Hate and Desecration

After the paucity of White supremacist attacks over the holiday weekend, we're in desperate need of more highly convincing proof that Whites deserve to become a hated minority in our own homelands. Suffice it to say, the actual arguments for a truth we're all holding as self-evident are not exactly strong, so here's a horrible and plausible hate crime from a state which has been annexed by may-hee-co and is nearly indistinguishable from the Latin American sewer. The monsters have arrived in what a former governor called "Coddy-phone-yah" and they've targeted our holy statuary. Yes, the jew is now going to pretend that statues are suddenly important again and shouldn't be destroyed, as long as the Chinese Rock represents the communist negro pervert elevated to sainthood by high velocity projectiles.

The vandalism of a Martin Luther King Jr., statue in a Southern California park that was found graffitied with hate symbols is being investigated as a hate crime, authorities said. 

We can expect a similar reaction for all the other monuments to our past that were destroyed over the last year any day now. You've got to keep voting Loser Party and stay in large coastal cities, gentiles

The Long Beach Police Department said it was notified of the graffiti on the statue at a park named after the slain civil rights leader just before 3:30 p.m. on July 2, a police spokeswoman told Fox News.

Fortunately, there was no real crime, like maybe a massive negro tribal warfare bloodbath over the weekend, to investigate so we had time to waste on what's almost certainly a hoax intended to encourage more open violence against Whites. Long Beach is barely half-White, but evil "not-sees" are apparently engaged in broad daylight desecration of our leper messiah. 

On the front of the statue were a swastika and Nazi SS bolts, the Long Beach Post reported. The city Parks, Recreation and Marine department removed the graffiti over the weekend, police said.

You'll get the bill for repairing an ugly reminder that we're living in an occupied country ruled over by alien criminals.

The artist did a great job capturing the idiotic animal features.

No information on potential suspects was available.

We haven't caught the evil people without color and we probably won't, but the important thing is this is real and definitely not more cynical manipulation from vaguely humanoid demons.

In a tweet on Monday, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia called the statue a "symbol of hope and justice for the community."

This grotesque piece of visual pollution was a source of hope for the la-teen-oh sewage colonizing the area while White leftists flee, learning nothing from the experience. Meeee liiikeeeeee dedd neeeeeggggaaaarrrrr, eeeeyyyyeeee theeeeeennnnnnnnkkkkkkk.

"This hate and desecration has no place in our city," he wrote.

Power allows you to be openly and blatantly hypocritical. This is why the jews have made a g*d out of it. I don't care if everything is burning ruins, as long as my tribe rules over them.

A local group called the AOC7 Neighborhood Group staged a rally near the monument to stand against hate.

More like the EST7 Useful Idiot Group. Wow, what a pack of heroes.

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Mary Simmons, a member of the group, told the Post said they wanted to speak out against hate-motivated crimes.

If you were wondering who will participate in the coming "Turn in your neighbors!" initiative from our illegitimate jew-run government, here's your answer.

"Especially right now with all the uprising—and this? We’re not going to take this sitting down," she told the news outlet. "We are tired of being silenced."

Dat uprising an sheeet. Take the childish politics of a jew-taught negro, add a few dozen I.Q. points and unfair skin, age the hell out of it and here it is. We are all sick and tired of the lack of cultural marxist propaganda in our globalist clogged toilet. It's time some brave shrew stands up to the awesome power of the Right Wing Death Squads who dominate the media, entertainment and international banking.

City Councilwoman Suely Saro posted images of the statue on Facebook, including one of crews removing the racist imagery. 

There is no report on the number of "likes," but I'm sure it's really impressive.

Full Story.

Good job, schwoogie. We'll get you more shiksa whores.


  1. Either the niggers or the rabbis are actually doing a little research now, at least they got the swastika right this time. If you need some lighter-side entertainment that warms the soul, check out the New Jersey White Supreeeeeemist that will certainly be lynched any day now for the crime of telling the truth.

  2. There's always a handy fat White woman who is VERY concerned waiting for her photo op to flesh (lots of flesh) out the story..

  3. "artist did great job capturing the idiotic animal features" lol, question, if an artist accurately portrays a black with simian features, is that racist?


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