Equity, Opportunity, Efficiency and Inclusion

Please watch the following amazing video.

This incredible footage was captured in Filth-of-Judea, I mean Philadelphia, but it easily could have been from any major city in our kosher globalist trash heap. This is Third World America, a three thousand mile wide slum inhabited by negro garbage, mongrel aliens and the vanishing population of debased Whites. The opioid epidemic, the silent disaster which has been willfully ignored, combines with the reality of genetic determinism, another truth which must never be spoken if you want to keep that careerism in the final days of late imperial collapse. Humiliation on the world stage, an open sewer here at home, we need to bring in lots of Afghan rapefugees. Don't forget to wear your bitch rag and pledge allegiance to sodomy. Garbage. Drug addicts. Criminals. Filth. Visual pollution. You're going to own nothing and be very, very happy. This is the Great Reset. 

I heard America was back.

I know this reeking and appallingly ugly crack and heroin bazaar peopled by brown garbage and White degenerates (Look at my cool skateboard, dude) looks bad, but I'm sure our noble and wise leadership has a plan to "build back better" and somehow reverse this plunge straight into the semitic abyss. Let's check in with the mayor. The good news is it's not a slot-licking extraterrestrial. The bad news is it's a jew scumbag whose major achievements include "decriminalizing pot" because too many "African-Americans" were getting arrested while "baked" on city sidewalks and putting through a special tax on "sweetened beverages." Maybe this bloated alien moloch worshiper should be a little more concerned about needle drugs than the horrible scourge of Pepsi. We also need a "more diverse workforce" (fewer Whites) that will "look like Philadelphia" (fewer Whites). This sack of chosen shit might have allowed the staggering collapse, but it sure can bring the platitudes. Look, it's even posing with a niglet! 

Maybe I was too judgemental. I mean, these deep, structural problems usually spring up overnight with no warning, so shlomo is probably acting as quickly as possible to stop the rot. "New Mask Mandate." Make sure you wear a diaper on your face, goyim. At least this program seems to be working. I saw quite a few humanoids "vaccinating" themselves in that incredible video of our national suicide. We're going to defeat the seasonal flu. Here's a filthy tent city full of junkies that stretches for block after block. We're all in this together. Honk. Honk. Honk.

You can trust me, I'm jewish.


  1. The Shitty of Rubbery Lubb...

    1. All joking aside, this (the video) is some depressing crap. It's like these "people", no matter their race, belong to some other species. I've been in some of the worst prisons in the United States, really old ones of the type that could be described as dungeons, and I've seen piles of trash, vice, violence and druggies passed out everywhere... but the streets of Philadelphia top them all. And these streets are just a taste of streets elsewhere in this once pretty nice nation. There are places in Oregon, California, Washington DC and even down south near where I am, that look similar. Weimar x a million. Fucking sad.

      Black hole sun won't you come?

    2. you know it JB.

      Weimerican Degenerate Jamboree...

      the sky’s grow darker everyday .

  2. raised in Philly.

    not necessarily embarrassed ...

    more like completely revolted by what we allowed The Jew to do to this country .

    among their sparse gifts, The Jew has an uncanny ability to turn people’s ,born in certain nations , into traitorous maggots without conscience.

    that , and creating “money “ out of thin air and using it to destroy Hemispheres....

    oh and yeah, their excellent at creating and distributing filthy, spirit-crushing pornography.

    and there’s those pesky inversions of objective truth and beauty

    *oivey...why’d he bring that up*

    some “God’s” chosen

    from what i gather

  3. i’m just playing...

    absolutely lovely people.

  4. This is the first paragraph on the mayor's website. I'd say he's failed miserably
    What we do
    On January 4, 2016, Jim Kenney was sworn in as the 99th Mayor of Philadelphia. In his first budget, the Mayor worked closely with City Council to fund bold anti-poverty initiatives

    1. Anti-poverty initiatives alright, just not for America or Americans. I'm sure I can guess where the money ends up.

  5. Looks like that vaccine must be working real well, otherwise these people would be dead from covid. But I think it has some bad side-effects.

  6. Similar scenes in Philadelphia (and elsewhere) are in 'Death on the I-95', a BBC documentary from a few years ago about the opioid/fentanyl crisis -- it's worth watching; search for it.

