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It sure is strange how the "Open Borders Foundation" and the "More Rapefugees for Idaho Lutheran Charity" always seem to be secretly run by the same criminal tribe of alien demons. These weird coincidences just keep happening, it really makes you wonder. At least the poisonous mushrooms behind these blatant attacks on our homelands are top-quality vaguely humanoid units, right? As it turns out, this is not the case. Maybe all this talk about our "greatest ally" from the Loser Party and JUDEO-christian yokels wasn't entirely accurate. The communist nation-wrecker is also a total and complete degenerate scumbag, if you can even believe it. The sacred chosen of m*l*ch on your talmudvision is a little different than the real life merchant.

Howard Rubin, a former money manager for George Soros, is being accused by six women of beating them during sadomasochistic sex sessions at a specially constructed 'sex dungeon' in his Manhattan apartment.  

The unclean meat are sent to shlomo's sex dungeon, no doubt full of deadly masturbation machines and cages of bears and eagles. The precious six lost in the shiksa holocaust. A rat-devil in a low-quality human disguise was "repairing the world" in the Soros mafia and taking breaks to engage in the most vile proclivities.

Rubin, 66, a married, notorious Wall Street trader who is blamed for incurring $377million of losses at Merrill Lynch in 1987, is accused of paying women up to $5,000 in order to take part in BDSM sex.

Jew money thug loved battering debased whores. This is the Light of the World. They were kicked out of countries and forced into ghettos because of "jealousy." This is your moral superior: a greasy parasite gutting muh economy and gaining sexual pleasure from violence directed at reprobate White women.

Now several of the women who took part in the kinky sex sessions are suing the financier, claiming he abused them; ignoring safe words, going beyond the BDSM boundaries and agreements they set before sex, and physically hurt them. 

The safe word is "Auschwitz." It just kept putting the hebrew hammer to hollowed-out and spiritually dead lust receptacles. The disgusting yid went beyond "BDSM" boundaries as if it was an Israeli bulldozer plowing into a Palestinian settlement. I live in a healthy democracy with a bright future.

The first accusations were made in November 2017, but a total of six women are now suing Rubin in a civil trial, scheduled for November, for $18 million. 

Remember when they claimed "me too" would bust all the evil right-wing males, but instead it was repugnant jews getting into trouble?

Lurid details set out by the New York Post say that one woman was so badly beaten. her plastic surgeon was not willing to operate on her after her right breast implant flipped.  

Weimar America.

Another woman said she and Rubin had sex against her will claiming that while bound in his chamber he told her: 'I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter' before forcing her to have intercourse. 

The strong family values of the desert mafia. They will side with my gelded and dying cucktian church in the "culture war," you can be sure of this. He who blesses Israel will be blessed. That implant just "flipped." 

The enemy within.

The financier, who has homes in the Hamptons and on New York's Upper East Side, was known in Wall Street circles as something of a high roller as he earned millions for the billionaire investor until this scandal threatened to overshadow his reputation.  

It earned millions in jewish monetary hoodoo that generated no value and actually caused considerable damage to the host nation. Then one day in 1932, for no reason...

The original allegations were brought by Mia Lytell, Amy Moore and Stephanie Caldwell in 2017. Lytell and Moore are former Playboy Playmates, while Caldwell is a model who worked at a Miami strip club.

Thanks to jew feminism, they got to serve as victims in the twisted and violent fantasies of semitic slime. 

All accuse Rubin of assault, battery and human trafficking. 

“The goyim are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

Nobody is saying a gun was put to their heads to come to New York. Our clients are alleging that they were misled and lied to and were victims of physical and sexual violence.

They were completely dead inside before this happened, but on the other hand the gentile bodies (Ah?) endured kosher abuse that still hurts, even after the soul is long gone.

An initial lawsuit said while Lytell and Moore believed that Rubin intended to play 'some mild fetish games and perhaps take photos, neither expected to be bound with rope and tape and gagged or to be actually beaten'.

...and I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free...

Lytell claims 'she was restrained' and 'in and out of consciousness' unaware if Rubin penetrated her or used an object to do so.

Maybe we should have protected our institutions instead of allowing them to be taken over by jewish criminals. 

McDonald says the women even acknowledged that they could be injured during sex games.

Bring on the cleansing fire.

The women say that they had little time to read the agreements and 'did not have lawyers present' when signing.

There was no time to read the giant talmudic scroll full of chosenite legal wizardry and the next thing you know building materials were being violently inserted.

Furthermore, they claim that when they 'screamed or protested [during a session], Rubin would simply become more violent.  

The innocent jew was attacked without cause by the banality of evil.

The Manhattan apartment on Madison Avenue that Rubin rented for trists is said to be full of bondage and sadomasochistic equipment, In the center of the main room was said to be an X-cross where people could lie spreadeagled while being tied up at the wrists and ankles. 

Is this an allegory for America in 2021?

One former colleague who worked with Rubin at Soros Fund Management told the Post 'I thought he was a nice guy. He was a nebbishy Jewish guy and totally normal. I was surprised to hear about him having that apartment [with a sex dungeon].'

He seemed to be some kind of Woody Allen dweeb. I was surprised by the overwhelming hatred this creature had for the goyim.

In 1987, Rubin caused historic losses at Merrill Lynch through a series of unauthorized trades which cost the company $250million. The figure was later reported by The New York Times to be as high as $377million. 

Wow. What a hero.

He was fired and the matter was turned over to Wall Street watchdogs but Rubin was never criminally prosecuted.

All animals are equal and some are much more equal.

Despite the loss, he was appointed Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, where he ran the Collateralized Mortgage Obligations desk from 1987 to 1999. 

It's almost like your tribal affiliation is all that matters in this "industry."

In 2008 he came out of retirement to manage a Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund for financier George Soros, run by Soros Fund Management, LLC. He quit the firm in 2015.

All roads lead to big jew.

Full Story.

The face of the racial enemy.


  1. "Ignoring safe words".

    I guess a ball-gag will do that.

  2. Holy crap. Completely gross on the inside and out.

  3. I was wondering what MH thinks about so called “conservative” jews? Say like, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, or Andrew Klavan? What are there motives to agree with several issues that we do? Are they merely scamming right wingers for the almighty dollar? Are they trying to infiltrate our ranks? I’m very curious to know your opinion.

    1. They make up a small, insignificant fraction of jews. And most of their “support” for conservative causes is centered on economics. Look at any of the towns in upstate NY that have been captured by “conservative jews” and you will see their true nature.

    2. Ahh, the Interloper. I’ve read much about them.

  4. >It's almost like your tribal affiliation is all that matters in this "industry."

    When something is inexplicable it's natural to look for an explanation -- still, it's hard to believe Jews would countenance such disastrous financial incompetence, even from a fellow Jew (after all, they do love money) -- defrauded Jews (including Elie Wiesel, a conman himself) turned on Bernie Madoff after his fraud was exposed -- it's also possible Rubin was tight with Epstein, or someone close to Epstein, and Epstein had dirt on enough people that Rubin was able to get these positions (oftentimes they aren't really jobs, just positions in an org chart).

    Anyway, Jews are disgusting -- film at 11.

  5. Fuck Man!

    i love me some MH.

    is there any filthy faggot Luciferian Kike Horseshit that this man does not see thru???

    proud of ya MH

    Aryan perfection

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