Coffee Cucks

It is my great pleasure to announce the latest entrepreneurial venture from Modern Heretic, Inc. This exciting new product will be a high quality estrogen drink that's basically the same as all the other "U" and "K" bearing offerings of bottled idiocy and weakness, but will have the American flag (The old one, not the sodomy banner), guns and some quote from George Washington or whatever on every bottle. You can demonstrate your support for "freedom" and our great "idea nation" by chucking some of your Federal Reserve funny money at this not at all cynical bit of marketing. In so doing, you're saving our country and totally owning the "libs." Just don't be surprised if I have to betray and condemn some of the more vocal elements here. After all, I'm a businessman and my g*d is profit, so don't take it personally when I throw you under the bus so I can worship the shekel almighty and our great ally behind it.

A coffee company that served up a dash of politics with its dark roast is now putting some distance between itself and the customers it used to make millions, according to a published report.

I purchased special "based covfefe" to defeat the left and it obviously worked. Just look at how much "winning" we've done. Now good old "Guns and Israel" conserva-brew (emphasis on "con") no longer thinks I'm a useful idiot. 

A feature in The New York Times Magazine paints top executives of the Black Rifle Coffee Company as saying that some elements of America's conservative political spectrum are not anyone with whom the company wants to be affiliated.

The main differences between these grifters and Big Jew's sodomite monopolies are less resources and less loyalty to alleged principles. It's actually a pretty good allegory for conservative "thought" and civic nationalism in general: communism that drives the speed limit. In a few years Black Buck will be promoting analism and genital mutilation and hopeless Reagan Republicans will still be buying it, since it's better than the other products which are now openly endorsing child rape.

“You can’t let sections of your customers hijack your brand and say, 'This is who you are,’” said Mat Best the company's executive vice president. “It’s like, no, no, we define that.”

Caffeine drinks for delusional worshipers of a country that committed suicide gets very complex. We have a mission statement and a commitment to stakeholders, after all. 

Company CEO Evan Hafer said that last year, when the company said it was not an active supporter of Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been charged with murder over the shooting of rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year, it was a watershed moment because it separated the company from customers he was happy to be rid of.

Kyle Rittenhouse is the closest thing to a hero modern Judeo-America is capable of producing. Anyone who disagrees with this is, at best, an opportunistic scumbag and probably much worse.

“It’s such a repugnant group of people,” Hafer said. “It’s like the worst of American society, and I got to flush the toilet of some of those people that kind of hijacked portions of the brand.”

Self-defense against communist pedophiles is "repugnant," according to a gelatinous coward who would probably push his own mother into traffic to help muh business. Firearms are just props used to promote a totally impotent "tough guy" image to appeal to cowards and do-nothings. They should never be deployed against marxist sewage trying to kill you.

This bloated gasbag is definitely on our side.

Hafer, speaking of elements of his far-right customer base, said racism "really pisses me off.”

I served in the American Golem for our jew friends and I really get angry at the "racism." I know it looks weak, but I've got goofy prison-bitch tattoos and I'm overweight so you can definitely trust my 102 I.Q. opinions.

Best noted that Black Rifle drew far more attention than it wanted or needed when a man wanted in connection with the Capitol incursion wore some of its clothing, which was used in the identifying description of suspect Eric Munschel, known as the "zip-tie guy."

You can't overthrow the government, man. C'mon, you're going to need thousands of zip-ties, shirts for cuckservative coffee, F-15s like Tom Cruise, dog-faced pony soldiers, badakathcare, you're not my regular nurse, they told me to stand over here, etc. 

There’s certain terrorist organizations that wear American brands when they go behead Americans.

Tonight's ISIL beheading is sponsored by the Obama Administration and Doritos. 

The company “is much bigger,” than “a hat in the [expletive] Capitol," Hafer said.

No. It really isn't.

Hafer said building a company that caters to conservatives to whom politics is vitally important represents a challenge.

How can I keep this swindle going and maintain a veneer of respectability in the carcass of a country where even the most timid rejection of the extreme left is considered "hate" that must be censored? 

“How do you build a cool, kind of irreverent, pro-Second Amendment, pro-America brand in the MAGA era without doubling down on the MAGA movement and also not being called a [expletive] RINO by the MAGA guys?” he said.

At this point your average MIGA supporter is basically a battered woman who keeps going back to the abusive man because "this time it will be different."