    >The opioid epidemic, the silent disaster which has been willfully ignored

    Yes -- but it's a LOT more than that: the same people who for two decades 'willfully ignored' opioid deaths also created the conditions that led to them -- remember Ross Perot and his 'giant sucking sound'? -- he said that free trade was destroying jobs and creating economic misery for millions -- the resulting un-/under-employment, and human despair/hopelessness, is the psychological backdrop to the opioid epidemic -- *the same elites ignored all of that too*.

    Now this same class claims to be so concerned about your health that they want you to take the COVID vaccination.

  7. >Anti-poverty initiatives alright, just not for America or Americans.

    Standardized student achievement test scores can be used to accurately estimate IQ -- not that long ago someone did this for Baltimore: estimated average IQ for black students in Baltimore was 76.

    For reference: in the West, anyone with a measured IQ of 75 or lower is considered to be developmentally disabled (70 - 75 would be mildly retarded) -- such a low IQ is not really compatible with being able to prosper in a first world country.

    You'd no doubt get a similar result in Detroit, St Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, etc, all of the crime-ridden, heavily black ghettos in the US -- what's left in these places is *concentrated genetic detritus*, resulting from decades of 'flight' -- not just 'white flight'; decent, more intelligent Blacks (there are some) also leave.

    So while yes the money ought to be spent on Americans, I don't think there's much you can do to alleviate poverty in a population who are only capable of the most menial employment -- even if you just give them money they would waste it.

    Such promises are just more political/rhetorical bullshit.

  8. christ <>!

    what the fuck happened to the comments section of this website ?

    why is it now so full of the blow -hardiness of the self consumed ?

    everything must eventually be ruined

    just ask a Jew .

    1. Mortal might I agree with you on the seemingly endless banter here from a certain gentleman.

      A few sentences is one thing. Many paragraphs are better elsewhere

    2. I’m wondering if this is the same EA Hilf that’s on Facebook? From Germany. I’m almost certain it is since he uses the German word “foto” instead of “photo.”

  9. >what the fuck happened to the comments section of this website?

    Yeah, it would be so much better if pretty much every comment was some variant of 'it's da joos'.

    >Many paragraphs are better elsewhere

    Perhaps so, e.g. where the average reader understands a significant number of words with more than two syllables, and appreciates the value of data and rational argument to help convince those still skeptical of the importance of taking a racial view of America's future.

    As I said before, there is BIG class divide among Whites in America (unfortunately), which is hindering development of white racial consciousness -- and this is not getting better; in fact, if anything it's getting worse -- you saw this when comparing the white vote in 2020 vs 2016 -- and while I don't like it, I understand it, and the reasons for it.

    While guys like 'mortal goyal' spend their lives struggling to understand the difference between their and they're, or your and you're, the elites are importing Asians and Indians en masse to work in high tech and other industries requiring high(er) cognitive ability -- both groups now have higher average household incomes than Whites, and the difference is already significant.

    So Whites are declining in both numbers and economic importance, and time is not on our side -- but instead of thinking about how to get more educated Whites to feel racial solidarity, some prefer to worry about comments with too many paragraphs.

    1. whatever guy.
      you know best.

      just ask ‘you.’

    2. I don’t think there (or is it they’re, maybe I should ask someone more educated?) are many ppl reading this blog that need convinced that White racial consciousness is a necessity. Look guys, college (collage?) boy can read. Guess what? I can read too (two?). Do you want to know what I just read (red?) ? MY DS ARMS LIGHT AUTOMATIC FAL RIFLE USER MANUAL. I wonder which reading will be more useful when the SHTF? Want to come bargain on it?

  10. >You can trust me, I'm jewish.

    The foto is of Jim Kenney, current mayor Philadelphia -- there's *zero evidence* he's a Jew -- Kenney is not exactly a typical Jewish surname -- he attended parochial school, then La Salle University, which is also Catholic -- so while I do not know his religious affiliation, he is probably a Catholic -- he background is definitely working class Irish.

    Why claim someone, who is pretty clearly *not a Jew*, is a Jew? -- I don't get that -- it makes no sense.

    "Philly Mayor urges Irish to lead immigrant welcome"

    He is definitely another piece of shit politician -- he's just not Jewish.

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