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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has defended the Hungary supporters who booed Ireland's players for taking the knee earlier this week.

If you want to find good news in today's world, Eastern Europe is the best place to look. I was eager to watch my Budapest Ball, featuring a team of my fellow Whites. Time for some grandstanding from the Irish Truth Famine. I'm going to make hate noises.

The Boys in Green were booed as they took the knee prior to Tuesday's 0-0 draw in front of an estimated 10,000 fans in Budapest.

I'm sure we'll see a massive outbreak of the "mutant strain" after thousands gathered, many of them not wearing several "makks." If you disagree with me, you're disagreeing with science the great and terrible. 

Orban said kneeling to protest against discrimination before sporting events was a custom related to slavery and alien to the central European country, adding that pressuring athletes everywhere to follow suit was "provocation."

It's definitely related to slavery, namely the enslavement of The West by an alien parasite and its endless attacks on our ancient homelands. We're not going to submit to the jew.

Hungary, one of 14 host nations to the upcoming Euro 2020 championship, has been ruled for 11 years by hardline nationalist Orban, who has ruffled feathers with his tough anti-immigrant, nativist rhetoric in recent years.

Oy vey, the horrible rhetoric from a hardline nationalist and "racist." I guess we should be happy shlomo didn't call him a dictator or "the next  Hitler" for displaying basic sanity and resisting the semitic metastasis. It sure would be nice to have a leader who actually represents the indigenous White population instead of a senile puppet of international jewry.

Stephen Kenny described the boos as "incomprehensible", adding: “It must be damaging for Hungary, with the Euros in Hungary. It’s disappointing and it doesn’t reflect well on Hungary and Hungarian support.

Why aren't they supporting afromania designed to encourage violence against Whites and the collapse of our institutions? I don't understand, it's like they don't want to get into the grave or something. Shame on your Hungary. I can't believe you're not worshiping the criminal negro.

How do they expect to win without Dark Continent "pace?"

“I think it was the right decision. I approached [international operations manager] Barry Gleeson and said it was something we wanted to do, to take the knee.

Barry Gleeson. Every. Single. Time.

“I think it’s a very important message.”

I'm going to get an amazing eulogy.

But Orban, who faces his toughest election challenge after three successive landslides against a united opposition next year, said Hungarian athletes were expected to "fight standing up".

Stand up to evil or die on your knees, groveling. Which way, Europe?

"The fans reacted the way those who are provoked usually react to provocation. They do not always choose the most elegant form (of reaction) but we have to understand their reasons... I agree with the fans."

In a perfect world they would have done a lot more than just make noise, but I do agree with it.

Orban said he had no sympathy for "this kneeling business. I don't think this has any place on the pitch. Sport is about other things."

You might actually get tired of winning. 

"This is a hard, serious moral burden, but every nation must carry this burden on their own," Orban said. "They need to sort this out themselves."

I'm sure we'll see lots of self-flagellation from the Israeli team that acknowledges the central role of the jew in muh slavery. 

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  1. And in George Soros’s home country no less. I am so disappointed!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Being a Joo, Soros has no home country

    1. rootless, cosmopolitan Desert Rats, with no connection to anything on 🌎 but each other’s capacity for parasitism . An ugly group of people to boot.

      what a dreadful , dark and soulless existence these insects suffer.

      they don’t know it...because they are possessed by some
      Luciferian force...something that
      is repelled by “normal”
      and righteous souls .

      i dunno.

  4. “Stand up to evil or die on your knees, groveling.” FUCK YES DUDE. I got fucking chills down my spine. It’s time to push back on these fucking degenerates.

  5. you seem to get an ‘extra’ pep in your step when you write about Eastern Europe.

    “I don’t Understand” says the sniveling, borshy sinecure ,” it’s like their reluctant to climb in their graves or something ?”

    i’m paraphrasing.

    excellent article Sir.

    1. These narcissistic inferiors don’t even realize that they are the scum of the earth. They literally think they are above everyone and just expect us to do as they say. By shaming groups with lies and using wealth to assert their will, they have grown accustomed to getting all they desire. They didn’t earn the moniker “Master of Lies” for nothing.


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