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There are many problems in the Chiraq zoo. Most of them involve creatures straight from a nightmare burning, looting and blasting each other in an area that could easily pass for a cold weather Liberia. This appalling and moronic tribal violence is actually nothing compared to the real problem: Whites. There are far too many and reducing the amount of Legacy Americans must be a top priority in a city about to enter the summer "busy season" of insane negro and la-teen-oh pathology. Luckily, the dyke mystery meat mayor has these priorities straight and isn't going to "phone home" for those creepy crackers. If you want to talk to this alien pervert you better have skin the color of a bowel movement.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Wednesday that she will only be giving one-on-one interviews to reporters of color on the two-year anniversary of her tenure as mayor, saying the City Hall press corps is "overwhelmingly white" in a city that's much more diverse. 

Our overwhelmingly (((White))) propaganda apparatus. Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks, E.T. As we celebrate the two year anniversary of a tenure that made the skeletal jew criminal look like Solon of Athens, it's important that we put this brown paper bag on your arm to make sure you are sufficiently "diverse" to earn an audience with this total failure. 

Lightfoot said she ran on being intentional about diversity and said newsrooms need to do better on diversity, too.

We have certainly met our "diversity" goals in weekend shootings. Unfortunately, there are still evil pink people squatting around the perimeter of the smoking crater resulting from the content of the non-White character. 

"By now, you may have heard the news that on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city, I will be exclusively providing one-on-one interviews with journalists of color," Lightfoot wrote in a letter to local media outlets Wednesday. 

I don't even see color. We're all human and made in the image of g*d. Race isn't even real. We need to learn to get along. When they see I'm ready to treat the dark mass as unique individuals, I'm sure they'll respond in kind.

"As a person of color, I have throughout my adult life done everything that I can to fight for diversity and inclusion in every institution that I have been a part of and being mayor makes me uniquely situated to shine a spotlight on this most important issue."

To promote "diversity" and defeat "racism," we're going to exclude you because of your race. Living in a post-ironic society, it's really uh-maze-in.

"I have been struck since my first day on the campaign trial back in 2018 by the overwhelming whiteness and maleness of Chicago media outlets, editorial boards, the political press corps, and yes, the City Hall press corps specifically," she added.

I was really struck by how "White" everyone in the synagogue was.

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

"... While there are women of color who sometimes cover my administration, there are zero women of color assigned to the City Hall beat. Zero. I find this unacceptable and I hope you do too."

I think we can say without any exaggeration that the lack of tar-complected population replacement machines inside the laughably corrupt Chicongo sewer is the worst outrage imaginable.

She continued, "If you only have a white reporter covering City Hall, make sure there's a person of color working with them as well." 

Every colorless person will be assigned a brown anchor to drag around.

In a series of tweets, Lightfoot said she is "being intentional about prioritizing media requests from POC reporters on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city."

Once we get more POS reporters asking the tough questions like "Wuh yew bee so hee-row-ick?" I'm sure we'll see dramatic improvements in the Midwest Mogadishu.

Chicago is 33% white, 29% Hispanic or Latino, 30% Black and 7% Asian, according to Census Bureau statistics. 

Wow, that's really interesting. I wonder what the crime percentages look like.

"For the record, this Asian-Latina @WBEZNews reporter has been asking @chicagosmayor for several days to declare her stance on this state bill--a bill that would force Chicago to replace lead water 2056. She won't answer," tweeted WBEZ reporter Monica Eng.  

Talk about hitting the victim jackpot. This Aleutian Islander la-teen-ah non-binary with a lazy eye and horrible body odor couldn't get an answer about lead in our drinking water and I'm sure it was because of "hate" and not a desire to avoid discussing these embarrassing failures.

In her letter, Lightfoot said her office will continue to respond to media requests but will continue to push for changes in local newsrooms if they don't happen soon. 

We want fewer Whites and we want it right now.

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Is such a thing even possible?


  1. I’m waiting for the ghost of Alan Funt to appear saying, “Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!”

  2. For your comedic amusement. Negro arrested in Miami for rape and assault. His name was Deontae BLACKMAN. The reporter loves repeating that last name!

  3. 2025- “every colorless personage will be assigned a Black Nightmare creature to drag around....” as it attempts to do its part to maintain this crumbling, pathetic Civilization.


    Who, or what, would name their keeid "Lovely"?

    1. I’ll tell you one better. I used to date a girl who’s name was T. Love Cox. I didn’t want to put her first name out of respect for the dead but how did her parents not see that one?

    2. Looked after a kid in hospital once named Wayne Kerr. I asked his mum "what were you thinking?" She looked down, and said "I honestly didn't realize until it was all too late".

  5. i’m just glad i’m on the back-nine of this bizzare, Lynchian, evil clown -ish fuckfest.....

    i dream kinda childish: i wish i was Godzilla at this point......i’d stomp at least the “south” side of Chicago into piles of brick and unsettled dust ....then i’d head to Jewyork....then L.A....then London...then Tel-a-viv..

    all with zero evacuation warnings.

  6. BEETLEJUICE is at it again. She’s the Ho with the most.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The original third verse of Chicago (That Toddlin' Town), 1922, is "More Colored people up in State Street you can see,/ Than you'll see in Louisiana or Tennessee". I'm "sure" it wasn't a reference to the blackening of the city but even a song this old and recorded by 80+ artists doesn't ring a bit of truth of its "colorful" past. An inept mayor makes this racist announcement, and without an ounce of irony, by allowing only "people of color" to her press conferences. Last I checked, whites had the largest variances of skin, eye, and hair color than any other race of "colored people". If Alfred Breitenbach, (later changed to less Germanic and more Jewish sounding Freddie Fischer after WWI) the song's writer were alive today, he'd marvel at the city's colorful population indeed.


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