Targeted Safety Solutions

One year ago, a criminal negro scumbag overdosed in police custody and our national corpse split open, releasing a sickening cloud of vile gasses. After several failed attempts, like the innocent good boy "jogger" and the almost unbelievable "Justice for Breonna" snow job, our jewish enemy finally had a clear-cut example of the evil White "five oh" to use as a cudgel against a country that had already suffered a psychotic break over Cohen-19. The afromania became a fact of life, with "mostly peaceful" protests in the urban ruins, while terrified cuckservatives assured us it was actually White people setting the fires and throwing the bricks from pallets that magically arrived just in time for the kosher lunacy. After making a full circuit around the Day Star on our blue spaceship, we have sacrificed colorless people to moloch, lost the ability to make even the mildest criticisms of the "African-American" failed race and allowed the rule of law to collapse. Are we better off now? Incredibly, the answer seems to be "no." Consider the Minnesota zoo that served as ground zero for the monkeyshines. It turns out they're still having problems, despite the victories we've won over "racism" via cowardly denial of basic reality.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey introduced his plan for dealing with a significant uptick in violence in the city during a news conference Monday.

Don't worry, the descendant of "Russian jews" is on the case. I wonder if this poisonous mushroom is making plans to flee when the kosher con game falls apart, like its rodent forebears did so many years ago. Will the parasite be able to escape the dead remains of its former host? We're all rooting for you, shlomo.

"We're standing here with a very clear message and that message is: the status quo cannot prevail," Frey said.

Look at the quality leadership from an alien outsider who calls us "cattle." Considering the "status quo" has been constant ill-conceived upheaval, I'm not sure what this even means. Lots here to "unpack," as they say at the communist indoctrination centers.

The announcement came after a deadly weekend in Minneapolis. Police said one person was killed and 12 others were hurt in multiple shootings. A 9-year-old girl was among the victims hospitalized in critical condition.

Blatt lives mattuh. Say the name of another nameless victim of the pathology of genetic aliens who have no place in a civilized nation. 13 got shot. In Chiraq we call this "twenty minutes on a typical Friday night."

"Enough is enough. Something has to give and we're not going to get anything done unless we do it together," said Jalilia Brown, a pastor at Shiloh Temple who also spoke during Monday's news conference.

I mean, we got rid of Aunt Jemima and burned some books. What more could we have possibly done? Fortunately, the coal-complected pastor of a "temple" where dark aliens worship malfin luffah kang june-yah and a horrible jungle idol that thirsts for freshly spilled blood is on hand to offer the high quality "tok tok." Yes sir, we ain't playin awp in hee-ah, nikka. Now, here's the new proposal for getting rid of the police and emptying our prisons of their worthless dusky contents.

Minneapolis Police Department said there have been 27 homicides in the city so far in 2021, the highest number in more than a decade for this point in the year. 

Wow, who could have predicted this? It's not like we have a crystal ball or something. This is probably just bad luck. Come on, use your imagination. There are no consequences to enacting the most insane "reforms" imaginable, that's for sure. Welcome to Sweden: The State.

The jew and the zoo.

Frey said his new model for community safety would focus on four priorities: a summer safety response, targeted resources and investment, an accountability and culture shift within Minneapolis Police Department, and 'safety beyond policing,' which he said would include alternative responses to violence.

The new model will focus on four priorities: allowing the tar monster to run wild because we don't want to get called names or be fed into the gaping maws of a desert demon, pouring money down the coal creature sewer, eliminating the remaining Whites on the "five oh" and levels of delusional madness you probably thought were impossible even one year previous. I would be shocked, absolutely shocked, if this deranged cocktail of newspeak expressions, anti-White idiocy and full-blown psychosis isn't the magical solution to all our negro problems.

The plan involves bringing in federal partners to help investigate gun crimes, creating a task force to focus on violent "hot spots" and putting millions of dollars into a "safety fund" for community partners.  

I can't wait for a "eye bee scamma an sheeet" mongrel to use the "safety fund" to purchase several mansions. Are we going to get that giant net to throw over the entire city or will the "get a sack on the black" fund be misappropriated by sinecure yellas? What a time to be alive.

The mayor said that fund would help develop and implement targeted safety solutions, such as community-based and trained safety specialists who are specifically trained in de-escalation, mediation, conflict resolution and other non-violent methods. 

I'm specially trained in hugging the living fossil until it isn't dangerous any more.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said addressing violent crime in the city will be 'daunting and challenging' heading into the summer, when violent crime tends to skyrocket.

Eeeettt teeeennnddds tooo skyrocket, eeeeyyyeee theeeeennnnkkkk. It's actually just another worthless negro in a mirror-fogging job and not a la-teen-oh invader, if you can believe it.

He noted his department is down by about a third of its officers. 

Wow. I wonder why.

He also said police are just one part of the safety "ecosystem" and each branch needs to do its part to help cut down on the violence.

The ecosystem of the concrete jungle: the jew at the top, free-range White victims and dark predators. 

"To our judges, I beg you to reexamine when you are releasing violent individuals back into our communities. There's a price that we all pay for that," Arradondo said. 

Yeah. It's a little late for that, dawg.

The mayor said funding some of these new initiatives is possible thanks to millions of dollars Minneapolis is set to receive from the American Rescue Plan. 

Keep paying taxes, it goes to the best causes. The scavengers feast on the reeking carcass. This might be another obscenely large house for you if you work it right, merch.

Full Story.

I've got another bargain for you, goyim.


  1. We’ve all seen the local news reports about crimes where the perpetrator is almost certainly a negro but the “journalists” and police refuse to give a description because it would perpetuate “negative stereotypes”. Well, here is a hate crime where the culprit was caught on camera, is obviously a negro and the negro journalist explicitly says it’ a negro. What’s different? The victim in this case is a jew.

    1. Does the sufferink never end?

    2. Learned something new by reading the comment section of the video. Kethuboth 11b from the Talmud says a man can have sex with a child under 3 years old. Further research led me to find the site Great list pointing out the evil ways of the swine Jew.

  2. At the George Floyd shrine in Killianapolis, “shots rang out”.

    1. would anything else/less been expected from these restless Chimps?

  3. hmmm🤔

    two biological factors necessitate that America is spiritually deceased ...🤔

    The Nigger and
    The Jew.


    we live here and our anscestors cultivated this country into a we have no right to try and find solutions for its preservation and perpetuation.

    that would be ‘impolite’.

  4. guaranteed, this No. 6 Nosed ,
    mitz- vahed, mayorial descendent of eastern european kike peasantry is surrounded by a phalanx of state-issued body guard proxy.

    all of them black and beefy and diabetic
    blood sugar sex magic roadkill .

  5. yep

    we let them march thru and gain control of all of our Institutions.

    dats exactly what happened

    we missed our 1933 moment

    i think our potential “leaders” have been de-potentialized by crack pipes and other varied Kiked degenerecies .

    who knows.

    least we get to read MH.


    another brilliant piece here.

  6. Was just reading that Sweden is now the number 2 most dangerous country in Europe. A feminist government and they are the RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE. 3 times the amount compared to 32 other countries. DIVERSITY IS A STRENGTH. We need more brown immigrants.


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