Austria: Drugged, Abused and Strangled

Just as the North American Globalist Kosher Bodega has divided itself into rotting urban zoos and rural Vichy America, our ancestral homelands have separated into nations with an actual future and completely weak and debased "idea" nations for violent outsiders to prey upon. Austria, where the moon cult invasion was once defeated, is now firmly in the latter camp. Flooded with aliens, wracked with late-stage spiritual cancer and rapidly sliding into history's dustbin, this is the current reality in what was once a land of culture, science and courage. Now even the most obvious threats are being ignored and the sickening collapse must serve as a dire warning to any nation which decides to "do the right thing" because our jewish enemy keeps demanding it. 

Two Afghan “refugees” drugged, raped and strangled a 13-year-old girl in Vienna, Austria on June 25, then left her body leaning against a tree on the median. 

This is just a part of life in the city and something we need to get used to. My main concern is this incident might be used by "not-sees" to justify attacks on innocent and cherubic mudslime rapists and killers. If Poland rode to your rescue today, you'd probably call them "racists" and tell them to leave. You're going to get the best eulogy, with only a few references to your inherent evil sprinkled into the praise for your jew-assisted suicide.

13-year-old Leonie voluntarily accompanied the two “refugees” to their taxpayer-funded apartment in Vienna-Donaustadt, according to the police, where the two criminals drugged her, abused her sexually and then strangled her to death.

They're here to save your pensions and solve the problem of an aging population. It's impossible to create new Whites, so the only sensible choice is bringing in the worst inferiors we can find. Isn't it great how we're helping the "women and children" fleeing "war?" If you disagree, here's a picture of a dead moose-limb larva on a beach. Now you're morally required to die in pain.

The face of the racial enemy.

The two predators were nabbed thanks to the watchfulness of neighbor Cal, who had observed drug-dealing and young women coming and going in the project apartment.

Hopefully these "racist" and evil "Karens" will be punished severely for unfairly profiling innocent alien filth ensconced in your neighborhood like a giant tumor.

Since Saturday, when Leonie’s body was found on nearby Victor Kaplan Street, Cal observed a rolled-up carpet underneath the suspects’ window, and began to speculate the rug may have been used to transport the victim’s body, as Exxpress reports.

Yeah. That definitely seems like a plausible reconstruction.

Sure enough, police then found evidence on the carpet. An hour later, the culprits were arrested.

You're doing a heckuva job. Your ancient homeland is not dying, that's for sure.

Since they are “minors”, or at least claim to be, the culprits will presumably be free again in a few years, if they are convicted at all.

Moe-ham-head and its full beard is a "minor," according to our official records, namely a used clump of toilet paper it gave us. It sure is a tragedy when "kids" are killing kids, it would be wrong to punish anyone.

A reporter for public broadcaster ORF has already termed the two ruthless killers “traumatized” at the police press conference.

They've clearly learned their lesson. This unbelievably depraved crime was pretty rough on the perpetrators, too. 

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  1. Did James Bond author Ian Flemming name the evil group SPECTRE with ole Babs in mind?

  2. ...All the continent

    Suffered thus, as his coils would not relent

    But rather tightened as its populations

    Fought for breath against the depredations

    Of the Enemy’s protected columns.

    By the millions his bestial golems

    Came, with his unholy blessing and the funds

    Wrung from their native hosts, whose nations’ guns

    Were trained on their own folk should they protest.

    Unconsciously encouraged to molest

    Those most docile, trusting and generous–

    Germanic peoples raised learnedly helpless

    In the syndrome of their historic trauma–

    They turned Sweden into Botswana.

    The Nordic lands from which berserkers sailed

    Had so relentlessly been assailed

    Their weak governments could not keep order,

    Impotent against the rape and murder

    Till where recently they neared utopia

    They fell among the worst per capita

    For these brutalities. Invasive hordes

    Had truly colonized whole neighborhoods,

    Swaggering out to rob and victimize

    Emasculated Scandinavian boys

    As they walked afraid and isolated.

    Undefended girls they violated.

    1. NICE. I appreciate true poetry instead of what ppl now consider poetry (hip hop).


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