Complicity in Executions

The long war against "anti-semitism," the most important struggle of our time, will only be won when Whites have been completely eliminated and the merchant gets the faceless brown slaves promised by its unholy books. Until this glorious kosher day, every last gentile must be hunted down, especially any having even the most tenuous of connections to the holohoax, an historical fiction where "we had to perform labor during a total war" somehow became, after several revisions, a lurid tale of homicidal gas chambers nearly wiping out the chosen, despite the endless and somehow growing chorus of "survivors." We must punish an elderly man for his role in the horrors described by Soviet war propaganda.

A 100-year-old alleged ex-Nazi will stand trial in October after German prosecutors charged him for playing a role in nearly 3,500 deaths at a concentration camp north of Berlin.  

The precious 3,500 lost, my entire family brutally zapped to death in electric belts. Let's force someone days away from death to suffer in service of this vile fraud.

The man remains unidentified as part of Germany's privacy laws, according to the Washington Post and a local German media outlet. 

This is probably the first time this law protected someone who wasn't a moe-ham-head-dan child rapist.

The outlets attempted to reach a representative for the man but he could not be reached and it is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.

Why are you such an evil nawzee? Please respond.

Prosecutors accused him of working at the Sachsenhausen Nazi concentration camp nearly 20 miles north of the country's capital where tens of thousands of Jews are estimated to have been victims, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The number was probably closer to zero than "thousands," but they once claimed four million went into the fire pits at Auschwitz, so this is a very modest deceit. 

His alleged crimes include complicity in executions by firing squad and poisonous gas. He was deemed fit to appear in court despite his old age, BBC reported. 

Your doctor has determined you're healthy enough to be a "two minutes hate" target. They were killing them with "poisonous gas." No, really. 

Because Nazi camp guards generally went anonymous, prosecutors have found it difficult to identify specific defendants and prove any acts against victims.

Never let something like "facts" get in the way of your kosher snow job.

Seems legit.

But in 2011 a court in Munich found a man guilty of accessory to murder for serving as a guard at Sobibor, an extermination center in occupied Poland, part of Polish territory turned by Nazi Germany into General Government.

Moloch demands more sacrifices. We'll start persecuting Soviet and American crimes tomorrow.

A 96-year-old woman has also been accused of working as a Nazi, as a secretary to the commandant of the Stutthof concentration camp in what is now Poland, and will similarly face trial this year, the Post reported.

I'm not sure how a secretary can be considered culpable, but then again she might have typed out unflattering words about the chosen, which is the same as murder.

A legal representative for the woman did not respond to the outlet.

Why did your client kill six million jews with poisonous gas? Hello? 

Full Story. 


  1. Even Wikipedia admits Bergen-Belsen never had gas chambers.

    My local paper had an article about a “holocaust survivor” who claimed she was put on a train in April 1945 to be sent to die in a gas chamber at Thereseinstadt. I pointed out on its Faceberg page that 1) Germany had few intact rail lines in April 1945, 2) The standard holocaust narrative says the gas chambers were shut down in late 1944 and 3) Thereseinstadt never had gas chambers.

    The accounts of everyone of these holocaust survivors contains at least 1 glaring lie or physical impossibility. They need to be called out on it.

    1. sounds like your getting entangled in specifics and mundane machinations with these people ...


      every single thing The Jew has been involved in .....for at least the last 300 a manufactured , Luciferian Hoax....

      these insects are not to be trusted .....under any circumstances...

  2. More details on the jew who survived 6 gasings.

    1. not a know it all Sir


      i just have a vibe with this tribe

  3. >I'm not sure how a secretary can be considered culpable

    An explanation: it comes from a political/judicial agreement (Abkommen) reached in Germany to enable the prosecution of John Demjanjuk; once this precedent was established, other similar arrests and prosecutions followed.

    Demjanjuk was extradited from the US to Israel, where he was found guilty of killing Jews as part of the 'Holocaust', and sentenced to death -- the Israeli Supreme Court reversed his conviction, finding that eyewitnesses were mistaken and/or lying -- Demjanjuk was set free and allowed to return to the US.

    The Germans did not give up -- the political and judicial establishments in Germany reached an agreement that allowed Demjanjuk to be prosecuted as an *accessory to murder* (Beihilfe zum Mord), and the Americans, at the behest of Germany andJews, including Jews at the DOJ, extradited him again, this time to Germany -- via this judicial agreement, it is assumed killings occurred at the camp during the time period the accused is alleged to have been, or can be shown to have been, employed in some capacity there -- it's important to note: 1) the prosecution does not have to prove that any killings took place at the camp; this is assumed as part of 'Holocaust' dogma, and 2) it is not necessary to show the accused participated in, or even knew about, the killings.

    Assuming it can be shown the accused worked at the camp, conviction is automatic.

    This is why you see e.g. accountants, secretaries, radio operators, etc being arrested and put on trial -- it also shows how important it is for German authorities to prove their moral fitness to lead by relentlessly pursuing alleged Nazi criminals, even to the point of totally corrupting their judicial system and standards.

    The trials usually proceed like this: it's stipulated by the court that 'Holocaust' related killings occurred at the camp during some time span (again, this need not be proved) -- some evidence is then presented that the accused worked at the camp during all or part of this time period -- note: per the Demjanjuk agreement (Abkommen), this is enough to convict -- but a fixed part of these show trials is that Jews whose relatives were allegedly killed at the camp show up in court to berate the defendant.

    Usually the defendant, even though he/she had nothing to do with any killings, and knew nothing about them (which are not proved to have happened in any case), will in some way apologize or acknowledge some degree of guilt in expectation the court will show leniency -- in general this is very common in Germany: if you admit guilt you will get a lighter sentence.

    Here is an article about all of this:

    "Der Fall Demjanjuk ermöglicht neue Ermittlungen"

    The headline says: 'The Demjanjuk case has made new investigations possible'

    The first paragraph:

    [Dass die deutsche Justiz jetzt Vorermittlungen gegen rund 50 mutmaßliche Angehörige des KZ-Personals von Auschwitz aufnehmen will, beruht auf einer geänderten Rechtsauffassung, nicht auf neuen Erkenntnissen. Nach Ansicht von Experten für NS-Prozesse ist der Grund für Chefermittler Kurt Schrimm, die durch das Urteil gegen den ukrainischen KZ-Wachmann Iwan "John" Demjanjuk geänderte rechtliche Bewertung.]

    The fact the judiciary will now begin an investigation into approximately 50 people known to have worked at concentration camps is not due to any new evidence against them, but to a change in judicial procedures resulting from the conviction of Ukrainian guard John Demkanjuk.


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