The Negro Fatigue Poll

We are very fortunate to share our nation with the "African-American," a permanent burden brought here in kosher chains as an "economic necessity" and now used as an idiotic biological weapon against us. We're probably very close to seeing some discernible improvements in these pathological inferiors. One more wasteful program, one more groveling session, one more burning neighborhood, you never know, it could be the magical moment when an obviously failed race begins to approximate human behavior. Despite this powerful semitic truth, Whites are starting to lose patience with the living fossil and it goes without saying that the "black" isn't suddenly become grateful for all the massive sacrifices made for these worthless genetic aliens.

For the second consecutive year, U.S. adults' positive ratings of relations between Black and White Americans are at their lowest point in more than two decades of measurement.

After our national psychotic break and the "I can't believe it's not South Africa" all against all in our decaying cities, the optimism seems to be gone. Decades of appeasement and delusion and here we are. Maybe the jew wasn't entirely honest about this whole "equality" snow job.

Currently, 42% of Americans say relations between the two groups are "very" or "somewhat" good, while 57% say they are "somewhat" or "very" bad.

Yes, we're doing somewhat well. Most of the city isn't on fire and we haven't had a "random attack" in several minutes.

The most recent rating of Black-White relations in the U.S. is not statistically different from last year's 44%. However, the reading has eroded nine percentage points over the past two years as the nation has grappled with the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent nationwide protests and calls for racial justice.

A criminal scumbag overdosed, we need "racial justice," whatever the blue hell that's supposed to be. It seems to mainly focus on erasing our past and destroying our future. Don't forget "justice for Breonna." Remember that almost unbelievable con job? Probably not. Say, is that the negro ball on your talmudvision?

As recently as 2001, 70% of U.S. adults rated Black-White relations positively. That changed after several high-profile killings of unarmed Black people by police officers around the U.S.

The mongrel jew-run sewer of 2001 seems like our national golden age compared to what we have now. This decline and fall has no brakes.

These incidents precipitated the formation of multiple social justice movements that remain active today.

While you struggle with the increasingly difficult task of having a semi-normal life, the poisonous mushroom and their useful idiots are destroying the rotting foundations of muh "idea nation."

During the poll's field period, Derek Chauvin, the former police officer convicted of killing Floyd, was sentenced to one of the longest prison terms ever handed down to a U.S. police officer for unlawful use of deadly force.

We sacrificed a man to the jungle idol, but it didn't help, if you can believe it. The only sane solution is their removal.

While White Americans have typically been more likely than Black Americans to say race relations are good, at least slim majorities of both racial groups rated them positively until 2016.

Whites are more delusional about racial reality, a luxury only a triple digit I.Q. can confer, who could have predicted this? It's just a sun-tanned White. It raped a teenage boy because of "poverty." We need to invest in this "community."

Somewhat bad.

Majorities of Americans rate relations between Hispanic and White people, Black and Hispanic people, Asian and White people, and Black and Asian people as good.

Don't worry, it's not like the ordinary drool dish operator is suddenly realizing that "diversity" brings nothing but conflict. 

Even as Americans rate Black-White relations negatively today, they continue to be optimistic about the future overall.

Tell us about Sugarcandy Mountain, Moses.

Fifty-seven percent of U.S. adults currently say a solution to the problem of Black-White relations will eventually be worked out and race relations will not always be a problem, while 40% disagree and say it will always be a problem.

I'd be very surprised if the totally insane "infrastructure plan" from the communists isn't the magic bullet that transmutes the coal creatures into pathetic versions of Whites.

However, just one-third of Black Americans now view race relations positively, and the optimism and hope for a solution to racial discord that existed last year have since dissipated.

That awkward feeling when a 70 I.Q. negro scumbag has a much more realistic view than many doomed White careerists.

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Modern America in a single amazing image.


  1. When I was younger I always regarded Blacks as more or less fellow Americans, even though at some point I became aware of what a problematic group they are (crime, academics, etc) -- I knew Blacks, played sports with/against them.

    I did not see many Asians where I grew up, zero Hispanics -- after moving to CA I saw lots of both, but never really thought of them as Americans to be honest; they were just living here.

    Today I still don't see Asians and Hispanics as American -- of course the same goes for all the third world flotsam that has arrived in the last few decades (John Rocker was right) -- but now I also want nothing more to do with Blacks, largely due to the fact that the obvious and key racial differences between Whites and Blacks, cognitive ability (90% of Blacks are dumber than the average White, who is not very bright to begin with), behavior, etc are all rooted in their distinct genotypes, and therefore irremediable (yes, it's true: you can't fix stupid).

