NFL Death Watch: Football is Gay

Please watch the following amazing video.

The Liberia Ball is now the Sodomite Ball. The two g*ds of our degenerate age that we must worship, the negro and the anus, are finally united for your viewing pleasure. We went from a dusky dullard rejecting the sweet stuff to this grotesque kosher pronouncement in less than a decade.  We're probably only a few years away from turning on the "big game" and being greeted by graphic pornographic images of living fossils engaged in rectal destruction. Drink your estrogen drink and put on the uniform for "your" team of identical tar monsters; maybe they'll get to be "top" today. We now live in a jew-run waking nightmare where you can't go outside without encountering the vilest sexual degeneracy. It's like living in an insane asylum where the ultimate goal is getting you to bow down to the negro and use your excretory system as an ersatz vagina.

Lest you think the Botswana Ball is only for confirmed bachelors and male spinsters, we're quickly informed that it's also "lesbian." I guess your typical carpet muncher (They're called this because they like to smash each other's faces into the floor during their many incidents of domestic violence) can probably relate to the "tackling." Now the euphemisms for the terminal leprosy of our ancestral homeland are coming fast and furious and you can be forgiven if you missed a few. The executive summary is every societal cancer you could imagine is being promoted by the Rwanda Rugby, from "bisexual" disaster areas to genital mutilation and "queer" bipedal sewage. This, we are told, is "freedom." You can be arrested for unpopular ideas, our democracy is rotting in the grave, sickening evil is blaring out of the synagogue in your living room but don't worry, you're still "free" to choose any degenerate sexual behavior you want. Building materials up the "exit only" while semitic tyranny dominates was clearly the intention of our Founding Fathers.

I'm only twelve seconds in. Did you know the first "openly gay" player is a Republican who votes for cuckservative values like buggery?

Football is for "everyone," which certainly explains all the "diversity" on the monolithic coal-black teams representing "your" rotting post-industrial ruins. Here's a rainbow logo, I bet you haven't seen one of those in at least a few seconds. Hurry up and die, America. We finally get to the point of this reeking pile, such as it is, which is supporting the "Trevor Project." I can only assume this is another Soros "charity" promoting demoralization and rot. Still, our sodomite kids are committing suicide at an alarming rate. In a sane society, this is a problem that would correct itself after we're done executing the pedophiles who are out there "recruiting," but we're not sane so be sure to give money so the permanently damaged child rape victims have at least one "accepting" adult.

Let it all burn.

At least the comments will restore some of your hope in the future.

It makes you want to forget the NFL's reputation for violence against women.
We’ve already known this for decades.
Maybe you guys should do a drag show at halftime to increase viewership.
Annnnnnnd yet another reason to never watch any game ever again. The NFL has definitely been gay for a long time, just glad they finally have self-awareness.
I will never watch another NFL game!
Most people with brains stopped watching after they started taking the knee during the National Anthem. Maybe this will help the people with half a brain to get a clue.
Pretty obvious with all of the butt slapping and tossing of a ball that looks like a gigantic turd.
So where do you watch rugby and what are the rules?
Can’t wait to see the ‘assless pants’ make it into the uniform rotations!
Final nail in the coffin for the NFL.
The NFL is gay/stupid. I don't watch it.
meanwhile ratings will continue to tank and no one will even care about football anymore, been going on for several years now. way to go NFL
Only you can save this sick mongrel.


  1. While Olsen Rainer is not my birth name I am however a living human being.
    Due to circumstances in my life I can no longer say bad things about anyone.

    To be open in my writing as a commenter here I shall explain what those circumstances are. After many years of hard intense work I have completed my Doctorate.
    I also have multiple children so I do not want to leave a legacy of saying negative things.

    While I cannot say horrible, nasty, and racist things in writing I certainly am allowed to think them in my brain.

    What I mean is take for example, many people ( more than 2) say that America is on the precipice of failure and possible civil war. Now that I am a Doctor I cannot openly support America failing. I am not prohibited from thinking such things.

    Here I will give you another example: I think Modern Heretic 3000 is a beautiful website and its commenters are some of the most intelligent and well rounded people I have seen on the internet. I thank everyone here for their comments and contributions.

  2. The SCOTUS has ended the NCAA’s prohibition on outside income for college “skolar-affaleets”. I expect some interesting stories about the effects of future NFL/NBA negroes getting a financial windfall for product endorsements.

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