Allegations Involving Barkevious

Grab an estrogen drink with the weird "U" on the bottle, put on your Chinese jersey with a negro name on the back, plop down on the couch and get ready for exciting Liberia Ball updates! In grass hockey, the Euro 2020 (It happened this year because last year the sky was falling and millions died from a deadly pandemic and you need to wear several "makks" and it's time for another cuckdown) final took place between Airstrip One and Italy. The game was about as exciting as you'd expect (it was this or watch paint dry, but the paint dried faster than I thought it would, so here I am), with Britainistan vowing to use Dark Continent "diversity" to bring back the championship. After what seemed like six hours, it came down to a penalty shootout where fair Albion's coal black Africans ruined everything in an allegory for national decline and fall. The dusky failures are now experiencing "racism" from debased sports cucks. Meanwhile, back in America, the new sodomite NFL continues to amaze as Modern Heretic's unofficial negro mascot is in some hot water!

NFL linebacker Barkevious Mingo allegedly pulled at the underwear of a teenage boy before attempting intercourse in a Texas hotel room in 2019, according to a search warrant that led to Mingo being arrested last week on a charge of indecency with child-sexual contact. 

Yes, there really is a Barkevious and, as if that wasn't enough, it's in a bit of a sticky situation over "sodomite child rape gone wrong." Make sure you watch your Liberia Ball, goyim. Worship creatures straight from a nightmare who "attempted intercourse" with the rectum of a "teen." For some reason, this story has only come to light now, despite the vile behavior occurring prior to our national psychotic break. I guess we weren't all that healthy before the flood, either.

According to the warrant issued by the Arlington Police Department, which was reported Saturday by Sports Illustrated, Mingo invited a teenage family member and the boy’s friend to visit an amusement park and go-kart complex during the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Sheeet, git dat yung chucken two dem go-karrs an then muh rape room. These creatures are definitely fully human. Before you judge this monster too harshly, please remember it makes other primitive animals "hurry" in a degenerate kosher spectacle with a vanishing audience.

Say it ain't so, Barkevious.

Mingo was said to have also taken the two boys to a steakhouse and bought them clothes from Nike before returning to a hotel where the 30-year-old was staying on the night of July 4, 2019. 

Eye gots yew sum aw demm Chine-neese shurts. Don't let the primitive features, attraction to human waste and low intelligence fool you, this is one smooth customer. 

Later that night, “the victim was woken up by [Mingo] pulling at his underwear,” according to the warrant.

This is "love." I can't wait to cheer for "my" negroes when they play some other negroes. 

Mingo allegedly became more “aggressive and pulled the victim’s underwear down to his shins. The victim advised that when this was occurring, he was scared and pretended to be asleep,” according to the warrant.

I'm about to be violently sodomized by a super orc, better pretend to be asleep. The jew lawyer is going to have a field day with this one. 

Mingo allegedly then tried to have intercourse with the unidentified victim.

Our two national sacraments: negro worship and non-consensual child analism. This country has a bright future.

Twelve entire "hurries?" Uh-maze-in!

On Saturday, the Atlanta Falcons terminated Mingo’s contract, a one-year deal worth $1.1 million, “after being made aware today of allegations involving Barkevious Mingo and gathering information on the matter.”

We're not quite at the forced buggery with underage victims tipping point. Give it another six months or so.

The lawyer, Lukas Garcia, called the allegations “completely baseless” in a statement to NFL Network.

Deeeesssss neeeeeegggggaaaaahhhh beeeeeeee eeeeeeennnoooooceeeeennnnntttttt, eeeeeyeeee theeeeeeennnkkkkk. Instead of g*d's chosen, it hired a la-teen-oh scumbag. The 70 I.Q. has consequences.

“Mingo is the victim of a false claim, and we believe this is motivated by money or some other ulterior motive,” Garcia said. “We are confident when the truth comes to light, my client will be fully exonerated.”

Yeah. Seems plausible. It didn't do [anything].

A sixth-overall pick by the Browns in 2013, Mingo has also played for Chicago, Houston, New England, Seattle and Indianapolis.

Wow. What a hero.

Full Story. 

We hold these truths, etc.


  1. Doesn’t he play for the Apelanta Falcoons?

  2. and furthermore, how do you “ try to have intercourse?”

    is that some Jew sport?
    like “ trying” to kill yourself?
    *sloppy sloppy shlomo
    no real regard

    for the truths you invert
    and ridicule and discard

  3. excellent post number 6million thousand-eth MH

    To ponder the emptiness incumbent upon non-access to this site is to actually look into the opening of a bottomless abyss......lined with Jew-approved banality and generic , self-censored Hasbaratic mundanity.

    in other words .

    MH is my internet.

  4. I can tell I’m out of the loop on “foot?”ball. I thought that I was missing out on an inside joke when MH mentioned “hurries.” That is the most idiotic “statistic” I’ve ever heard in my life. More in line with the negro’s real world activities would have been: terroristic threatening of the QB, or attempted aggravated assault of the QB, or attempted assault and battery of the QB, or possibly even rape/sodomizing the QB as we don’t know the negro’s true intentions as it is knowingly being observed. Maybe I’m giving them more IQ points than they deserve.

    1. same here. i thought “hurries” was a thing MH made up.....didn’t know it was an actual stat used by NFL jews to measure the worth of their plantation apes.

      also surprised to learn their are actual Simians names Barkevious.

    2. I actually jewgled that one once and it led to an article about why blatts give their baby sambo’s dumbass names like La-ah, or Laquan, or Derelictorious. I literally just invented “jewgled”(googled) unless some racist did it on Reddit first.

  5. hahaha

    big tough stout Barkevious is a faggot.

    this empire of shit gets weirder by the hour.

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