 genders? I need to know this so I can correctly file this assertion under "bullshit" or "total and complete bullshit." 

"Black people suffer disproportionately from diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, obesity, among others. Many of these health issues are uncorrelated to socioeconomic status. In other words, contrary to what might seem intuitive, education and income are not mitigators. Further, experts have recently made connections to how chronic stress impacts us the cellular level and is passed down generationally."

Total and complete. That's what I thought, but I like to be absolutely certain.

When the George Floyd murder happened last May, I incorporated the many incidents that occurred in 2020 into the manuscript as the concept of Black fatigue exploded. Over and over in the media, people were declaring, “We are tired.”

Somehow I don't think you can compete with the amount of negro fatigue in any sane White.

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This "yella" scumbag is your moral superior.


  1. LOFL!!!! Dude, great one. Love it. Laughed until I cried tears of irony. You definitely brighten the dull days.

  2. If qualities such as logical thinking, punctuality, cause and effect, the nuclear family and self-reliance are “signs of whiteness” as stated by the National Museum of African American History and Culture, why wouldn’t negroes have health problems living in a White society?

  3. Did that jig actually say " blacks have to get up and goto work the next day"? Please tell me this is heretic embellishing a little. I know they're delusional ( blacks taking credit for building america) but claiming blacks goto work should be te red pill even the hard-core of cucks.

    1. the cuck will continue to slumber

      as long as the Merchant continues to provide him the pathetic distractions he inherited from his equally cucked father ....

    2. " blacks have to get up and go to work the next day"

      Saw that too. Hilarious.

  4. goddamn MH

    What ridiculous Jew/Marxist Horseshit do you not see thru?


    just fucking wow


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