Underrepresented and Targeted

I've spent a lot of time writing about hate crime hoaxes, the cynical and lazy snow jobs intended to advance the cause of White genocide. At no point during my extensive delving into this grotesque semitic phenomenon did I ever think "We're not getting enough of these," but apparently that's the problem. Our globalist kosher bodega is facing a critical shortage of incorrectly made swastikas, "eating while black" and urban ruins getting vandalized by "nawzees" right before the hearing on funding a renovation. Even worse, Whites aren't being arrested, since these incidents either go "unsolved" or the brown alien behind the fraud gets a stern talking to after all our initial ardor to severely punish the evil "racists" abruptly vanished in the face of reality. Fortunately, our trustworthy and honest government agencies have a plan. We're going to blunt force the anti-White blood libel into existence.

The Department of Justice and the FBI have a message for local police departments: start charging more white people with hate crimes or invite an investigation. 

You either start burning more witches or we'll find a burgomaster who will. These crimes don't exist, so it's necessary to create them. We know Whites are full of blind hate over "skin color," now we just need the first scrap of evidence. Go get those pink people. Meanwhile, your city has become a tribal all against all and is burning to the ground.

Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta told an assembly of FBI agents yesterday that they are now tasked with hounding police departments in their district if they do not register any "hate crimes." 

Thank you to be doing the needful, foreign alien from the other side of the world! Friendship ended with the rule of law. Now anti-White kosher panic is my best friend.  

Gupta and FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division Jay Greenberg have declared "hate crimes" by "racially motivated violent extremists" (a euphemism generally reserved for right-wing white men) to be a national threat priority -- a rare designation.

Greenberg. Must be German or something. Every. Single. Time. 

According to Greenberg, the FBI will be increasingly specialized in pursuing "hate crimes" through increased training in the matter, an aggressive media campaign designed to recruit victims in "underrepresented and targeted populations," and putting federal pressure on local law enforcement to charge and report hate crimes when they otherwise wouldn't. 

Clearly, the time for talk is over. We need ACTION. You can learn more at my new website FBI.gov/nazihitlerirregularhatestaffel. It's also time to "recruit victims." What a time to be alive. 

Hate crimes laws are political and racially motivated. Blacks and Jews are heavily overrepresented as supposed victims in the FBI's "hate crime" database, while whites are charged at higher rates than general crime rates.

Everything we're told is a lie.

The monsters are here.

For example, last month a black man who shot five white men in a multi-state shooting spree told police his sole motive was that he hated white people, yet neither local prosecutors or the FBI have charged him with a hate crime. 

You probably remember the round-the-clock media coverage, the national outrage and the congressional hearings about the pathology of the American negro. Maybe none of that happened.

According to the FBI's 2019 hate crime report, blacks are 49% of victims of racial bias while Jews are 60% of crimes motivated by religious animosity. Most of the blacks in the data were victims of "intimidation," an often Constitutionally dubious charge.

They were wearing Trump shirts and MIGA hats. I told them we must respect our holy capital building and the peaceful transfer of power. They started screaming about "our great ally Israel" and "low black unemployment." *bugs out eyes* Then they called me a nigger. Thankfully, an unarmed White woman was shot in the throat and I escaped the lynching.

A large number of reported hate crimes targeting both blacks and Jews are hoaxes, as seen in famous cases like the Jussie Smollett incident and the thousands of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers that were the work of a Jew in Israeli.  

We should be getting that apology any day now.

Just yesterday, a white man was charged with "ethnic intimidation" for putting up stickers that say "I Love Being White."

The absolute state of the U.S.S.A. 

Blacks commit roughly 90% of violent interracial felonies, a statistic the Critical Race Theorists at the FBI find inconvenient.  

For reasons unknown, this undeclared and totally one-sided race war is not a big priority for the Greenbergs of this world.

The mad rush for white racists at the FBI is bound to cause more embarrassments for the increasingly discredited agency.

I'll be right here to document those embarrassments. 

Last year, the theater put on by the FBI over NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace's "noose," which turned out to be a hoax, served to reveal the hyper-politicization and lack of seriousness at the Bureau.  

