A Defenseless Stranger

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize for the short absence. No, I wasn't a victim of a "random attack" or the latest unperson to vanish into the Ministry of Love. I wasn't even soaking up the sun on a beach in Argentina or taking a bodega tour of New York with the neighbors I am neutral or pleasant towards. Instead, the truth is, as always, much more banal. My internet provider, who will not be named but their initials are AT&T, was down and this necessitated great joys like hour-long calls to Ping Ling at the call center and "I've never even seen one of those!" interactions with what we used to call "the uneducated voter." In other words, Third World America. Fortunately, the long night has been held back for the time being and I've got an absolutely uh-maze-in tale from Jew York City to share.

The hatchet-wielding maniac arrested for hacking at a defenseless stranger in a crazed caught-on-camera attack inside a Manhattan Chase bank threatened another victim with a hammer before he was finally nabbed, police said Wednesday. 

As our national corpse is devoured by scavengers, this sort of story will become more and more common. Creatures straight from a nightmare attacking with primitive tools...what do you think this is, England? This is the cannibal future of our globalist sewer. This is New South Africa.

The suspect, identified by police sources as Aaron Garcia, used the hammer to bash in several parked car windows and shatter windows at a popular Chelsea restaurant and nearby bus shelter before cops on Eighth Ave. and W. 19th St. about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, officials said.

As far as I could tell from grainy footage recorded with a TI-85 graphing calculator, the nightmare creature is not la-teen-oh but a garden variety negro or possibly a zambo, despite the name. First it was time for this future brain surgeon, chemical engineer or rapper to smash the decaying ruins (We need that insane "infrastructure" bill passed right now!) then it graduated to mystery meat mongrels in the smoking crater of a city that has surrendered to the rot.

Garcia, 37, was already being sought for attacking Miguel Solorzano, 50, at an ATM inside the Chase bank on Broadway near Morris St. in the Financial District Sunday.

Could the last White person please turn off the lights on your way out?

Garcia’s relatives were stunned that he had been arrested — and that he was being sought for a bloody hatchet attack.

Yeah. I know I was surprised. Who could have predicted a moronic, aggressive and impulsive living fossil would do such a thing?

The coming all against all. 

“This can’t be true,” said one shocked close relative, who asked not to be named. “If you knew what kind of people we are, you would understand why I’m reacting this way.”

A tar monster inferior with possible admixture from other failed races went wild. There's no way this could possibly happen. Now I've seen everything. Next you'll tell me jews have a disproportionate and highly negative influence on our government, media, banks and schools. 

Garcia was in the Army and served in Iraq, his relative said. When he returned, he was never the same, she said.

The heroes of the American Golem. Its childlike animal brain was broken when it fought for Israel in a distant desert. This thing is a hero.

Garcia was in the Army and served in Iraq, his relative said. When he returned, he was never the same, she said.

Ah bee seein demm boh-dies (Ah!) an sheeeet.

“He hit me. In the bank, he hit me,” a still stunned Solorzano told the Daily News Tuesday, speaking in Spanish from his hospital bed at Bellevue Hospital.

The wonders of diversity. The kosher cocktail of "multi-culti" sure goes down smooth.

Solorzano, who lives in Corona, needed two surgeries after the bloody attack, his friend Manny told The News.

It nearly became another COHEN-19 death.

Full Story.

Thank you for your service.


  1. this brilliant post aside ....

    the main thing is that your back ...and up and running....

    on evenings without some MH to read.....the skies seem darker.

    🤛cheers Sir.

    1. This is the exact argument I made on a previous post. What if something happened to MH, G*d forbid. Can you imagine how terrible it would be to not know who wrote all of these brilliant posts? Hopefully there is some sort of failsafe like a deadman’s switch, I AM COMPLETELY SERIOUS.

  2. Hey, you all should go watch the video of this attack. I've been to this atm many times. Being in the "financial district"makes one less aware. Around "x", don't relax. Always keep an eye out around a city atm. I used to go to this location at all crazy hours.
    Interesting, the ((media)) has no interest in this video. Chauvin only had a knee on Floyd.. he wasn't actively swing an ax at him. This "african-american" tried to murder this guy, you see him pleading for his life and the attacker still swings a way

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. welcome to the infancy of South Africa 2.0.

