Graffiti Hate Speech

Please watch the following amazing video.

It's time for your daily dose of fraud news idiocy, featuring a withered former anchor bunny who looks ready for the glue factory. I could definitely see her marching against "hate" or hissing out a "How absolutely dare you!" at a school board meeting after some parents express concern about the cultural marxist anti-White curriculum. Instead, the old crow is here to share the important events of the day, bugging her eyes out in a manner suggestive of either someone under the influence of powerful narcotics or a useful idiot "journalist" putting on the "serious face." I guess those two possibilities aren't mutually exclusive.

It turns out something called "Joe Moody Park" has been targeted by what our cat grandma calls "graffiti hate speech." Writing something on a wall is speech. The things you learn from watching the nightly kosher drool dish hour. In any case the "city is responding" to this horrible outbreak of G.H.S. Will Whites be the official scapegoat for this obvious hoax? Keep watching!

We cut to a rotting building that's being slowly reclaimed by nature and, of course, the Graffiti Hate Speech, all rights reserved. We've got incorrectly made swastikas and the word "Tattoo" in giant letters, because even "racists" need some sort of hobby. "We had duh shuff-stafful," explains a negro. Sheeet, dem stomuh-abb-tile-long be up in hee-ah. This is followed by a group of groids walking in what looks more like the ruins of civilization after an apocalypse event then a fun nature trail at your local park. 

We finally get a dusky simian face for the disembodied 80 I.Q. drivel. Well, mostly. Our tar-complected champion of muh democracy and all animals being equal is wearing a bitch-rag. I'm saving lives from the deadly delta variant and standing up to Sunshine State goose-steppers. What a hero. It turns out this well-behaved negro is part of something called the "Florida Minority Business Chamber." While the average White drifts through life in atomized delusion, it seems every groid able to string a few words together is in a jew-run "civil rights" group. Tony here laments the "overgrown vegetation" which I presume is responsible for one of the most plausible hate crimes I've ever seen.

Let's hear from some White careerist Blue Life! I'm sure you already know the drill here: pretty bird, bawk, etc. Another bloated and weak pale person has more nothing to say about fixing up the park, which doesn't seem super relevant to the outbreak of GRAFFITI HATE SPEECH, but you have to stay in your lane. We be needin moe gub-mint chedda is the main takeaway. "Coincidentally" the bidding for the architectural and engineering services happens this week. Huh, how about that. What do you think, Sherlock Holmes?

There is a "community clean-up" planned for this rotting public eyesore. "We want to gitt bakk dem Chunky (?) Sundays." "Panhandle Strong!" Two and two is five. "Diversity" is our mighty strength. "We see it every year."

Yeah. No shit. 

Inked up "racists" ruined muh Chunky Sundays.


  1. Duh overgrawn vegamatation and the need for more handouts for a home base for drug dealers most certainly wrote the “hate correspondence/inscription/ syllabary?” Or maybe it was the monkey.

  2. you described that initial opening of the video, with that
    imbecilic, ‘neutralalized’ Hen perfectly.

    it’s probably not even that she doesn’t really believe what The Satellite Jew pays her to believe.

    it looks like she’s too weighted -down , lazy and ignorant to give a damn either way.

    which will never qualify as an excuse.....


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