Four Separate Incidents

The deadly "pandemic" that has already claimed the precious 2.5 million consumer units in my mongrel dead nation is back and worse than ever. It's all because you didn't get the jew jab, you contemptible slave. Now we have the unbelievably lethal "delta variant," to say nothing of the horrific "lambda variant" and we still have plenty of Greek letters remaining for highly plausible kosher fear pornography. If it gets much worse, the nurses will have to stop hiding in sheds. Make sure you "makk up," you vile worm. Take this dangerous injection (no lawsuits allowed!). Where's your "covi-pass," you disgusting maggot? I will put a round in you. And remember, you worthless scum, we're all in this together. In some ways, "racism" might be as bad as this plague decimating our globalist flop house. It's really a shame White supremacists are attacking Asians. Fortunately, we've managed to catch one of these horrible "not-sees."

A woman was arrested Thursday for an alleged hate-driven, anti-Asian assault spree that left four people injured over the course of several months in Queens, police said. 

Got in a little high time preference jam/so they put welfare in my brown hand/send me down the street to a foreign land/to go and kill the yellow man. Born in the U.S.S.A. *weak boomer fist pump*

Maricia Bell, 25, is accused of attacking three women — ages 75, 63 and 34 — and a 23-year-old man in four separate incidents in the borough beginning May 23, according to police.

The content of their character. You know the White "racism" is getting bad when proud Hottentots who don't need no man are poisoned by this insidious pale sickness and start attacking the Middle Kingdom.

In the first attack, Bell allegedly yelled, “Why are you talking to me?” before punching the man in a Flushing parking lot on Kissena Boulevard, cops said. 

The mighty strength of "diversity." Wut yew bee sayin, Cha-lee Cheen? Eye kanna hee-ah yew." Here comes the dusky paw. All created equal, endowed by moloch, something something, did you know they think I drink children's blood? No, it's true. Republican congress. Your President is not a vampire. They told me not to answer any more questions.

Bell allegedly committed a similar assault against the 34-year-old woman inside a Pomonok bodega at about 6:40 p.m. June 16, according to police. 

Welcome to the globalist kosher bodega, stay as long as you want.

Make sure you wear your "makk" to save lives when you're not attacking Orientals.

At about 8 p.m. July 11, Bell is accused of slugging the 63-year-old woman in the face as the victim was walking near 72nd Avenue and Parsons Boulevard, according to police.

The negro will start improving tomorrow.

In the latest incident, Bell allegedly whacked the 75-year-old woman with a hammer at 71st Avenue and Parsons Boulevard at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, authorities said.

Let's depict this murderous assault by a creature straight from a nightmare as wacky cartoon antics.

She has five prior arrests, sources said, including one on March 29 in which she was charged with assault as a hate crime.

There's the surprise of the century. Whites were blamed for this moronic pathology.

Full Story.

Just another day in my "idea nation."


  1. I’ve noticed the “anti-asian hate” narrative has pretty much disappeared since most of the attacks were done by negroes.

  2. >Whites were blamed for this moronic pathology.

    Including by some Asians:

    >She has five prior arrests, sources said, including one on March 29 ...

    The most noteworthy thing here is that this obviously dangerous and deranged woman (expect a 'diminished capacity' outcome) was out on the streets -- and for that you can blame the various bail elimination activist groups around the country, which in NYC are typically run by and overwhelmingly staffed with Jews -- many of these groups are funded by 'dark money' pools like the Tides Foundation (founded by Jew Drummond Pike) -- e.g. Tides Advocacy was behind Amendment 4 in FL, which restored voting rights to convicted felons (overwhelmingly non-white of course) -- scroll all the way to the bottom: '© 2021 Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, a project of Tides Advocacy'

    Most Americans are completely ignorant of the power and influence of these 'dark money' pools, which allow wealthy donors (individuals and organizations) to support controversial causes in secrecy -- they are typically 501(c)(3) and only disclose who donates and how much, not how any particular donation is used; that can be negotiated confidentially with donors -- so donors can support e.g. LGBTQ bullshit by donating to Tides and designating how they want the money to be used -- Tides is then seen as supporting the LGBTQ cause, not the donor.

  3. Replies
    1. When a foto or video (the case here) clearly showing the race of the accused there's less/no reason to complain about something like this.

  4. I’ve been scrolling through the art of @gprime85 on Twitturd. He has a great comic of Brian Stelter sweating profusely to push the red button for either “BLM” or “Anti-Asian Hate” as a blatt is stomping an Asian man. He has some great comics portraying Joe Biden as a child-eating demon. His name is George Alexopoulos. I couldn’t find a bio. He looks latino. I’m assuming he has Greek heritage.

  5. I’ll tell you what’s sad. I post most of these stories that MH enlightens us with. I get very few likes. Usually the same ppl that are sick of the “racist” accusations that are like me and just don’t give a fuck anymore (like one patron from the last post). But when I see all of my “friends” from Facebook out they always say things like “great post,” “man I feel the same way,” “I’m sick of the anti-White nonsense.” However they are too afraid to publicly admit what is obviously reality for the fear of the “R” word. After reading that 70ish% of Southern Republicans want to secede, I wonder if these cowards will fight when the time comes? At least my state is still sane enough to be one of the states that desire true change.

    1. I post on the LA Times under my real name. I post a pro-white viewpoint. I am ALWAYS careful to research my claims and use mainstream sources to support them. If I see something by Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Anglin, Renegade Tribune, National Vanguard, I trace it to a mainstream source. I often use the FBI hate crimes data to demonstrate that a negro is twice as likely to commit a hate crime as a white. I find that I am getting more and more likes and that I am rarely challenged on factual grounds. The best tactic of all is to use an anti-white’s own “facts” and point out that the logical impossibility of their conclusions. Example: Why did efforts to contain the flu supposedly eliminate so many cases of the flu but not covid even if they are transmitted tge same way?

      Unlike you, none of my friends give me “likes”. It’s always strangers. I haven’t unfriended anyone but I do unfollow those that just throw Leftist nonsense at me.


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