The Kosher Bodega

I can't wait to celebrate "Juneteenth" by inhaling estrogen drink with this weird little "U" on the bottle, taking pills, getting a calorie dump of ZOG food, soiling myself, passing out and maybe dying. We finally have a mud world holiday worthy of our dead mud world country. It's great to have not one but two days where we worship the worthless brown burden sold to us by our great ally, the jew. Thanks, Loser Party! It's probably only a matter of time before "Devil's Night," "Kwanzaa" and "Down With Whites and Western Civilization Day" become federal holidays, assuming our nation-shaped carcass lasts long enough for this to happen. In fairness, this is looking increasingly unlikely. You might be celebrating "kwak-kwak" in smoking ruins this year. Still, I bet once we have more Roman holidays honoring the "African-American" failure we'll start to see discernible improvements in the appalling behavior of the genetic alien slime. Let's swing down to the local corner store and see if this is indeed the case.

A heartless mugger punched an 82-year-old stranger in the head — and then ripped off the man’s cane inside a Lower East Side bodega this week, video released by police Thursday shows. 

As the globalist kosher bodega goes, so goes your local "hurry up and buy" hole in the wall. A creature straight from a nightmare attacks the most vulnerable available victim. Will we have marches against anti-White violence where we blame (correctly) jewish supremacy? All signs point to "no."

The elderly victim was inside the Big Apple Food Market on Clinton Street near East Broadway around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday, buying a cup of coffee, when a stranger walked up to him and demanded money, police said.  

If we had passed the "Platinum Plan" from the phony tough guy it would not have been necessary for a shit-colored piece of garbage to seek "rep-ah-muh-ray-shuns" from an elderly White victim. We need an insane six trillion shekel "infrastructure" plan that will accomplish nothing, totally gut muh economy, destroy muh fiat currency and only earn more strident wails of "More needs to be done!" from dusky humanoid garbage.

When the victim refused to comply, the suspect raised his fist and threatened to punch the senior and steal his cane if he didn’t fork over any dough, cops said.  

Race isn't real. We're all equal. Whites are evil. Jews are chosen by g*d. "Racism" is causing the endless negro pathology. You have to pay. 

We must find a cure for "Whiteness."

The victim still refused — prompting the assailant to punch him in the side of the head and grab his cane — knocking him to the floor, the clip shows.

The content of their character. The only sane solution is a boat back to The Mother where every day can be "Juneteenth" and the pyramid building and flying can resume.

The attacker ran off, heading east on East Broadway and then south on Clinton Street. 

The Jesse Owens act on Sick Willie Avenue. I didn't inhale the stench of our national corpse and I didn't like it.

The suspect has a dark complexion, a partially bald head and appears to be in his 30s, cops said. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, black pants and black sneakers.

No arrests were made. The suspect is a dark-skinned Caucasian. It has a heavily sloped forehead, a muzzle and a brow ridge. It gets to vote and we pretend it's human.

Witnesses told police he was known to panhandle at the deli. 

Yeah. There's the surprise of the century.

Full Story.

The captions should read "Negro Behavior" and "The United States."


  1. Here too were ferried his anarchic swarms

    To do their descendants barbaric harms,

    One hand out for his promised booty,

    In the other a raised machete.

  2. MH reminds that this society is a fucking toilet .....

  3. Saw this on Telegram (you should get an account there if you don't have one already; it would help drive more traffic to this blog) -- reminded me of Ferguson MO/Michael Brown -- I bet this kind of thing happens a lot and goes unreported.

    This unctuous nigger worship, now including 'Juneteenth', is perhaps the most bizarre phenomenon of my lifetime, and shows how feminized/emasculated society has become.

  4. I’m sure the intersectionality of a FAT NIGGER TRANS WOMAN LESBIAN is ecstatic that Niggerteenth and Faggot Month happens at the same time.

    1. for real.

      and that’s our existential purpose now make sure that all 25 of the Nigger Tranny freaks
      on Earth always feel safe and comfortable.

      somebody please flush this 🚽.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It's been a couple of weeks now, this "person" must still be in the loose. *No arrests made*, who knows what other crimes since


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