      Thanks Jews.

  3. >Solorzano, who lives in Corona, ...

    For years now, to me the singular feature of stories like this is how both perp and victim are *almost always* diversity-Americans -- think about it: some incident like this is said to be 'random' (wrong place wrong time), which it probably usually is, and the victim is a third-worlder (it's not as noteworthy/surprising that the perp is often black) -- which shows 1) how many of them are already here (density), and 2) that Whites really do flee from them.

    You saw it also recently in the carjacking death of the Pakistani Uber Eats driver in Wash DC, which gave the media another chance to lionize immigrants (I'm sure they were happy to report *his* ethnicity), without ever asking how it makes sense for America to import middle-aged Pakistani peasants (or worse elderly, he was 66 y/o) to be Uber Eats drivers.

  4. >I notice in this story, the victim wasn't robbed.

    What does that tell you? -- it's a crime without a rational motive -- so some kind of 'diminished capacity' deal is likely, regardless of how true this is:

    >Garcia was in the Army and served in Iraq ... When he returned, he was never the same ...

    And I can imagine it is partly true -- the military has been lowering physical, intellectual, and psychological standards for years in order to guarantee enough fodder for neocon wars.

    Also, NYC is full of do-gooder Jewish lawyers who work really hard to get diversity-American criminals, even the worst kind, either out of jail ('bail reform') or off the hook -- an example (some of you may recall the killing of Tessa Majors):

    "Detective Who Obtained Tessa Majors Confession Has A History Of Misconduct Accusations, Attorney Says"

    And who is the attorney?

    [The veteran NYPD homicide detective who extracted a confession central to the prosecution of the three teens charged with killing Tessa Majors has been repeatedly accused of misconduct, according to the court-appointed lawyer for one of the teens.

    The attorney, Hannah Kaplan, ...]

    You can find Hannah Kaplan on LinkedIn -- she currently works for the Legal Aid Society (a major NYC contractor for public defense) -- she spent time at the Bronx Defenders, a similar outfit started by Jews Robin Steinberg and David Feige (see Wikip).

    Also on her CV: Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty

    So re criminal defense, NYC is a cesspool, full of Jewish lawyers like this.

    1. The victim wasn't robbed so I assume the motive was racial animosity.

    2. >the motive was racial animosity

      I personally doubt it -- but I am 100% convinced that 'racial animosity' is often part of the motive in more usual crime with an obvious pecuniary motive, e.g. robbery -- meaning black criminals don't pick white victims just because 'that's where the money is', they pick them in part (or maybe in whole) because they are white; of course no DA ever looks into that -- albeit it must be said that black criminals victimize mostly other Blacks.

      Anyway, there has to be ironclad proof of a racial motive, especially considering his other, err, recent activities:

      [The suspect, identified by police sources as Aaron Garcia, used the hammer to bash in several parked car windows and shatter windows at a popular Chelsea restaurant and nearby bus shelter before cops on Eighth Ave. and W. 19th St. about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, officials said.]

    3. OT

      Interjewcine warfare:

      "Larry David ‘screamed’ at Alan Dershowitz at grocery store over Trump ties"

      So apparently for Jews there are good Jews and bad Jews -- for everyone else not so much.

  5. "New photos show bloody victim moments after NYC hatchet attack"

  6. Glad you are back MH. I’m not going to lie, I was scared. You truly are a talented writer and it would be a shame to lose you to the jewish overlords of Big Tech. On the lighter side, faggot pedophile jew Adam Goldberg reported me for a comment and I lost another Twitter account for “antisemitism.” I’m running out of phone numbers to use for new accounts. If anyone knows a better way to open a new account i would appreciate the help.

    1. Why bother? -- use Gab or Telegram, you won't be censored.

      Anyway, I don't have a Twitter account but when I load a Twitter timeline it gives 3 options for signing up: 1) using Google, 2) using Apple, 3) phone or email -- so maybe a gmail dot com email address (Google) is enough? -- or some other email? -- I'm not interested so I never click, but maybe I'll create a new gmail dot com email account and try.


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