Black Lives Manor

Welcome to another certified kosher episode of "Lifestyles of the Wealthy Grifters!" I'm Parrot Leech and today we're going to look at another bar code who hit the degeneracy jackpot in a dead nation. Later, we'll continue our twelve-part series on the decadent extravagance of Epstein Island, but right now meet a trans-negro who turned the spectacular failures of genetic aliens into a dream house. Burning cities paid for this beautiful villa, looting carpeted the spacious floors and the cowardice and hypocrisy of your average White provided the furnishings. This scumbag might have pretended to be "African-American," but there's no make-believe when it comes to the opulent empire built on fentanyl overdoses and the almost unbelievable "Justice for Breona" snow job. From high in the bodega to high living, let's step into this amazing world of intemperate affluence!

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who claims he advocates for the poor and disenfranchised communities, has been living large in a luxury five-bedroom, 3,000 square foot New Jersey lakefront home. 

While you're slaving away at a job you hate and paying taxes to an illegitimate government that's actively hostile toward you, Talcum X is enjoying the spoils of the planned demolition of your ancestral homeland. Forget forty acres and a mule, it's five bedrooms and a view for this bleached negro!

King, who famously got upset when someone vandalized a George Floyd statue, but wanted statues of Jesus to be torn down, apparently moved away from his place in downtown Brooklyn earlier in 2021.

The moneylenders rally and drive Jesus out. Our new jungle idol demands sacrifice, but it's also generous, as evidenced by the delicious life of a con artist who hit the guilty White woman and gelded White man communist jackpot. This is the chimp-out chateau.

European aesthetics for the champion of Wakanda.

According to the New York Post, "the property, surrounded by lush, tall trees, was purchased by King's wife, Rai-Tonicia King, a Ph.D. candidate and educator, in November 2020 for $842,000."

Let's take a look at the incredible natural beauty we wisely bestowed on this piece of a garbage and something called "Rai-Tonicia," a professional do-nothing.

King has his share of critics, however, who accuse him of various breaches of transparency, among many other charges.

"Diss mudda fudda bee a lyte skeeen" say his critics, but Powder just moved into a sprawling house of immoderation beyond your wildest fantasies.

Samaria Rice, the mother of the deceased Tamir Rice who was shot and killed by Cleveland police, has publicly criticized King for soliciting funds using Tamir's name without even asking her first.

No one cares about the proud "black" woman who don't need no man whose dead spawn was one of the lesser lights of the "blatt libes mattah" kosher hoax. Let's look at the interior!

Tamir Rice? More like Take Muh Chedda!

"You are a selfish self-centered person and God will deal with you," commented Rice on social media.

It appears that moloch is sleeping. Scream louder!

King also has gotten flak from ex-members of his short-lived "Justice Together Coalition," which he launched and abandoned within the same year in 2015.

A fortune built on the backs of criminals, useful idiots and delusional ideologues. We must "respect the hustle."

"He silenced dissent without productive discussion, he removed volunteers for speaking up due to his self-proclaimed paranoia, he repeatedly failed to meet his own timelines for his participation in the work, and he failed to delegate or discuss internally anything of consequence with the organization," said the letter.

I can't really hear you over the deafening roar of my palatial estate. For this phony tar monster, the big shekels are very real and the timeline of consumption is moving forward. We'll delegate the impotent jealousy to you. Until next time, cocaine wishes and "pizza" dreams! 

Full Story. 

Weimar wealth.


  1. Do we know for sure that “King” is not really “(((Koningsberg)))”?

  2. goddamn MH

    you just buried these ferreting grifters .....

    completely buried their
    conscience-free lives on 🌎....

    good job again Sir.

    this 🚽🌎 would not be the same without you.

  3. "Talcum X"

    I lost it that. never heard it before. Sheer brilliance.

  4. Where did the money come from? -- answer: *Jews and Whites* -- Blacks, who don't have much to begin with, aren't going to give money to Shaun King, an obvious grifter, and someone who looks white.

    Recall it was Jack Dorsey gave $10 million to nutcase Ibram X Kendi -- Jeff Bezos reportedly donated $100 million recently to Van Jones.

    1. Just as Heretic says "use Fed funny money to purchase biological weapons" sit back and watch the fireworks.
      Fuckin pathetic.

  5. This wigger is a stain on Kentucky. Also read he scammed z as n sheet on “church”-goers in Atlanta.


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