We live in Clown World. 

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  1. Those same 2019 statistics show that 24% of those found responsible are negroes, whereas Whites are responsible for 54%. Since negroes are 13% of the population while Whites are about 60-70%, negroes are more than twice as likely to commit hate crimes as a White. And the “White” hate crimes undoubtedly include mestizos.

    1. Yes, Blacks are the real haters (just like 'Democrats are the real racists').

      Look, ‘hate crime’ laws have only one target and exist for only one reason: to intimidate and silence Whites as their country is being demographically stolen from them.

      Whites will *always* be the main target of 'hate crime' propaganda and prosecution — that’s by design, and means 'hate crime' laws are functioning exactly as intended by your enemies.

      No self-respecting White should endorse the existence and use of ‘hate crime’ laws; in particular, this includes complaining about their unequal application: that's a feature of the whole system, not a bug, and it is naive to believe it will ever be different.

    2. >Whites will *always* be the main target of 'hate crime' propaganda and prosecution

      If you want evidence/proof of this, search for video of Eric Holder testifying before Congress in support of pending federal 'hate crime' legislation -- when asked, he says directly that the new laws aren't intended to protect Whites from 'hate', rather groups that were historically marginalized in the US (or similar language) -- he could not have made it any plainer.

      Of course the legislation eventually passed -- it would be interesting to go back and see how many Whites in Congress voted for it after hearing Holder's testimony.

    3. >If you want evidence/proof of this

      And if you want even more evidence/proof, recall what that asshole Jussie Smollett was allowed to get away with.

      I said at the time: someone should introduce that mother fucker to Ed Buck.

  2. >Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta

    She has a Wikipedia page -- career summary: you won't be surprised -- it says she was born (1974) in the US to (Indian) immigrant parents -- note her parents came to the US, a 90% (approx) white nation at the time, they didn't go to e.g. Zambia -- this is something you see fairly often: kids of non-white immigrants who themselves have done very well in (white) America, yet their 'work' consists of what can fairly be described as nonstop agitation against white America -- Gupta's career is especially radical in this regard.

    Also from Wikipedia:

    [The Senate confirmed Gupta to the position by a 51-49 vote on April 21 after Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski agreed to vote to confirm her ...]

    It would be interesting to know who was behind her nomination.

  3. are their any American institutions left that aren’t positively riddled with poisonous plague-rats.


    our new flag.

  4. "and the thousands of bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers that were the work of a Jew in Israeli. "

    The crime was buried because "he had a tooomour!" but the statistic he generated lives on every time "record" anti-Semitism is discussed.

    1. >the statistic he generated lives on

      The same will happen here: the push to record more 'hate crimes' will result in inflating the stats which will result in a call to do more to combat 'hate' etc etc ad infinitum, an endless cycle of 'hate' and suppression until whitey is subjugated -- and the stats won't be rolled back no matter how dubious the individual incidents are or how many are later exposed as hoaxes.

      And Blacks will continue to target Whites for crimes like robbery and rape, but the state will never entertain race or 'hate' as a motive.

  5. U.S. President Joe Biden spoke out against anti-Semitism after officials said that a swastika had been found carved into the wall of a U.S. State Department elevator.

    Earlier in the day, a State Department spokeswoman told reporters the swastika had been discovered on Monday and that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had addressed the incident with department staff.

    The swastika, a symbol of Nazi hate, has been removed and the incident is under investigation, Blinken said in a statement on Twitter.

    "As this painfully reminds us, anti-Semitism isn't a relic of the past. We must be relentless in standing up and rejecting anti-Semitism," he said, likening anti-Semitism to other forms of hate including racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia

  6. I honestly didn’t hear about the blatt shooting White men in Alabama. Of course, I do not have cable (by choice) so that might be why. On the other hand, I do read a lot on jewgle and there was no mention. Even my first search was a reference to a crime in 2015. Fox Atlanta quoted him as targeting White military types because they have “taken from him.” “Gibs me dat or die nikka,” has now become “I was stolen from.”


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