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Make sure you go to college, gentiles! Here you can extend your adolescence, become a total degenerate, accumulate massive pound of flesh debt to the friendly merchant and marinate in the benevolent wisdom of dead jew males like Karl Marx, Max Horkheimer, Franz Boas and Sigmund Fraud. We have basically admitted the diploma you're paying six figures for and wasting four years of your prime youth on is totally worthless by agreeing to pay Barkevious actual fiat currency as a Liberia Ball "scholar athlete" since the "education" it's receiving has no value. Still, critical life skills like hating your race and yourself don't come cheaply and you definitely don't want to become some blue collar loser who makes an excellent income and doesn't owe Shylock an obscene amount of shekels. You just have to be on guard for the "nazzees" who are, for reasons unknown, infiltrating your communist indoctrination center and kosher usury outlet. 

UMass Lowell students gathered in front of University Crossing on Pawtucket Street Thursday in a protest calling for the removal of fellow student Liam MacNeil, who is allegedly a member of the neo-Nazi organization NSC-131.

The monsters are here. You've heard of this NSC-131? Real bad hombres, let me tell you. One of your fellow drool dish operators is actually a thought criminal. I think we should protest. I made sure to include several quality images of this heroic stand against the neon not-sees. You'd be hard pressed to find a worse group of useful idiots, scumbags and dangerous mongrel aliens. UMass Lowell is not sending us their best. 

Allegations of MacNeil’s involvement with the neo-Nazi organization spread online throughout the past month.

At the University you'll learn critical thinking and face the intellectual challenge of having all your beliefs questioned. Also, you'll tattle on other doomed seat-warmers for having forbidden thoughts. One of the debased NPCs nodding in bovine agreement while an overweight negress tells you "White people be some demons, huh, huh, huh" has started showing signs of independence. We're going to beat you back into pathetic conformity to spiritual evil.

Recently, a petition began circulating online calling for MacNeil’s expulsion from the university. On Thursday evening, the petition was just shy of its goal of 10,000 signatures.

The same bar codes who would sign a petition to outlaw hunting endangered Stegosauruses or the deadly chemical H2O have expressed their disapproval. Who are we not to heed their wailing?

Mongrel garbage battles "racism."

The petition and ensuing protest appear to be a result of numerous comments MacNeil made on a livestream in May, which originally appeared on the online platform Telegram. 

The Internet will usher in a Golden Age where ideas are freely shared and the best ones win out, we were told.

The full video and offensive highlights were subsequently shared to Twitter by several accounts, including Waltham Night’s Watch.

Up next, all the offensive highlights! He...could...go...all...the...way!!!

I *heart* mixing race. You owe the jew six figures in student loan debt.

“We’ve been told legality comes before the student code of conduct and this is the reason why no action has been taken,” one graduate student who spoke to the assembled protesters said.

We still have some remaining rights from that scrap of yellow toilet paper, but we're working hard to get rid of them.

“This is not acceptable. It shouldn’t come to the point of requiring an arrest to take action against a hateful person and somebody with an ideology whose sole purpose is to eliminate other groups of people.”

You should be arrested for saying things I disagree with and/or contradict our ruling synagogue. The sweet fruits of higher education. 

“In my mind, I believe if the university were really serious about this, they would be preparing to have teach-ins and educational events even in the summertime to address fascism and white supremacy in the United States and how it creeps onto campus, too, and how we have to stop it,” Estabrook said.

When are we going to have Maoist struggle sessions? At a minimum we should be putting these special rat helmets on people. Can we get that fat tar monster to tell us about how we're demons? I bet that would help.

I'm a Cherokee!

Another student agreed with taking decisive action in having MacNeil banned from campus. “We want to know how the university is going to protect us as students and employees,” they said.

I was so outraged I became plural.

Following the short speeches, protesters broke out in several chats including “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Nazi scum has got to go,” and “[Expletive] all Nazi scum” outside the building, which houses the school’s administrative offices. A man beat on a snare drum as the chants grew louder.

These chanting morons are the future leaders of our globalist bodega. Beat that drum. You're really winning me over. Was that the "eff word?" The Seven Liberal Arts, ladies and gentlemen.

“We’re paying to go to this school,” yelled one student over a megaphone to several people watching from the third floor.

Yeah. In more ways than you could imagine.

Get this visual pollution off of my line of sight.

Protesters entered the building in hopes of speaking with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney but were told she was not present. From there, they continued their chants as they carried signs across the Richard P. Howe Bridge across University Avenue.

This was a highly productive use of your time. At least some of the bloated war pigs got some light exercise, I guess.

In response to Thursday’s protests, the university offered a statement saying, “UMass Lowell stands with our students and employees in denouncing white supremacy, any form of hate speech, intimidation and potential threats to the safe and inclusive community that we as a campus have been working tirelessly to create and sustain. While we cannot ban hate from the hearts and minds of every individual, we will continue to speak out strongly against it and to overwhelm messages of hate with messages of respect, equity, justice and inclusion.”

Bawk! Hate Speech! Pretty bird, pretty bird! Inclusion! Bawk! Bawk!

During the livestream video, MacNeil is seen sitting next to Chris Hood, who is widely believed to be the hate group’s leader and founder. In the video, MacNeil brags about a lack of consequences for his actions.

