Amplified Narratives

In today's globalist kosher bodega, almost everything we hear is a lie and when the truth is grudgingly admitted you can be sure there will be many critical omissions and distortions. When we're not being fed total inversions of reality, like the serious terrorist threat of "White supremacists," the "love" of destroying your rectum or the history of our country as told by a syphilitic jewish madman, we're simply facing a drought of information. Consider a recent negro mass shooting where the description of the worthless tar monster was omitted because it might hurt the fragile feelings of vile monsters whose terrible behavior is rewarded with endless appeasement. If you thought this was some sort of anomaly, I'd first like to congratulate you on recovering from your twenty year coma and would then like to inform you it isn't. The semitic war on reality is starting to really heat up. We're going to make the bad facts go away by sticking our head in the sand. This will soon be followed by sticking our head in the noose.  

Poynter, the head of the International Fact-Checking Network which operates Politifact, is calling on local news outlets to stop covering local crime stories to avoid connecting "Black and brown communities" to crime. 

The predictable failure of worthless alien scum is ruining the kosher deceptions, so let's pretend it isn't happening. As my veteran readers are well aware, the typical "local crime story" generally avoids mentioning race at all costs and rarely even provides names. Instead, we get "a man was shot while standing on a sidewalk when another man walked up and opened fire," which can lead to unfortunate mistakes where bigots wrongly assume it was a negro and it actually turns out to be la-teen-oh or moose-limb garbage. Sadly, being "color blind" must be replaced with being completely blind, because clever crackas are figuring out that you can use basic demographic information to decode "sitting in a car gone wrong" dispatches from the front. 

Arrests for misdemeanors disproportionately affect people of color. Systemic racism compounds the injustice as reviews have shown that prosecutors are more likely to exclude Black jurors from trials.

Did you know innocent "African-American" criminals are routinely given much harsher sentences for the exact same crimes? Remember what I said about living in the age of the lie. Back in stupid old reality, we're turning the dark animals loose. 

The crime and courts beat exists because it's constantly churning out stories. Much of that content is directly related to public safety.

I learned not to sit in a "whip" at two in the morning in the Chiraq all against all, for example.

Kelly McBride, who chairs the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership at Poynter, said, "Local news reporters have amplified narratives that connect Black and brown communities to crime. As a result, we have fostered systemic racism through our crime coverage."

I would like all of you to attempt to form a mental image of this heroic woman bravely fighting against the horrible "racism" of *checks notes* crime statistics. Have you got your best guess ready? Let's see how you did.

I want to speak to your manager about accurately reporting genetic alien crime right now.

I will say this "Craig Newmark" sounds like a good goyim. Let's turn on the E.S.T. detector.

The device just exploded.

It’s within our power as journalists to break that cycle. We don't need to publicize the crime blotter simply because it fills airtime or generates clicks.

This is why I discuss non-White criminality in all its pathetic and moronic ugliness. 

Poynter president Neil Brown hates the fact people can still see what's really happening in our streets despite their massive censorship regime and their blacklists.

You can just listen for the gunfire, I guess. At least Brownie here is sure to be a good little gentile who rarely, if ever, worships moloch. Okay, I've fixed the E.S.T. detector and will now calibrate it using this hero of our time.

Oy vey!

Last year, the Nieman Journalism Lab also called for ending the local crime beat because, in their words, "it's racist."

When I was a child, I was told "racism" meant you hated someone because of "the color of their skin." It now means, to the extent it means anything other than "kill Whitey," failing to ignore the planned jewish demolition of our homeland.

The Nieman Journalism Lab exists solely to shut down honest journalism and the Poynter International Fact-Checking Network exists solely to shut down factual reporting.

The Nieman Journalism Lab? I wonder who is behind this bizarre organization? 

Full Story.

The jew and the zoo.


  1. And at last it came home that his intent

    Was no less than their spiritual death

    By torture until they confessed that truth

    Was calumny, corruption was beauty,

    Infertility and sodomy their duty–

    The last, bastard, effeminate sons

    Begging for their humiliations

    Till extinction. Or were they scions

    Of civilization, and its champions?

  2. Economies were his, and then the Press

    Aggressively he made his business.

    The engines of truth used by Luther

    He owned, and now he was the author

    Of the public mind, of history the editor.

  3. When I was a child, I was told "racism" meant you hated someone because of "the color of their skin.

    Same here. I’ve even seen a definition now that says if you think your race is threatened with extinction, your a racist. IOW, you cant even complain about being genocided

  4. I really think, the program is another Tower of Babel

  5. your on a roll Unknown.
    tight work.

  6. MH outs another Jew “journalist lab”...whatever the fuck that is.

    put three No. Six-nosed Rats in a room....they’ll come out 6 million seconds later having formed 12 new Jewish “think tanks” and Kike congresses .

    * great work MH.

  7. G*d knows they don’t want us to see the content of their character on full display, twerking on top of ambulances after a shooting or just a good old fashioned street execution from a fender bender.

  8. Also, very proud of Tucker saying “do you want to share a country with ppl like this.” I’m not a legacy media kind of guy but I do enjoy Tuck.

  9. Thank you for pointing out the failures and violence of negroes. I know jews are pulling the strings but I feel like blatts are doing the foot soldier street work (twerk?) of literally executing Whites and destroying Western Civilization. They have become so overly emboldened because they know that there will be no accountability for them. They have infested inner cities and spread like cancer, eating away at the carcass of White Achievement. I feel that if we don’t stand up and fight back now, there will be a point where we will be outnumbered and cannot fight back. They are now so emboldened that they openly call for attacks on Whites, demonize us, or flat out take control of our educational system from k-12, all so they can completely change/rewrite the narrative. Jews are too cowardly and weak to attempt this. Niggers think we are all cowards because of White liberal’s white guilt. It’s time to take the fight to them and take our country back. I for one am doing everything I can to point out the blatant anti-White agenda. If one person reads one post I share then I have done my job.

    1. well said LOTS.

      the clock is ticking.
      White/Soyed/Female /self-hating racial guilt
      does not represent us.

      these people need to be re-educated .

  10. OK, I have to ask. What does E.S.T stand for? Electronic Semite Tester? Elohim Soldier Tracker?

  11. The only thing missing from the photo of Kelly McBride is the League of Women Voters / Planned Parenthood / PBS canvas tote bag.


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