Accelerated Decline

It's hard to believe, but my dead globalist economic zone was ninety percent White within living memory and was also relatively healthy spiritually. The second half of the jewish century, after we saved the world from evil "nawzees," has not been kind to my internationalist flophouse, as even a cursory glance at any measure of societal health will quickly confirm. Following the jew-authored Hart-Cellar Act, the mud flood has been on while at the same time degeneracy and evil were endlessly promoted by the poisonous mushroom. Now here we are today, living in a surreal kosher nightmare and the timetable for White genocide in our ancestral homeland continues to tighten. The latest snout-count is in and, as usual, the news is not good.

For the first time in U.S history, the number of white people in the nation is expected to show a decline when racial breakdowns of the 2020 Census are reported this week. 

We've finally reached the tipping point: the White population is vanishing. Spiritual evil from within and foreign invasion from without murdered my "idea nation." The new "idea" is a mass grave. If we're going to have any kind of future the U.S.S.A. needs to die. Don't worry, it almost certainly will.

'Twenty years ago if you told people this was going to be the case, they wouldn't have believed you,' said William Frey, demographer at the Brookings Institution. 'The country is changing dramatically.' 

If you told that 18-year-old farmer's son at Omaha Beach that he's fighting to create a mongrel sodomite nation that has regular psychotic breaks over the common cold he wouldn't have believed you. Twenty years ago everyone but the delusional true believer was aware of the coming demographic disaster, not like that knowledge proved helpful or anything. I'm sure the new Mud America is a surprise for someone returning from a fifty year pilgrimage in Tibet, but the rest of us have working eyes, (((Frey))).

Jew criminal brags about the kosher con game.

For five years now, updates from the U.S. Census Bureau have estimated that the white population was shirking and that all population growth has been from minorities, the Post reports. 

Use narcotics. Become a sexual deviant. Hide in the electronic lotus-eater land. "Shirk." There won't be any consequences. Trust me.

White people accounted for about 60% of the population in 2019, but Frey said that the opioid epidemic and lower-than-anticipated birthrates among millennials after the Great Recession has accelerated the white population's decline.   

The planned jewish demolition of America. Who is behind the opioid epidemic? Who is encouraging genetic suicide by miscegenation, buggery or the "child free" hedonism hole? Three guesses, first two don't count. 

The largest and most steady gains were seen among Hispanics, who have doubled their share of the population over the last 30 years to almost 20%. 

Welcome to Brazil North, stay as long as you want.

The Black population stayed steady at around 12.5%, and the Asian population is expected to be around 6%, about double what it was in the 1990s. 

The "black" percentage of the violent crime also stayed steady at over 50%.

Frey added that while the white population will continue to dip below 50% in 2045 and the Hispanic and Asian population will continues to rise, there will no longer be a racial majority in the country by then. 

If you think our semitic bodega will still exist in any meaningful fashion in 2045 you're out of your mind. We're going to get "former Yugoslavia," if we're lucky, new South Africa if we're not.

Some civil right advocates worry that there continues to be an undercount in the number of people of color, who have been historically not been counted accurately by the Census Bureau.  

We didn't have enough "representation" of worthless brown aliens in these already appalling numbers. Dey knot bee kountin dem nikkas an sheeet. The "advocates" spouting this drivel are paid by the jew.

Marc Morial, president and chief executive of the National Urban League, said that Hispanics living in the U.S. may have avoided the census following President Donald Trump's immigration policies and failed mandate to include a citizenship question in the 2020 census. 

Foreign looters were afraid of something that never happened. This la-teen-oh sack of shit got nervous because it thought our national death rattle was a sign of recovery.

This year, the population is set to only increase by 0.2%, according to a study by Oxford Economics.

Oh no, we're going to lose the "people race!" We should import the entire population of Africa.

Oxford Economics researchers expect population growth in the US to pick up the pace beginning in 2022 and beyond.

The negro and la-teen-ex trash will start rutting again, don't worry.   

Full Story. 

The future of talmudic brown slaves.


