Instant Justice

Please watch the following amazing video. Some of the Clown World highlights to keep an eye out for include a bitch rag worn over the chin to save lives, refills on the same visit only (I can't just buy one drink and then keep filling it up here for the rest of my life???), an ill-conceived attempt to threaten a negro with prison in a country that has stopped trying to punish their horrible behavior and a rare semi-happy ending to the monkeyshines.

McDonald’s workers were filmed being attacked by a customer after she allegedly tried to fill up a water cup with a free soda but wasn’t allowed to.

The content of their character. Welcome to 365 Black makk-donn-alds. Tired, predictable and pitiful "Eye bee scamma an sheeet" from a 70 I.Q. proud black woman who don't need no man goes horribly wrong. 

The brawl was posted on Twitter, and there are allegations that the fight started when the customer tried to put soda in a free water cup.

We may never solve the impenetrable mystery of muh wadda kupp, but I think the uh-maze-in footage speaks for itself. We're all equal. 

The video shows the three women arguing before the fight breaks out.

For a moment I thought I'd stepped into a Jane Austen novel.

The second piece of footage shows the fight breaking out after the customer hurls iced water at the employee.

Thanks to the miracle of Al Gore's information superhighway, you can actually watch the entire thing in one shot. We live in an age of signs and wonders. Big chimping is just a click away from the relative safety of your pod.

As the customer storms toward the staff member, she received instant justice and finally got a deserved beating before attacking the manager again without even noticing that the police arrived. 

You can probably hurt a negro by striking it in the head, but I wouldn't want to wager my life on that postulate. Also, here come the Blue Lives, just in time to commit a horrible "racism" against a totally innocent nightmare animal. It's time to disband the blue not-sees and let the jungle all against all sort everything out.

The customer ended up being beaten and arrested but it was all justified as you can see in the videos below.

I'm sure the footage will completely vindicate our actions. I guess you learned nothing from the almost unbelievable "Justice for Breonna" con game or Fentanyl Floyd. 

The videos were filmed in Ohio!

Hell yeah, Ohio! Woooo!!!! USA is number one!!!! 

It’s time for America to see the real issues that are troubling this country, a total lack of respect for laws and human decency.

It's time to restore our respect for talmudic jurisprudence and the decency of alien humanoids. 

Full Story. 

The next award is for "Worst Failed Attack by a Tar Monster."


  1. Nice to see a negro on the ground getting pummeled by a white for a change! That made my week.

  2. BLACK PRIVILEGE. Gibs me dat. Iza duh-serv dat cawz my peepo wuz in chainz. Get a job nigger.

  3. ugly ass sheboon seems like “ it” wanted to go to jail.
    musta had no where to sleep that night.

    once you rile a female nigger’s sub-saharan ‘pride’ will not let it back down...

    proud of lesbo White butch bitch....a beat down for our Race.

    1. I just saw something HILARIOUS while changing my charity on Amazon. The National African American Gun Association or simply NAAGA. They ALMOST got it right. Lol.


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