Ominous Warnings

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone reading this a happy Fourth of Jew-lie. I can hardly wait to celebrate my "idea" nation that any vaguely humanoid alien can enter and loot. It was built by "blacks," la-teen-ohs and moose-limbs. I plan on eating some lukewarm bugs and then huddling in my pod, fearful of the deadly "delta variant" currently ravaging its way across the land, killing millions. If this wasn't enough of a reason to be afraid, I've just been informed that evil "racists" may be planning another "insurrection" to coincide with what would have been our country's birthday if it wasn't dead. Hopefully brave and capable negro officers are ready to defend our sacred holy buildings by shooting some neck.   

A Homeland Security bulletin obtained by ABC talks about "violent extremists" and the July 4th holiday.

The monsters are here! No time to worry about the "mutant virus" and the giant corpse piles in the streets, the White terrorists are threatening the ruins of our globalist kosher bodega. Last time, one of the "extremists" got shot and died, so you know there's a huge danger. Just tell me which rights I need to give up to purchase the illusion of security and I'll gladly do it. I'm wearing three "makks" on my face.

It warned "attacks" against a "range of potential targets." With no warning, of course.

I'd be willing to bet a shiny nickel these "attacks" never actually happen, just like all the other times the supremacists were going to flog our decaying carcass but it somehow never occurred. Fool me...fool me, once? Shame Fool me twice? Won't get fooled again! 

Those "domestic violent extremists" – aka DVEs, the feds said, are motivated by "violent ideologies" and the "ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists," or those RMVE-WSs, were sharing information about "mass gatherings." AND "law enforcement officers."

Those "witches," aka root wizards, are motivated by worship of the fallen one and were sharing information about the evil eye, corpse bothering and magical spells that ruin your crops and/or make you impotent.

"We have the perfect storm," ABC was told by a "senior law enforcement official."

Imagine the contortions of doublethink necessary to actually believe this drivel.

However, buried down in the report was the perhaps-significant comment that, "no specific plot has been identified for Independence Day," but that the warning "ominously" said federal officials are seeing "evidence of planning" by radicals.

Somehow "allow your enemies to create an insulting caricature of your positions and then endless vilify you" didn't make it into "Rules for Radicals" by g*d's chosen.

ABC said it obtained access to the warning "exclusively," and that it includes that charge, that "34 states will have State of Emergency orders expire" soon, so that "mass gatherings and social distancing restrictions will be largely lifted."

Once we stop huddling in our Bidenvilles and wearing diapers on our faces, the Whites are going to get really hostile, just you wait. The decades of endless appeasement, delusion and conflict avoidance at all costs were just a clever ploy to get you to lower your guard. 

The greatest menace to muh democracy.

It expressed, too, that, "As of 16 June, Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist-white supremacists (RMVE-WSs) were sharing downloadable links to a publication discussing targeting mass gatherings, critical infrastructure, and law enforcement officers."

Hello, fellow Whites. If you could speak slowly, clearly and directly into the left side of my chest that would be great. Testing, one, two. Let's discuss targeting mass gatherings, critical infrastructure and law enforcement officers. I've got links! 

Without a "specific plot," the public was being advised "not to be in a panic mode," but rather remain alert.

This totally baseless fear-mongering and scapegoating against an embattled and shrinking Legacy Population requires great vigilance, but it's probably not time to panic. 

DHS is enhancing its ability to prevent acts of domestic terrorism inspired by disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives spread through social media and other online platforms.

Be on the lookout for "false narratives," comrade. Did you know Canadian churches were killing injun children and dumping them in mass graves? 

We encourage the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to local and state law enforcement, and the FBI.

You can turn in your own family!

Full Story.

The sodomite Pelosi shirt is an uh-maze-in Clown World detail.


  1. Ironically, this is a story from Wing Nut Daily which cheered Bush when he created the Department of Homeland Security during the “war on terror”.

    My wife was totally apolitical until details of the 2020 election irregularities were revealed. While I am glad she is trying to educate herself, her political naivety leads her to accept disinformation from christard/patriotard sites that I have to explain is just pushed by jews to lead people down a dead end. I offered this rule of thumb: Any political or news site that makes a big deal about christianity or has a lot of US symbols such as flags, eagles etc. is trying to bullshit you.

  2. Hi Heretic, astounding column as always. Not sure how else to contact you, but I saw a story today that will write itself for you. Go look up the news about the Syracuse women's basketball coach. He's a "brutha", 11 players have left the team, the school has launched an "investigation". You'll love this one!


    2. WKTV is my hometown station. Central NY doesn’t have much besides Syracuse athletics since much of the industry and people have been drained away since the 1970s. Utica’s population declined by 50% since 1960. They did have a slight rebound by importing refugees but those people are actually a drain on the public once the resettlement agencies dump them on the local taxpayers. One of the churches was converted into a mosque.

      The negro coach will be allowed to leave without any legal action and they will probably just buy out his contract. I guess women don’t find negroes as appealing as the advertising and entertainment industries portray them. Though some of these women “scholar athletes” are probably dykes.

    3. Thank you, the story source I grabbed wktv coincidental was one of the few at top of search, best one I saw to tell of this coach

  3. DEFINITELY be on the lookout for “false narratives.” Mainly from the FBI/DHS.

  4. shit.

    Amorican Life in its plasti-cized totality is a FALSE NARRATIVE.

    thanks Kikes.

  5. not sure MH even wants to be

    i don’t actually know , or ultimately care .

    but for me, a major part of the ‘alpha’ appeal of this impeccable Aryan website is that this man remains anonymous .

    it’s incredible that MH solicits nothing from anyone.

    true nobility .

    fan boy here .

    read this site for a few weeks in a’ll understand .


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