    Approx 1/3 of black men are convicted felons; think about the tremendous direct costs of that (police, courts, prison, probation, etc), as well as the indirect cost, i.e. while incarcerated they are not in the labor force -- Blacks are by far the lowest achieving population fraction, many working only menial jobs throughout their lives -- at this point, I'm convinced that without affirmative action in government employment, there would be practically no black middle class -- the web site 'Alternative Hypothesis' made a good faith effort to estimate the fiscal impact of the various ethnic groups, and concluded the average Black costs America almost $1m over his lifetime.

    So America's Blacks are a boat anchor around the country's neck -- as a population group, there is NO WAY they make a positive contribution.

    America has nearly 45m Blacks; think about that -- they are a GIGANTIC problem and always will be.

    1. If every negro were replaced by a white with Downs Syndrome, there would be immediate and tremendous improvement in the quality of life. It would be get better with time as well since they are far less likely to have children.

  2. John Rocker? Awesome. I'd damn near forgotten about him but dude was spot on with his race realism and that was 25 years ago. Totally agree with you. If blacks could just break even it would be a miracle but their limitations prevent that. I just cannot understand why we keep wasting time, effort, energy, money, etc... on a failed subspecies. Does being called a "racist" really illicit enough fear for whites to welcome their own genocide? Maybe it does but I for one am ready for the fight to prevent that . Be safe out there. Keep your head on a swivel and carry everywhere you go even if it's illegal.

    1. [Does being called a "racist" really illicit enough fear for whites to welcome their own genocide?]

      At the moment, you'd have to answer 'Yes, apparently' to that question -- latest example is that coffee company cuck.

      You rarely meet anyone who is able to speak comfortably about race, especially the obvious problems with Blacks -- they invariably begin by saying something like "I'm not a racist, but ..." -- the average boomer seems to have neurons imprinted with that phrase -- and you can pretty much forget about talking to them about Jews -- the media campaign to taboo-ize any rational discussion of racial differences, and demonize anyone who engages in this as a Bad Person, has been very successful.

      [Maybe it does but I for one am ready for the fight to prevent that.]

      One of my favorite memes has an infographic showing worldwide population growth projections, and imprinted above this in LARGE red letters is 'White Man: Democracy Is The Noose The Third World Will Lynch You With'.

      Everywhere throughout history, the question for any tribe or people has always been *rule or be ruled* -- in 2020 especially, Whites in the US got a good look at who will be, and who will be electing, their future rulers if migration and demographic change is not stopped -- I guarantee you none of these non-white migrants would tolerate becoming a minority back in their home countries.

      These days, when thinking about the future I feel mostly a strong sense of foreboding, but also re future generations of Whites some guilt for what we've allowed to happen.

    2. I'm assuming you're referring to black rifle coffee? Absolute pussies. I've been out for 15 years now and when I saw their reply about Rittenhouse it made me ill. Rittenhouse has more brass than that entire company. They've now alienated their entire target consumer with that anti right rant.if they think libs are gonna spend 17$ on a bag of average coffee beans they might as well hire their bankruptcy lawyer now. Nice of them to show their true colors though.

    3. Anyone that goes around parading their guns, the American flag, eagles, militaria and jesus is fucking USELESS.

  3. Somewhat bad...unbelievable.

  4. Thank g*d I don’t have to put up with the negroes in my community. Of course this has the drawback of traveling for work. At least a decent wage for work. The trade-off is well worth it. To not have to worry about my children being shot by drive-by nikkas, or black pack attacks is true peace of mind. The greatest thing you can ever do for your children is to teach them about race realism.

    1. I live in a Southern California city of about 300,000 that is about 45-45 white -asian with about 3% negro and the balance mestizo. We have only a few murders each year, mostly it seems to be family disputes among south asians. Until recently, I could go for days without seeing a negro. Now, I see them daily. Keep in mind that the average home price hover around a million dollars. Because housing is so expensive, much of the new housing are condos/apartments. I think some organization is subsidizing negroes to move here, probably with “affordable housing”.

  5. “ i’m not racist but ...”

    “ don’t get me wrong, i have black and jewish friends but...”

    “black lives matter but i’m not selling my house to one...”

    1. I’m at the point where my response to accusations of racism is “So what? Are you going to report me?” I don’t give a fuck anymore.

    2. for me it’s a badge of honor....and i relish being called a “Nazi.”
      i wish.


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