Weak and Lame

Punishing the "African-American" burden for its appalling behavior is "racist" and needs to stop. Even noticing the insane over-representation of the brown sewage in moronic and violent criminality is wrong and needs to stop. You're hurting the fragile feelings of genetic aliens brought here in kosher chains and unleashed by the same merchant as a biological weapon. You can still pretend everything is fine, right? Those are peaceful fires and that mongrel mob is a happy caravan. Weakness demands a price and here we are. While the negro sheds whatever vestiges of humanity it was ever capable of aping and descends into a sickening all against all, we must keep playing semitic make-believe. Did you know Whites bombed "Black Wall Street?" It's true.

Early Saturday morning, a mass shooting took place in Austin, Texas at around 1:30 a.m. in the entertainment district. Fourteen people were injured, two critically. The suspect escaped, albeit temporarily.

Another negro mass shooting for the memory hole. Holding an "assault weapon" sideways in a primitive paw doesn't do wonders for accuracy, obviously. Let's pretend this didn't happen and go back to pushing a century-old blood libel against Whites. But wait, there's more! You're never going to believe this new kosher snow job.

Now, one would think it would be important for the media to issue a description of the suspect to help with the investigation. Not for the Austin American-Statesman, a liberal-leaning news outlet in the city.

As our "Blue Lives Matter" cuckservative writer explains, the real problem is those lousy Democrats and their liberal "leaning" media. Boy, those crazy lefties really stepped in it this time. Their decades of winning one victory after another while we trail after their long shadow are going to end now for sure. Mark it down, this is the day the Elephant Party popped off the mat like the "good guy" in the final minute of a professional wrestling match and started beating some donkey ass. It's on now. 

“The Austin American-Statesman is not including the [police’s] description as it is too vague at this time to be useful in identifying the shooter and such publication could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes.” 

No description as the description, the bold new frontier of fraud news. Soon crime statistics will be eliminated because they're "perpetuating stereotypes." We all know the negro is exactly the same as actual humans, except for being all cool and hip and sexually desirable, unlike stiff and boring Whites who rarely, if ever, empty magazines with minimal result at the Congo Party.

By standing around we're making it unlikely a second shooting will happen on this exact spot.

It continued that additional information will be forthcoming if more detailed information was released to the public and press.

Stay tuned for more amazing information regarding the skull slope, nostril size and blood cell shape of the offender!

Uh, not for nothing but by including that very editor’s note, the Austin American-Statesman literally just played into “perpetuating stereotypes.”

You just played yourself, dawg! Dems are the real "racists!" I sometimes wonder if a traditional "conservative" has any self-awareness at all. 

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out at least the race of the shooter based on that statement alone.

That's where you're wrong, you awful bigot. It might have been la-teen-oh scum.

The suspect, who initially escaped the scene was described by police as a “slim black male with dreadlocks,” which was published in other media outlets.

The raw material for a healthy democracy.

Refusing to print that description because it might “perpetuate stereotypes” is a weak and lame excuse. It is also an indicator of how wokeness is not only leading to absolute absurdity, but it is also dangerous.

Libs blown the hell out. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go participate in mandatory negro worship to keep my pathetic careerism.

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Das rite!


  1. We defeated “Das Reich” in order to have “Das rite!”

  2. then......in Germany....round about the eve of 1933.........🇧🇪

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  4. Black Lives Murder. Thank G*d for Sickle Cell. I bought a TV and I get free programming on it. I haven’t had cable for at least 15 years. Newsmax is one of the stations. They had a segment on one of the programs that let Diamond and Silk give their opinions about politics. I thought my head was going to explode. if I hear “uh-huh” one more time there might be an Austin situation. Their opinions were dumbed down to the most rudimentary brain function. No wonder so many ppl “perpetuate stereotypes”. It used to be defined as COMMON SENSE.

    1. But D & S prove conservatards aren’t racists.


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