An Important Milestone

Recently, the American Golem was defeated in Afghanistan and returned with tail firmly tucked to the North American Economic Zone in a pathetic display of ignominious weakness. You need F-15s and nuclear missiles, man. Goat herding sodomites with an average I.Q. of 80 who worship a giant rock win against a "super power." Again. We need a lot more degenerates in our military. As disgraceful as this all is, you're probably wondering what this means for you, the faceless bar code and vaccine pin cushion living in a collapsing globalist bodega. No prizes for guessing "more foreign invasion." As part of our surrender, I would assume, we the losers must take on their semi-human trash. We couldn't spread "democracy," but at least we get more exciting "diversity." How many should we put you down for, Idaho?

The first group of Afghans who worked for the U.S. government and faced retaliation from the Taliban for their efforts arrived in the U.S. early Friday.

I can't wait for this vile sewage to wash up on our shore. We can't protect you from a Medieval army that soundly whipped the Jew, Gas and Gay. The only solution is to dump moe-ham-head and its massive family into your formerly White community. Sorry we lost, but that's all we ever do these days.

The 200 Afghans flew into Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., and were to be bused to an Army base in Virginia for medical screenings, officials said.

We are facing a massive and deadly "delta variant surge" and if you're reading this you're probably already dead. Time to bring in alien monsters from our planet's anus. Don't worry, we'll make the moon cultists turn their head and cough or whatever.

In a statement, President Joe Biden said the arrivals were "an important milestone as we continue to fulfill our promise to the thousands of Afghan nationals who served shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops and diplomats over the last 20 years."

Our dog-faced pony soldiers got their asses gently kicked by backward savages. After two decades of meaningless sacrifice, we gave up. Now we must fulfill all of our national suicide promises. Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada was a bad dude. I learned about blown off legs, I learned about caves. They told me not to answer any questions. Where am I? 

"These arrivals are just the first of many," he said.


The raw material for a healthy democracy.

"I want to thank these brave Afghans for standing with the United States, and today, I am proud to say to them: “Welcome home.”"

I'm not sure how being dumped into a new country on the other side of the globe is a homecoming, but then I remembered that my ancestral lands are a semitic flophouse for anyone who can break the plane of our undefended borders.

The newly arrived Afghans, who primarily worked as interpreters, and their families qualified for visas under the special immigrant visa program set up to help those who risked their lives for U.S. troops over two decades of war.

Let me translate: "Die, American devil." I'm a hero risking my life. Here's another one: "You lose, American asshole." 

The Taliban have threatened and targeted Afghans who helped U.S. forces, and the former interpreters face a growing risk of retribution with U.S. troops scheduled to depart by the end of August.

Maybe the real nation-building was all the interpreter friends we made along the way.

The evacuees had undergone Covid-19 tests and completed rigorous background checks, Russ Travers, senior deputy homeland security adviser on the White House National Security Council, said at a briefing.

Wow, that's a relief. Make sure you wear at least three "makks." Goggles will stop the "surge." A shower cap is a good idea. Have you considered pouring cement into your rectum? The poison vaccine does nothing, but you still must get it. You'll need a weekly booster. Where's your "covi-pass," slave?

With Taliban forces gaining ground by the day, advocacy groups say the walls are closing in on Afghans with links to the U.S. or NATO allies.

Our brave military: the Simone Biles of foreign adventure. 

Lawmakers from both parties, veterans and refugee advocates have appealed to the White House to fly out all of the about 20,000 Afghans who have applied for special immigrant visas.

Keep voting. It's doing a lot of good.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said "We have spoken many times about the moral obligation we have to help those who have helped us, and we are fully committed to working closely with our interagency partners to meet that obligation."

These scumbag collaborators who unsuccessfully aided our participation trophy invasion are the best of us. 

Kim Staffieri, a co-founder of the Association of Wartime Allies, a nonprofit organization that has pressed for a large-scale evacuation, said it was a "bittersweet moment" for the Afghans arriving in the country, as they had escaped danger but had left behind relatives and "the only home they had ever known."

It's also going to be pretty "bittersweet" when these walking turds show up next door in your White neighborhood.

Full Story.

Git yo dee-feet-ed azz en diss mudda fuddin chop-tar.


  1. >“Welcome home.”

    LOL -- it's all so fucking absurd, 'they' know and show zero self-restraint anymore and have no sense of self-parody -- there's a LOT more to this than just Biden, but I feel compelled to say: what kind of nation is 'led' by a geriatric cuck piece of shit like him? -- or allows mystery meat females like AOC to LARP as lawmakers and moral arbiters?

  2. Thanks fucking conservatives! Another example of “We have to fight them over there so we can bring them over here”.

    And these same conservatives will get orgasmic over a war with Iran. They never learn which is why they’ve failed at everything they sought to achieve.

  3. It will never happen, but it would be interesting to see them placed in areas alongside fellow "Islamic Americans." The Somalis of Minneapolis. The Arabs in Dearborn. Let them get to know their co-relgionists

  4. Didn't we all hear stories about when those Afghans who were our allies took out their base lusts on boys? And our men over there knew about it but turned a blind eye to boy rape because, well, the alliance you know.

    "Members of Congress complained about a U.S. soldier being forced out of the military because he intervened in 2011, attacking an Afghan police commander he believed was raping a child."

    "The State Department, in its annual human rights report, has consistently said that sexual abuse of children remains pervasive in Afghanistan. And it documents the practice called “bacha bazi” — which means dancing boys. Bacha Bazi involves the sexual abuse of boys, often by powerful or wealthy local businessmen, who sexually abuse young boys trained to dance in female clothes."

    1. wow .

      human sickness

      but hey , it’s okay DM....our cultures are compatible ...

      “we are all one
      we all bleed red
      long dead “

      *band -the Parrots
      * song- Bawk! Bawk!

  5. here’s another one : i’m here. i’m a browned give me tax breaks and other incentives so i can open up and run another Marathon Gas Station in a rural town that i don’t belong in.

    thanks uncle samshmo !

  6. ladies and gentleman ....the cognitively superlative and objectively attuned Douglas Mercer has graced our humble and purposely isolated site.

    this man is no friend of the cyclopic , insecticidal jew...and is well aware of how rancid the American Simian smells in the summertime .

    he’s on par with MH.
    hell, maybe he is MH.

    anyway...he’s an excellent essayist ,with his ear near the bucket of warm existential shit that the Jew is trying to get us to stick our heads in.

    yes....i’m shilling.

    so what.

    check him out on National Vangaurd. he does not dissapoint. let’s just say he’s a master reaffirmer ....much like mr . MH.

  7. Even as the infernal desert wars

    His orchestrated false-flag terrors

    Lit consumed naive young Western lives

    To enlarge his middle-eastern hive

    And agitate real terror in the West,

    Even as the cause of the jihadist

    Justified his surveillance apparatus

    To put in doubt every citizen’s status,

    And even as despite the dangers

    Of their incendiary angers

    His treasonous leaders opened borders

    Of Western nations to the surging hordes

    Of immigrants he set in motion…

    Curiously at first, without emotion,

    The vanguard of the new millennium

    Came to learn what had been done to them.


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