Some of the Abuse

We are ruled over by jewish aliens who literally worship spiritual evil and dream of a day when they will control the idiotic brown slaves promised by the talmud. Further down the slope of Mount Zion we find the useful idiots, the opportunists and the careerist delusionals and finally, the hordes of dangerous and moronic genetic aliens which serve as the bludgeon for kosher globalist control. All of the above is a crazy "conspiracy theory" and is obviously wrong, just like all the others. It's no different from the wild and incorrect madman's rantings on how a cabal of semitic pedophiles is controlling our institutions and maybe even muh democracy. Nothing could be more ridiculous. Well, let's see what's in the news today.

A 25-year-old  New York, NY man will spend the next 13 years in prison after pleading guilty of child pornography and having sex with a 15 year old boy.

For reasons unknown, this article is going to forget to mention the "New York man" was a campaign official for the Democrats and is the sort of ugly jewish and la-teen-oh and g*d knows what else mongrel that only the Jew York kosher bodega could produce. I guess these facts aren't really that important. Say, did you know there's negro ball on your talmudvision? Here, take these pills. Don't listen to the tinfoil hat brigade. Demonic alien perverts aren't calling the shots, that's so silly we won't even dignify it.

Joel Davis, who is the founder of a non-profit called ‘Youth to End Sexual Violence" was found to be in possession of over 3,700 images and 330 video of child pornography, with some victims younger than 12.

In the Age of the Jewish Inversion it's always safe to assume a "non-profit" cell represents the opposite of what it claims. Equality and tolerance mean hatred of Whites, economic recovery means communism and starvation and ending sexual violence means child rape by mystery meat sodomite filth. 

He was also accused of using a dating app on his smartphone to entice a 15 year old to his Manhattan apartment back in June of 2018, where he had sexual contact with the teen.

This is "love," you awful bigot. I support LGBTQP.

He also recorded some of the abuse, sending it to two people, one being an undercover FBI agent. 

The FBI takes a break from the usual entrapment con games to actually make itself useful.

U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said,  “As he previously admitted, Joel Davis, founder of a non-profit called ‘Youth to End Sexual Violence,’ admitted to engaging in the very abhorrent behavior he had publicly pledged to fight.

It's really some heavy irony. Tell Daddy Biden to send up some "pizza." No yellows this time, okay? 

Put the worst available genetics and sexual proclivities in a blender and hit "crush ice."

Davis, who also claims to be a Nobel Prize nominee for his work with his organization, engaged in sex acts with a minor, recording them, and distributing that recording to others – including an undercover FBI agent.

If you thought awarding a Nobel Prize for the achievement of being a jew-promoted mulatto was as bad as it got, take a look at this.

Sex with minors is obviously never permissible, acceptable, or justifiable, and by virtue of his non-profit work, Joel Davis was acutely aware of the irreparable harm these crimes inflict on victims.

We must now explain that the worst evils imaginable are bad to an increasingly skeptical chocolate mob.

Davis will now serve a lengthy time in federal prison, where he can no longer victimize minors.

This sack of mystery meat shit will probably get several months in the "crib" before it's released to resume attacking children. Did you know People of Brown get much more severe sentences for the exact same crimes? No, really. You're supposed to believe this. 

Davis pleaded guilty on January 16th, 2020.  

You probably remember the massive media coverage this case received.

Full Story.

Trust me.


  1. Oh, the intersectionality of jew, la-tee-no AND fag! Makes me tingle!

  2. Take note of the background in the first picture. Take note of the fag pride mickey mouse ears that this pedophile alien has on his suit jacket.

    Never forget that "gays" just wanted to marry like everyone else and it was soundly voted down everywhere in America. Secondly, they only "won" gay marriage because of corrupt political judges. Most importantly within months of their marriage win the entire lgbtqrstuv focused solely on tranny's. Trannys have this weird pedophile urge to indoctrinate children, remember or never forget that the "drag queen story hour" in the USA was filled with sex offenders and consisted of trying to get as many horrified kids to sit on their laps while they "read childrens books". The leftist and the jew are pushing to normalize pedophilia but the blowback has been so hard they have to do it slowly.

    Never trust a gay or a government employee around your children. Don't trust teachers either given their recent insane behavior (BLM worship, fag worship, etc)

    I thankfully moved to the rural Philippines a decade ago. My children go to Private school which teaches zero politics. We steer clear of the catholic pedophile church as it is full of faggots. While my 3 kids all have dual passports I forbid my family from going to the USA.

    1. I have an overseas home as well in a nation not so indoctrinated by jews. I bought it as a place to live part the year in retirement as the country has very good medical care in case Obamacare or Medicare breaks our medical system. In the mean time I use it on vacations and for rental income. I hope I don’t have use it for either medical care OR political asylum.

    2. You were just in the wrong part of the U. S. I live in rural Ky. No blacks. No jews. NO CRIME. The segregated south.


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