London Gets "Bored"

Please watch the following amazing video.

A man was chased through London’s Hyde Park by a gang wielding machetes last night before being hacked to the ground with foot-long blades in front of screaming onlookers.

You can be forgiven for thinking you were watching footage from Zimbabwe or South Sudan. No, it's Cuck Island in the midst of going into "multicultural mode," a transition it must make. Jews will be at the center of this process and may be resented, but this insane all against all is going to save your pension.

Shocking footage posted on social media shows a sprawling confrontation between a large group of youths and what appears to be a single victim in a black tracksuit.

Indistinguishable dark aliens slash at each other in a preview of the total collapse. This sort of "confrontation" is just part of life in a big city and something you need to get used to. The tar monster waving a machete is a better [your nationality] than you are.

As members of the public fled in terror, the gang pursued the victim through the park before he slipped and fell to the ground enabling them to punch and kick him in the head.

Based on recent video evidence, my new plan for Civil War 2 is coating my entire property in a thick layer of grease.

On one video that was widely shared, a hysterical woman watching on screams: ‘He got stabbed! There’s a knife, there’s a knife! Oh my God, oh s***, oh God oh God!’

Oh s***, my country bravely fought for globalist kosher bolshevism and then committed suicide. Despite harsh knife control laws, coal creatures are still somehow obtaining high-capacity assault blades. Give up more of your rights, let in more alien looters, it seems to be working out really well. There will always be an England.

Another clip, when the man is already lying prone, shows a man standing over him deliver a blow to his midriff.

Attacking prone victims is another example of the exciting Dark Continent vibrancy which has enriched our formerly pale and stale Airstrip One.

Using street slang for a stabbing, a male voice in the crowd says: ‘He bored him! Oh s*** he bored him!’

Thank g*d we defeated the evil nazzees and stopped them from taking over the world. We'd be speaking German right now if not for those brave heroes.

As the clip finishes, the victim is lying motionless on his back. He was rushed to a central London hospital and police said last night they believed he would survive.

More bad news.

Hyde Park, London’s biggest, was still busy after the hottest day of the year when the shocking incident unfolded at around 9pm last night.

The weather caused the tribal warfare. I couldn't find a single White in the appalling footage. Welcome to London.

Several of the gang attacking the man appeared to be wielding long weapons, which witnesses described as ‘swords’ and ‘machetes’.

We might have even seen "scimitars" or "tulwars." Sword diversity is our mighty strength.

Full Story.

You got a license for that jungle warfare?


  1. Isn't "bored" from South Africa, like "kill a Boer"? You're right, I didn't see one white. Why don't the remaining white Brits relocate to Africa, maybe they could make a deal for a reservation somewhere on the Continent

    1. I would think it would be from past tense of drilling a hole. Like a big bore block kit.

  2. What was the point of James Bond, 007, all those cold war movies, to only become a colony of Zomalia

    1. Apparently, even the James Bond movies are being colonized by negroes. Isn’t he being replaced by a negress?

      I’m starting to think the Cold War was bullshit. Kind of like the “struggle” between the democrats and republicans. And that the fall of the USSR was just a handoff to jews.

    2. I think you definitely may be onto something, Anonymous.

  3. I can identify the attackers. They were niggers. I’m sure the ‘Bobbies” will get right on it. Oh, and we wouldn’t have had this misunderstanding if we would only address climate change.

    1. When you have a rat plague you don't seek out individual rats to lay charges. How does this differ?

  4. World War Jew

    The Cold Jew War

    come on

    forget it

    these monied Kikes are responsible for all your dead Uncles

    The West needs to stop pretending ....

  5. So much for knife control. They are going to have to have pointed/sharp metal objects control. Groids trying to outdo the South American sewage.

  6. Can someone teach the niggers to turn their “sayelfawns” horizontally?

    1. It be da wyat manz teknology so it be racist and sheeeeit.

  7. MH

    you funny wit dat ‘grease coating ‘ theme

  8. can someone teach the “niggers” .....anything?

    anything whatsover ?

    anything at all?

  9. I’m REALLY hoping for a post by MH about the “Race Norming” controversy in the Nigger Football League.


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