Utterly Predictable and Completely Disgraceful

The jew is a creature of pure goodness and light, unfairly persecuted everywhere it goes for absolutely no reason or maybe "jealousy." The behavior of the moloch worshipers is always exemplary and they certainly aren't working to actively harm the gentile (A slur they use to refer to you and everyone you care about) nations fortunate enough to have the desert idol's chosen lurking in the shadows, working hard to "repair the world" and make everything nice and fair for the goyim (Another one of their slurs for you). It's really surprising how these wonderful wanderers always seem to find trouble, but I guess this is the banality of evil and man's inhumanity toward demons shaped like men. Consider today's dispatch from Airstrip One, where g*d's favorite was rudely treated by the unclean meat. 

A Jewish man was abused twice in the space of an hour on London's public transport last night. 

This is just a part of life in the big city and something you need to get used to, shlomo.

A man who wished to remain anonymous took to social media to say that his brother who he said is 'visibly' Jewish, was first 'attacked' while on the number 113 bus - which was headed to Oxford Circus - at around 11.30pm. 

I can't help but wonder what this "visibly jewish" rodent actually looks like. I can only speculate, but here's a reasonably likely depiction.

Next stop, the Oxford Circus.

In an audio recording made by the man's brother, the thug was heard threatening to 'shank' him and 'slit his throat for Palestine'. 

It never fails to amaze me that the jew intentionally destroyed a nation of totally pliable and weak JUDEO-christians and somehow expects to survive in the dark all against all. Maybe this whole "brown slaves promised by the talmud" idea isn't as good as it initially looked. Still, I'm sure moe-ham-head here will passively absorb a century worth of kosher demoralization, just like the indigenous population did.

He also called the Jewish man a 'f***ing scumbag' and warned that he would 'f***ing beat the s*** out of you'.

Here comes the friendly fire from "diversity." Don't take the "obscure route," merchant.

Footage also showed the abuser angrily telling the bus driver that the man's brother was 'f***ing Jewish'.

Please notify the driver if you see any closely related jew scumbags. It's just common courtesy.  

He then stepped off the bus and banged his hands on the doors whilst shouting 's**k your mum' and 'free Palestine'.

The raw material for a prosperous modern nation. 

An hour later, the man's brother was travelling down an escalator at Oxford Circus when he filmed a man shouting anti-Semitic abuse.  

The jew will always tell you what happened to them, but never why.

In the tube video, a man who was standing on the left of the escalator near some England football fans was heard shouting 'f***ing hate the Jews' while he made a banging sound with his hand.

When you're ready to completely give up on Cuck Island, something like this happens.

You got a license for that number six, mushroom?

Family members of the group of football fans contacted MailOnline and said the boys, who were wearing England flags, were not in any way associated with the man who was shouting antisemitic abuse. 

English flags are, of course, also deeply "racist" and "anti-semitic," but we have a bigger problem than passive patriotism. The kosher con game is falling apart.

When one of the boys told the man to 'shut up', the verbally abusive man said 'we've got a Jew behind us'.


'A single bigoted racist has attacked a Jewish man, and a bunch of other football fans - who happen to ironically be Jewish - are trying to defend the guy.' 

The debased Liberia Ball "look at that animal run" geldings were actually yids getting high on their own supply. It's like rain on your wedding day.

Mr Adler added: 'The attacks on the Jewish man yesterday is horrific. I am genuinely nervous about my children when they go into town because of antisemitism.'

Would you like to know more?

The abused man's brother had said in his tweet: 'My brother [who is visibly Jewish] was attacked on the 113 bus, heading in direction of Oxford Circus, London at 11:33PM and threatened to "slit his throat for Palestine". Will anything be done about this rampant #Antisemitism.

Oy vey, will nothing be done about this rampant anti-semitism? After years of grooming gangs, knife attacks, sickening garbage culture, acid attacks, replacement immigration, communism and all the other jewish tricks, we're suddenly really concerned about the ugly nightmare state these parasites carefully built.

He said it was 'depressing' that a 'visibly' Jewish person cannot use public transport without hearing 'I f***ing hate the Jews'. 

Now we're going to have to disguise our burry negro hair, greasy complexions, tapir snouts and beady criminal eyes.

Speaking to MailOnline directly, he added: 'Walking in the street or using public transport when visibly Jewish, such as by wearing a kippah, is likely to invite abuse. 

Yeah. I wonder why.

The Metropolitan Police's Chief Superintendent Rory Smith said in response to the man's Twitter thread: 'This is awful and I'm sorry he had to experience this. I've tagged @MetCC and if you could DM them so that this can be fully investigated please?'

Unlike children being systematically raped by enemygrant slime over a span of four decades, we actually care about this.

'So that this can be looked into, please ask your brother to contact the Metropolitan police service as soon as possible.'

We removed three spoons, a spatula and a needle nose pliers from the "bad streets" last week, but I suppose we can take a break from this useful service to act as a golem for the alien criminal tribe.  

'Officers are aware of a video posted on social media following the incident and will be meeting the victim to gather further information about this incident.

All animals are equal and some are much more equal.

The CST said the recent rise in anti-Semitic incidents was fuelled by anti-Semitic reactions to the conflict in the Middle East and called it 'utterly predictable and completely disgraceful'. 

"Utterly predictable and completely disgraceful" is an accurate summation of British behavior over the last hundred years.

Full Story.

Alien desert tribes battle in a decaying city.


  1. time to put three British yids in a small room....wait a few hours....and witness the inauguration of six million ‘new’ anti-semetic task forces.

    most predictable.
    most disgusting.

  2. that picture of that Fagen
    looking jew has haunted me since i first saw it on here...

    pretty effective MH.

  3. "that moment when your pets turns and bites you..."

  4. Want an EVEN BETTER FEEL GOOD STORY? Google Rabbi Shlomo Rabinski STABBED 8 TIMES BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Would have been better if there was a more desirable outcome. Of course it’s being investigated as a “hate crime.” Shlomo’s tone deaf statement on “bringing good to the world…..and…evil has no home in America,” are classic.

    1. Do you mean Noginski? I couldn't find much reference to the former, although everything else I agree with.

  5. In Albion brutal, Mohammedan gangs

    Used poor British girls for their playthings

    With all the arrogant impunity

    Of occupiers whose immunity

    His captive authorities trembled to expose

    Lest their angered master’s media choose

    To slander them. So their servile silence

    Had approved for these girls a life sentence

    Of terror, torture, rape and addiction.

    When at last their gutless dereliction

    Came to light, thousands of girls ruined

    In cities and towns across England

    Were their legacy. In London a foreign

    Muslim mayor ruled the once great sovereign

    City where now British were minority,

    Earnestly excusing the temerity

    And bloody crimes of his brown immigrants,

    As beleaguered Aryan constituents

    Were systematically deprived

    By a government alien and depraved

    Of even household tools and kitchen knives

    That might with luck be used to save the lives

    Of lawful citizens....

    1. Dude, you’re talented. Obviously MH’s blog attracts veritable geniuses.

  6. Albion is dead.

    it died in 1965.

    same year Amorica did.

    kike subverted immigration Law does not a genuine Nation make.


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