“Our customer is driving a tricked-out Ford F-150. It’s blue-collar, above-average income, some college-educated, some self-made-type people. It’s people who shop at Walmart rather than Target,” he said.

Our customer is dying for the jew in some desert, getting laid off when the factory moves to may-hee-co, voting for worthless Elephant Party careerists, staring at the wall and not directing when DeQuan comes over, watching the Liberia Ball on the electronic synagogue, awkwardly inserting a shotgun into his mouth and pulling the trigger, that sort of thing.

Full Story. 

Cargo cult America.


  1. Somebody called them the “Blacked” Rifle Coffee Company after the jewish owned purveyor of interracial porn. As soon as I see a conservatard with his “Merican flag, eagle and some military gear I click the off switch.

  2. >Hafer, speaking of elements of his far-right customer base, said racism "really pisses me off.”

    I'm mentally picturing the meme with Jodie Foster in the move 'Contact' saying 'Virtue signal received'.

    White Americans have been indoctrinated by the Jewish-dominated media to believe there is nothing worse than being a 'racist', to the point they will literally demographically surrender their country rather than risk the accusation -- it's no surprise that a tattooed midwit like him hasn't been able to see thru that scam.

    One of the worst trends of the last 20 years or so is business people getting involved in/making statements about politics, as if anyone cares what they think -- I'm fucking sick of it.

    Just sell coffee and STFU faggot.

    1. agreed

      these scumbags are grotesque caricatures of potential masculinity.

      ive been shunned by my nuclear family over this type of self/hating righteousness.

      there are very, scarce few Men left in Amorica.

  3. A few good indicators that you might be a poser “gun guy” like this asshole:
    1: You have Punisher logos on
    everything you own.
    2: You think it’s ok to shoot through
    your front door with a shotgun not
    knowing what’s on the other side.
    3: You have a decked out custom
    Glock with factory sights.
    4: You spend way more time doing
    research instead of practicing.
    5: You carry a meme-worthy pistol.
    6: You think Appendix Inside Waist-
    band Carry is dangerous.
    7: You think Blackhawk Serpa holster
    is awesome.
    8: You think lights and lasers are
    dumb for home defense because
    they give your position away.
    9: You think shooting a perp in the
    leg is acceptable for police.
    10: You recommend women use
    .380 ACP.
    11: You think youtubers are a good
    source for information.


    for Kyle Rittenhouse

    All summer he saw his country burned

    And spat upon and cursed,

    Saw lunacy and blood-thirst

    For reason and goodwill returned,

    Saw governments do nothing

    As the Devil’s riot stormed

    Unhindered, mindless, frothing

    Hate. But he was one informed

    By truth and duty, seventeen,

    More man than any politician,

    So when chaos came to town

    He understood his mission.

    He knew too many innocents

    The mob had beaten bloody

    Not to use God-given sense

    To sling his rifle ready

    As he labored to repair the mess

    And clean the filth they left

    Or help the helpless in distress

    From their violence and theft.

    What child-defiler rushed him

    When he tried to douse their arson?

    What criminal tried to crush him

    When bearing arms his person

    He defended? Who’s pistol

    Did his quick shot sever

    From the anarchist tool

    In murder’s fever?

    On the pavement, on his back

    He brought the 556 to bear.

    Under close and multiple attack

    He taught the mob to fear.

    Then he stood and scanned the road,

    Checked his weapon in good order,

    And toward the lights of Law and Order,

    Trusting Justice, strode

    Eyes open, cool and steady,

    Though hell-on-earth raged to destroy

    This promise-raised Midwestern boy,

    His rifle at low ready.

    1. good job.

      was thinking of eventually penning my own ode to Rittenhouse.

      privately published of course.

      the kid is an anomaly amongst the wish-washed, jew-poisoned millennial mass of cowardice that surrounds us.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. An excellent homage to Rittenhouse, Unknown. If you have a song in mind that I can do a parody video, let me know. Some of my work:
      (YT has deleted and culled many of my videos. To see the ones not culled, go to my Bitchute account. Sorry, most of the parodies and anti-jewish power videos are at the bottom, if interested)

  5. virtue -signal some more , coffe-making faggots.

    marshmellows like this are the new profiled American White Male.

    this country is a beta, bug-man toilet.


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