  1. The site greatschools dot com gives demographic data on the locals schools that is updated annually, unlike the census. They actually boast about diversity so nothing is covered up. Because non-whites have more children than whites, the local school demographics will be a leading indicator of demographic trends. I use the site to evaluate locations for buying property or if I am visiting an unfamiliar area. If the neighborhood schools get a rating of 9 or 10, you can be pretty sure the negro concentration is low. I used to use the NYT census map but that is hopelessly out of date.

    1. The correlation is so high that a 9 or 10 is a virtual guarantee. But no guess work needed. There's almost always a demographic breakdown - bar graph or pie chart.

  2. This is no surprise -- for a while now there have been more deaths of white people than births in a majority of US states:

    Also not a surprise is that a Jew would glibly comment on this, as if it's no big deal.

    But regarding the interests and well-being of Whites, especially white men, Jews are uniquely malevolent -- I saw this tweet today:
    [It's pretty wild that in 2021 a new game studio still looks like this]

    He tweets a link to an article about a small, new game development company, and highlights a foto that appears to show all the employee are white men -- and hints there's something wrong with that, intending to agitate a mob of (other) 'woke' Twitter idiots.

    Unsurprisingly, Jason Schreier is a Jew (with pronouns on his Twitter timeline):

    And here he is in 2020 as a 'fellow white man':
    [Being Jewish and white means benefitting from white privilege in America, but occasionally you see things like "Semitic" and "Farrakhan" trending on Twitter and are reminded of why every Jew has to have an escape plan in the back of their head in case of Kristallnacht 2.0]

    The fucking piece of shit.

    Lastly, take a look at Frey's face -- with its shit-eating grin, it's an archetypal beta face -- it has been clear to me for a while that civilization is dysgenic (for a number of reasons) -- but now I'm also starting to believe it is feminizing, especially in western nations -- they are producing a lot of effeminate looking men.

    1. Good information on the feminization of western and for that matter all of civilization.

    2. >

      Thanks -- of course I know of James Corbett and like his work -- but this topic, i.e. the role of women in the decline/feminization of society, is not one I really associate with him -- there are others who do a good job on it -- a video that made a big impression on me was titled 'How Women Destroy Civilization', by 'Black Pigeon Speaks', who now also goes by 'Felix Rex':

      I saw 'How Women Destroy Civilization' on his original YT channel, which was nuked -- he's back on YT, also on other platforms now, but a quick search failed to find the video -- ? -- but someone else put it on YT:

      I recommend it (as well as his other content).

      Unfortunately the list of references in the description of the original video is gone, but I do remember he used a work by J D Unwin titled 'Sex and Culture':

      Also interesting is a similar video 'How Women Weaken Nations (and why men let them)' by 'Way of the World':

      You can find him on Twitter (where so far he's avoided a ban):

  3. it’s mildly infuriating that the faggot/maggot that “wrote” the article embedded in this post .... capitalizes the word black
    *NIGGER!*....but not the word WHITE!

    small point of contention i suppose ....

    i’m thinking about contacting the ADHELL...and reporting this triggering micro aggression ...

  4. check out the hideous, grotesque Kike vulture Jennifer Rubin from the Washington Jew Post......she is ecstatic over this news.

    1. >capitalizes the word black ...but not the word WHITE!

      I see this all the time -- it's per new AP style guidelines published in 2020 -- he's a mainstream figure (not to mention a Jew), so it's no surprise he complies.

      >Jennifer Rubin

      Some of her social media (Twitter) posts are so outrageously provocative that I'm halfway convinced she's an agent provocateur trying to get Whites to react by e.g. 'fed posting' so the FBI can come down on them -- I saw a few 'civil war' replies to a tweet of hers about this.

  5. Equality was his new religion,

    And its priests never ceased to bludgeon

    All things naturally excellent and true

    To make their melting pot’s insipid stew.

    When his politicians unhinged the gates

    Of white America by their statutes,

    The deluge from the lesser world began,

    Each squatting alien equal to a man

    Whose father’s father’s father signed with blood

    The plan for his descendants’ nationhood.


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