Negro "Dating" Gone Wrong

Analism is our mighty strength and a powerful unifying force in our alien globalist bodega. Having your rectum annihilated by a mongrel stranger in a sodomite disco is "love" and should be heavily promoted in elementary schools. Once we plaster our support for this vile spiritual evil on every surface, I'd be absolutely shocked if we don't abruptly pull out of the national death spiral. We must thank the jew, our greatest ally, for giving us this incredible bargain. Consider today's amazing story, featuring a negro football hero looking for the pale body of a "birthing person" to violate but blundering upon a mentally defective and completely debased White "man." What the communist indoctrination center calls "intersectionality" took place when the sweet stuff turned into the brutal murder of a disgusting and worthless degenerate by a monster who was worshiped by sports cucks. 

Virginia Tech freshman linebacker Isimemen Etute has been accused of beating a man to death for catfishing him on Tinder.

Muh dikk gone wrong. A creature straight from a nightmare was hoping for a snow hoe but ended up with an Oscar Mayer wiener. Instead of scoring the big "tug" or making another genetic alien "hurry," it was time to repeatedly "tackle" a human unit who got aroused by the excretory system.

The 18-year-old player reportedly told the Blacksburg Police that he went to an apartment expecting to meet a woman named “Angie” that he said he met on the dating app, according to the Roanoke Times. 

Sheeet, eye bee geddin awl duh wite wim-men, mudda fudda. Barkevious was eager to get its miscegenation on with an actual real human, but the coal creature stumbled upon a Rainbow-American. 

Instead of meeting a woman as expected, though, prosecutors say Etute met 40-year-old Jerry Smith.

Is she is or is she ain't? Assuming you have working eyes, how dumb would you have to be to think a middle-aged man is the "cave bitch" of your dreams? The answer is a 70 I.Q. with alien DNA not found in any other racial group.

Furious, Etute left the man’s apartment but police say he returned on May 31. It was then he reportedly attacked the man.

We need to ban "Funky Cold Medina" until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

Investigators say that Etute admitted to them that he punched the man in the face five times and then “stomped” him.

The moronic violence a dead nation kept rewarding with "scholarships" and cheering crowds finally does some good.

It killed a "trans" freakazoid in the latest test case for the "progressive stack."

Investigators also said that Etute didn’t call the police even though he heard “bubbling and gurgling” coming from the victim.

Diss sucka bee bub-lan an gar-glan an sheeet. The raw material for a healthy democracy. We hold these truths, we tie them around our neck like a dead albatross, we stagger into a total disaster of jungle savagery and abhorrent lunacy.

An autopsy revealed that Smith died of blunt trauma and all the bones in his face were broken. 

We need a six trillion shekel "infrastructure bill" to address historic inequalities.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Etute’s attorney said that the attack was more than just “more than someone just showing up to an apartment and punching someone.”

More than just more than. Strong prose game from our kosher fraud news media.

During the hearing, Etute said the charges have hit him “real hard.” 

Not as hard as you blasted Glen or Glenda. Still, its primitive brain is beginning to realize that attacking our national sacrament of anal destruction is probably going to ruin a promising career of crashing into other living fossils to amuse complacent and doomed Eloi.

“I’m trying to stay strong for the people that support me, I feel like I’ve let a lot of people down … I’m truly sorry for my actions,” he told the court.

Tonight the "down low" let me down. I am trying to win the victory over myself and learn to love Big Sodomite.

Etute’s lawyer, Jimmy Turk, later told the media that the incident is an example of why someone shouldn’t misrepresent themselves.

This is definitely the right lesson to take away from this horrific tale of the profound ugliness of our semitic "multi-cult" trash heap.

“Nobody deserves to die, but I don’t mind saying, don’t pretend you are something that you are not,” Turk said after the hearing. “Don’t target or lure anyone under that perception. That’s just wrong.”

It's "blatt libes mattah" versus the LGBT (leprosy, germs, bacteria and tuberculosis) juggernaut. No matter who wins, we lose.

Full Story.

Gott damm, dis bee one fyne wite beech.


  1. Maybe Jerry only identifies as dead.

  2. I thought the college was expected to procure the snow hoe’s as part of the negro’s affaletik skolersheep. I’ll bet he got serviced on his visit anyway.

  3. It’s not Glen or Glenda. It’s PAUL OR PAULA

  4. I can’t wait to see how the media spins this one. I have an overwhelming feeling that it will be a NEUTRAL STANCE. Can’t offend the niggers or faggots. I wonder what was going through Paul’s mind while he was being stomped? His teeth? Shards of his skull? Maybe he was thinking “ Et-ute Brute”?

    1. I will never understand how anyone could think that doing this was a good idea. That's a couple of talks his father never gave him.

  5. i agree

    “Funky Cold Medina “

    has been a huge issue here in
    Marxist Amorica....

    since the lying, deceitful Kike Fink brought it here in chains
    in 1619.


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