NFL Death Watch: Black National Anthem

Times are tough for the Liberia Ball. The bold new marketing strategy of sodomite sickness and child rape is turning out not to be the big winner it initially looked like and the audience has shrunk to mostly consist of degenerate White fetishists who derive sexual pleasure from being humiliated and degraded by the frightening tar creatures on the talmudvision. Suffice it to say, there aren't enough racial cuckoldry perverts, even in 2021 America, to prop up this vile jewish spectacle. Clearly, something must be done to restore the old crowd of debased losers who want to watch primitive inferiors run around briefly and make each other hurry, but generally don't get aroused by the idea of their ancestral homeland being intentionally destroyed by jewish criminals and their dusky biological weapons. Maybe music is the answer? Put down the bottle with the little "K" on it, struggle off your totally defiled couch and stand for the new national anthem of the U.S.S.A. 

According to a report, the National Football League is preparing to roll out even more social justice messaging in the 2021 season and will also make the “black national anthem” a prominent part of all major league events.

Please rise for the singing of "Camptown Races." Try to mouth the words through your ball gag.

A source recently told Front Office Sports that the NFL is “bringing back a lot of [social justice] elements from last year,” including helmet decals with left-wing messages, sideline signage, and the playing of the song “Lift Ev’ry Voice and sing” — the purported “black national anthem” — major events.

Seeing how popular these "elements" were with the average "go blue, beat red" gelding, you'd be a fool not to bring them back. I thought jews were good at making money, but if there's one thing this demonic tribe values more than the shekel almighty, it's the planned demolition of any nation unfortunate enough to carry this loathsome parasite.

The source told Front Office that the 2021 social justice effort may even be bigger than previous campaigns.

What could possibly go wrong? You like being kicked in the face and eating dirt, right?

The themes for some of the campaigns this year includes, “It Takes All of Us,” “End Racism,” and “Inspire Change.”

Other planned campaigns for the Botswana Ball include "2 + 2 = 5," "Ignorance is Strength" and "White Man Bad."

Get in the Trotsky Zone for the big "tug."

The NFL insider added that it will impose the “black national anthem” on all special events such as the Super Bowl, the playoffs, the draft and other such special broadcasts.

We'd all be a lot happier if we turned off the synagogue in the living room.

The source also said that going forward all players will be free to protest against the U.S.A. in any way they choose, as long as it is a “peaceful protest.”

I can't wait to see super orcs who "attempted intercourse" with teenage boys scream into the camera about "keelin demm mudda fuggin pinkies an wett-turn cib-il-eyes-zay-shun."

Front Office added that it is possible the flood of social justice protests and messages harmed the league’s TV ratings.

Yeah. I think you might be right!

Average audiences fell 8% to 15.1 million viewers in 2020 as the league embraced social justice messaging on helmets, warm-up gear, fields and stadiums.

If you're still watching this semitic sewage, you probably can't be saved.

Full Story.

The blind hoss sticken in a big mud hole.


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  2. It could not be simpler: DON'T WATCH -- or pay any attention whatsoever -- NFL TV contracts will come up for renewal at some point, so the best way to harm the NFL is to tank TV ratings, which will drastically reduce the amount of money broadcasters will want to pay for TV rights -- the NFL simply could not exist as the business it is today without all that TV revenue -- and that's all it is, a business.

    Recall how not long ago Robert Kraft (a Jew) used his power and connections as a successful NFL owner to get out of a child sex charge on a technicality.

  3. if your still watching this smelly , semetic, groided horseshit ...please , exit my planet immediately.

    we don’t want you here.

    1. But sportsball is my life. These athletes are my heroes. And the money I spend on jerseys, Doritos, pizza and Budwizzer keep the economy growing. Even my wife enjoys sportsball. Often she has D’Antoine, her personal trainer over to watch.

    2. But during the halftime, I stepped out to pick an order of chickenwings and my diabetes prescription and when I came back they had a strange look on their faces.

    3. If you are watching ANY negroided fuckstick sports PLEASE DIE IMMEDIATELY. There are much better activities to do with your family. Teach your children how to shoot all forms of firearms. Read a book. Take a shit. ALL EXAMPLES OF BETTER USE OF YOUR TIME.

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  5. Ok. I’m out of the loop again. I asked MH on a previous post about the “drink with the weird U on it.” I can’t remember the post to see if he responded and I’m still not receiving notifications from responses to my comments. Now I have no idea what the “drink with the little K on it” is. I rarely drink alcohol, and I DAMN SURE DON’T WATCH ANY TYPE OF SPORTS. I would like to think that I’m fairly knowledgeable about pop culture but I’m at a loss. Can someone fill me in please on both?

    1. The U symbol signifies the product is kosher

    2. I just jewgled it. The U with a circle, and the K with a circle are both kosher. As I said, I am lucky enough to live in a region free of the poisonous mushrooms, except for the “destroying angel,” and the the “death cap.” White Baptist freedom-loving Kentuckians. I believe they call us “rubes,” or “hillbillies.” I was actually considering starting a movement to cancel the word “hillbilly” as it is a slur used to stereotype a group of ppl, much like the word nigger. So only white ppl are allowed to say it to each other. If groid’s are caught saying it they will be charged with a hate crime.

    3. good answer brother

      in other words , you’re not even remotely ashamed to be White.?

      that’s why your an obviate !

      that belongs here!

    4. Very proud to be WHITE indeed. Very proud to be a WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE. The triple whammy of scapegoats.

  6. I can’t wait for the post from MH about Israel spying on US journos, and activists. Our greatest ally.


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