My crimes include sitting next to a bad person and being happy without a permit.

“We’re pretty much like a frat, but racist,” MacNeil said.

LOL. A frog pin? On your uniform!!!

“If you’re going to start a frat, we suggest the name Kappa Kappa Kappa,” he added, in reference to the letters KKK, which also stand for Ku Klux Klan.

A howling mob of bloodthirsty genetic refuse vs. someone who made a few jokes: who would win?

At one point during the nearly two-hour livestream, MacNeil and Hood give what appears to be a Sieg Heil salute, popularized by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

I would say it was popularized by ancient Rome, but please, continue.

The pair also brag about a recent NSC-131 gathering at an unspecified Holocaust memorial. Despite their presence at the memorial, they proudly assert no one interfered with them.

Obviously, these two are a little light on maturity, but I'm really straining to find any crime in "stunting on the holohoax." This isn't Western Europe.

During the video, Hood said the goal is to continue to recruit like-minded individuals to NSC-131 to strengthen what he called the “white defense force.”

We need to organize our local community, but you'll figure that out once you have a few more years of experience.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, “NSC members consider themselves soldiers fighting a war against a hostile, Jewish-controlled system that is deliberately plotting the extinction of the white race."

...and we all know that's just a crazy conspiracy theory. Meanwhile, hatred of Whites is now our official national policy, our fraudulent senile President is threatening us with nuclear weapons and we're slated to become a despised minority by 2045. The ADL was created to protect a jew who raped and murdered a White girl and tried to pin this sickening crime on a negro dullard, by the way.

"Their goal is to form an underground network of white men who are willing to fight against their perceived enemies through localized direct actions."

Direct actions like clowning on a livestream and not showing proper reverence for Soviet war propaganda.

NSC is short for National Socialist Club, and 131 is the alphanumeric code for anti-communist action. The hate group participated in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, something its founder has bragged about. 

It's so powerful and influential I've never even heard of it before today. I'd be shocked if that founder wasn't drawing a government check.

“I know that there are students who are pretty outraged and don’t feel comfortable enough to go back to classes knowing that he’ll be on campus,” one student said.

Imagine fighting a war against Russia or China with this biological detritus. 

“I know students who have been expelled for a lot less than this,” the student said. “I understand the First Amendment and we have the right to say whatever we want, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences to our words and our actions."

You can say what you want and then be severely punished for it. This is the First Amendment, as interpreted by a four year kosher lobotomy recipient.

The Sun attempted to contact MacNeil through his student email but did not receive a response.

Why are you such an evil "racist?" We want to further vilify you. Please respond.

Full Story. 

Merchant Lives Matter.


  1. I’d like to see the mensch holding the “BIPOC and Jewish Lives Matter” sign carry that sign through Chicago, Baltimore or St. Louis.

  2. ...Marxist esoterica

    From decadents the Reich had silenced

    Emerged and were suddenly ensconced

    In the academy. His psychologists,

    Critics, philosophers, apologists

    For every perversion of tradition

    And natural order took their mission

    Seriously, and from their campus

    They sent forth without compass

    A great wave of students intent

    On drowning the stricken Occident

    In chaos they learned to call progress.

    Marcuse gave them license to regress

    To beastial sex and mock the family,

    The cradle of self, as anomaly.

    His anthropologists professed the races

    Have no meaningful differences

    And so to prefer one’s own kin and kind

    Was evidence of a backward mind.

    1. I’m not a fan a poetry in general. I like bullet points. But your prose was very good!

  3. " we are against hate" Meanwhile, "we hate you and want you to suffer and die for just being White"

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I would have some respect for anyone who refused to sign the petition when it was shoved in their face.

    1. i’d bet there were none
      who dared not sign it.

      the fear of being shunned and called mean names by faggots and self-hating
      human shit-eaters is just too overwhelming for most to deal with.

  6. To think that they have creeped into every aspect of our lives to poison the well of morality makes me sick. These are the same degenerates that organize DRAG SHOWS ON FUCKING MILITARY BASES.

    1. The next time our “freedom fighters” intervene, I think they’ll have their ass handed to them. Even if they somehow prevail, their opponents (notice I did not say our enemies) will certainly get in some good blows.

  7. Humans are not corporeal lemmings in that their fear of death and instinct for self-preservation is strong enough to prevent them from herding themselves over a cliff -- but they are, or have become in the age of omnipresent mass media where peer pressure has literally planetary reach, a kind of psychological lemming -- it is a striking phenomenon.

    Here you also see evidence of another remarkable modern phenomenon: how the Establishment has literally co-opted the natural empathy of young women (especially white women), and can redirect it toward whatever cause du jour they choose to promote via emotion-laden media propaganda.

    FBI/UCR crime data shows that white-on-black rape is, statistically, non-existent; in many years, there are ZERO reported instances -- whereas every year several tens of thousands of white women are raped by Blacks (and this excludes other violence: assault, robbery, murder, etc).

    These women have absolutely nothing to fear from 'white supremacists'; on the other hand, black men pose a significant danger to them.

    All of it is an amazingly successful psyop.

    1. His justice likewise had little care

      For the Aryan women raped every year

      In their thousands by black “American” men

      Emboldened by his psy-war campaign

      To claim their sexual “reparations”.

    2. Unknown - If you want a good screen name consider Ezra Pound.


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