Cucktianity: Support and Empathy

The jew is the light of the world, the best friend you could ever ask for and a being of pure goodness and light forced to endure persecutions borne from ignorance and jealousy. We have been blessed with their holy espionage, sacred demoralization and chosen by g*d well-poisoning. Their heroic efforts to "repair the world" can now be seen everywhere, from the sodomite with a blown out rectum, the wonderful pornography, the basic truth that all humans are equal and countries shouldn't exist and the coming collapse of our most basic institutions. Yes, our wandering buddies with the weird little caps sure fixed everything. Now we just need to erase history and offer groveling apologies for events in the distant past. Once we make it clear we'll do whatever they demand, they're bound to respect us.

A British Jewish leader says an anticipated apology from the Church of England for antisemitic laws enacted in 1222 is “better late than never.”

Welcome to Cuck Island, where a rapidly dying church is begging forgiveness for an event that happened before they even existed. At least it earned sincere gratitude from the poisonous mushroom. About time, you contemptible goyim. Now get in the grave.

The church is planning a formal “act of repentance” for next year, the 800th anniversary of the Synod of Oxford, a set of laws that restricted Jews’ rights to engage with Christians in England, according to a report Monday in the Telegraph.

I'm sure all the empty pews and moe-ham-head beating off in the corner are thrilled to hear this exciting announcement. Medieval sanity meets the absolute state of modern Airstrip One. We're going to bow down to humanoid demons. Awoman.

The laws ultimately led to the expulsion of England’s Jews in 1290. They were not officially readmitted until 1656.

This expulsion was the result of jealousy and the banality of evil and had nothing to do with the appalling behavior of the merchant.

“The phrase ‘better late than never’ is truly appropriate here. The historic trauma of medieval English antisemitism can never be erased and its legacy survives today — for example, through the persistence of the ‘blood libel’ allegation that was invented in this country,” Dave Rich, the policy director of a British antisemitism watchdog group, told the Telegraph.

Only in Clown World are you expected to answer for the actions of long dead individuals you might be related to...if you're White. We should be getting the jewish apology for killing Christ any day now. While your typical doomed White works a horrible job, consumes estrogen drink and watches the amazing "pace" of football negroes, the jew is hard at work for their own interests. Now we'll get the gentiles licking our boots for something that happened in 1290. Thank g*d we defeated the "not-sees" and saved democracy.

Let's have more apologies, slave.

“But at a time of rising antisemitism, the support and empathy of the Church of England for our Jewish community is most welcome as a reminder that the Britain of today is a very different place,” Rich said.

Even as the kosher scheme to get the brown slaves promised by the talmud seems to be backfiring, it's nice to know a completely debased and spiritually cancerous church and its handful of remaining followers is willing to humiliate themselves for the amusement of alien criminals. 

England experienced a spate of high-profile antisemitic incidents this spring during and after the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The best part of allowing your country to be colonized by vile aliens from a distant desert is how their ancient tribal feuds are now your problem, too.

In planning the formal apology, the Church of England is taking responsibility for Christian antisemitism that predates its founding in 1534.

Even the "Times of Israel" jew writing this article for its fellow yids found this grotesque. 

“Among the many perplexing things about this perplexing news story is that the Church of England didn’t exist back in 1290 when the Jews were expelled from England,” tweeted Jeffrey Shoulson, a professor of Judaic studies at the University of Connecticut.

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks!

72% worship their stomach and genitals.

While an apology would break new ground, the church has taken steps to cultivate goodwill with British Jews in recent years.

I'd be absolutely shocked if this somehow fails. The jew is going to stop spitting on you very soon if you keep cultivating the goodwill!

In 2019, it released a document titled “God’s Unfailing Word” that outlined the importance of the Christian-Jewish relationship and acknowledged that centuries of Christian antisemitism in Europe laid the foundation for the Holocaust.

The g*d that failed. Here is your new faith: the holohoax. Did you know they were masturbated to death by machines? Electric floors and skull-smashers. For breakfast we had nothing. This homicidal gas chamber had glass windows. It was "rebuilt" by the Soviet Union. The vile evil of the unclean meat who we hate.

At the time, England’s chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, said the document represented a step forward but fell short because it did not reject the church’s history of seeking to convert Jews.

Much more needs to be done. I know, what a surprise.

Full Story.

"Seeking to convert."


  1. I jewgled “brown slaves promised by the talmud.” Instead of finding what should be obvious, I found an article about why jews should support reparations for blacks in America. Of course this dipshit rat fink from Chiraq thinks we (no doubt wypeepo) deserve to pay reparations because there have been several instances in the pages of the torah. Titled, “The Torah Case for Reparations: A Jewish View,” by Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein in October of last year. I left a comment insisting that they start paying immediately for the deaths of millions (maybe 6 million??) from jewish communism and for slaves bought/traded and brought/sold to North/South America. I’m sure the SPLC will be knocking on my door any minute. So if you hear of lawyers/activist getting drilled for trespassing then you’ll all know my identity.

    1. Drill away! Need any extra bits? Perhaps an extra set of eyes?

  2. The Church of England did not exist at the time, so who really should be held accountable and apologize? The current royal family? And it seems, the Church in Rome endorsed the King's decision at the time one would think. The Vatican may say, "hey, get out of the way Anglicans, we want another opportunity to grovel at the Jews feet. We'll convene a formal inquiry." So hilarious, such detestable cucks.

  3. that faggot Cromwell mqggot
    should have swung from an Oak Tree....

    i doubt it though .

    there’s probably a statue of this shekel slave in front of bore-us Johnson’s town house...

    which degenerate Antifa earthworms refuse to touch


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