Good News Monday: A New Law

When you scrutinize all the myriad demonic evils of our time, it isn't going to take long before a certain bizarre coincidence is noted. Whether the inversion of healthy normalcy is communism, feminism, pornography, "civil rights," globalism, open borders, anti-White hatred or the sodomite agenda, the same number six nose is always behind the ill-fitting "As a fellow White" mask. This phenomena is as persistent as it is shocking to the "I thought they were just like us, except they believe Jesus is in hell" slumbering Eloi. It's always the same criminal tribe of repugnant alien moloch worshipers lurking in the shadows, poisoning the well. If you notice this, you are a "not-see." Still, we're noticing. In Hungary, the semitic "bargain of a lifetime" is being rejected by the goyim and the wailing in hebrew is getting louder. Now these crazy shkotzim are protecting their children from the analism g*d we worship in America.

Jewish groups in Hungary have condemned a new law in the country that forbids sharing content on homosexuality with minors.

I'm not sure why you'd be upset about a law keeping pedophile sodomite rapists away from our children, unless you want our country destroyed, of course. The jew is always surprised when it's being forced into the cattle car. How could this be happening? Here's your answer.

Called the “gay propaganda law,” the legislation passed last week in parliament follows similar moves in Russia in 2013 that define written or visual materials pertaining to sex reassignment or homosexuality as propaganda that should not be allowed to reach children.

The restoration of our ancient lands, the unstoppable force rising in the east. The mentally defective rectum enthusiast and the poisonous mushroom pushing this vile degeneracy are being defeated. Hungary emerges from the long nightmare of jewish communism, stronger than ever. It's just another weird coincidence that Hungary was the victim of the first "sex education" classes under the brief marxist rule of "Bela Kun," real name Aaron Cohen. A hundred years later, the foul shadow of jewish evil retreats from the sunlight.

The measure, which President Janos Ader signed Wednesday, has triggered a diplomatic spat between Hungary and other member states of the European Union.

It's time to leave the European Economic Union and seek closer ties with White homelands that have an actual future.

The Golem Theater, a Budapest-based institution that deals extensively with Jewish subjects and has many Jewish members, said on Facebook that it “stands against the propaganda law.”

This is not a joke, there is something called "The Golem Theater" dedicated to subversion and demoralization. Watch the mud men dance on stage, we pull the wires. Whites are waking up. This grotesque stage show is coming to an end.

We jews want to see your children raped.

Mazsihisz, the largest federation of Jewish communities in Hungary, also criticized the legislation without naming it in the group’s statement. Mazsihisz defines itself as a religious community.

Another mask for the same criminal desert tribe. We're deeply "religious" and want spiritual illness for your ancestral lands. This is the next step for Hungary: cutting out the kosher cancers within healthy tissues.

“The Mazsihisz, as a Jewish group, firmly believes that all people are inherently pure and their emotions do not make them unclean,” the statement read.

Big talk from demons who literally call us "unclean meat." What about muh emotions? They have no argument. This is our enemy. 

“No one should be labeled impure, be discriminated against and certainly not outlawed simply because of their orientation or identity. Such classifications destroy social cohesion and our sense of belonging.”

The same kosher snow job. We're going to lecture your sons and daughters about the joys of eating fecal matter and inserting building materials into the large intestine. This is definitely not "impure." 

Hungary’s right-wing government under Viktor Orban has clashed on several issues with Mazsihisz, which has warned that the government’s campaign criticizing Jewish billionaire philanthropist George Soros risks encouraging antisemitism, and that the government is facilitating Holocaust revisionism.

Oy vey, look at the awful "hate." We just wanted depraved scumbags with heads full of faulty wiring to instruct kindergartners on how you can masturbate into the rectum and now the cattle are all uppity. It must be "anti-semitism" or, more plainly, fighting the devil in vaguely human form.

Full Story.

The jew's worst nightmare.


  1. These must not be the “real” jews.

  2. And at last it came home that his intent

    Was no less than their spiritual death

    By torture until they confessed that truth

    Was calumny, corruption was beauty,

    Infertility and sodomy their duty–

    The last, bastard, effeminate sons

    Begging for their humiliations

    Till extinction. Or were they scions

    Of civilization, and its champions?

    1. good job

      this is as good a forum as any for your “poetry” sir

      well done

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  6. Replies
    1. we need to stop allowing them to create enemies for us.

      as it stands , these insects have it situated where we are all each other’s enemies.

      and that’s simply not true.

      why should these Cyclops get away with implementing another one of their filthy protocols into our way of life?

      something stopped them before.

      they can be stopped again.

      sigh .

      we seem , doomed.

  7. i know...right?
    how dare some parents in Hungary , which has nothing to do with any faggot, cowardly, deracinated Western “nation” concerned that Big Jew wants to show their childern the glorious moral and spiritual virtues of sodomy, and other various Kike-promoted degenericies .

    oak trees

    if enough is enough
    raise your hand up thru
    the dirt grave

    is enough enough
    spit it out Big Gulping
    crumb slave

  8. goddamn!

    i fucking worship this website.

    this is darkened rock n roll

    nothing gets even close to this
    level of objective.......anything .


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