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Here in my kosher globalist international flophouse and Israel cannon fodder zone, things aren't going very well. The Legacy Population of Vichy America is in decline for the first time ever, we were militarily defeated by backward mud world savages, the negro and the anus is our g*d, we're ruled over by jewish plutocrats who think so little of us they're using an Alzheimer's patient as their figurehead, our economy is crashing and it's time to get your third "booster" shot to go with your three "makks" so that we can finally defeat the seasonal flu. We can only thank the limitless mercy of moloch for the Liberia Ball which will soon be returning, allowing us to forget the pathetic national suicide and cheer for creatures straight from a nightmare as they crash into each other and make other living fossils "hurry." While we put in our ball-gags and wait for the season to start there's still plenty of entertainment to be had, as one of the "bulls" is in trouble for sexual misconduct, if you can believe it.

An attorney for 22 women who have filed lawsuits accusing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and harassment said Wednesday that he and some of his clients have spoken to the FBI about the case.

The FBI takes some time off from battling the scourge of White Nationalist terrorism, a battle fought by creating "hate groups" that consist entirely of government assets and posting "Enough talk, it's time for action" on sites like this one, to address the bad behavior of a super orc. "Deshaun" has been unfairly targeted by a "racist" system that is mostly interested in trying to gaslight vulnerable Whites.

Tony Buzbee told The Associated Press that the FBI “reached out to me, and I responded.” The FBI’s involvement was first reported Tuesday by League of Justice, a website that reports on sports and the law.

If Modern Heretic ever changes, a change it must make to survive, the new format will be reporting on "sports and the law" in a neutral and informative fashion. Barkevious may have raped a teenage boy. Click here to read all about it! Be sure to visit often for all the thrilling sexual assault news about your favorite players! 

In their lawsuits, the 22 women accuse Watson of exposing himself, touching them with his penis or kissing them against their will during massage appointments.

Muh dikk. I took this job giving massages to work in soft prostitution, not to be forced into "sweet stuff" with an evolutionary dead-end. Me so not horny. You get nothing for ten dollars. 

Watson and his lawyers have denied the accusations. His lawyers have said “some sexual activity” happened during some of the appointments but that he never coerced anyone.

...and I'm proud to be an Amerikan, where at least I know I'm free...

I can't wait to spend big shekels supporting this animal and the jew owners.

At a news conference Wednesday, Rusty Hardin, Watson’s lead attorney, said FBI agents approached him in April over allegations that one of the women who has sued Watson tried to extort $30,000 from him. 

Diss bee a trick bag, mudda fudda. Dem hoes bee stortin me foe dee turdy tow-sand. 

In an email, Christina Garza, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Houston office, said she could neither confirm or deny the existence of an investigation.

When Whites are gone, when hope is gone...

Hardin said grand jury subpoenas have been sent out in the investigation by local authorities, but he does not know details about them.

Honestly, who knows? That was four, five days ago. C'mon.

At his news conference, Hardin read what he said were text messages to Watson from the woman he is accusing of extortion. In them, she does not mention an alleged attack on Dec. 28, 2020, during a massage session, Hardin said.

I have never seen a more pure and innocent negro. It clearly didn't do [anything].

Watson’s lawyers have sought to balance their defense of the NFL star while simultaneously condemning sexual violence against women.

We must somehow walk the line between downplaying the pathology of the NFL groid while at the same time respecting birthing machines, chest feeders and she-covery. It's rough, man. Awoman.

But Watson’s attorneys have called the lawsuits against him a “money grab” and fired back that all 22 women who have filed suit are lying, a strategy some experts and advocates say relies on long-used tropes designed to minimize such accusations.

All 22 are lying. Believe women. Me too. A dangerous inferior is a hero because it plays a degenerate child's game on your talmudvision. 

Watson signed a four-year, $160 million contract extension with the Texans in 2020 and led the NFL in yards passing last season.

Wow, look at all that "passing" it did. This tar monster is a credit to its race, the human race.

But before the lawsuits were filed, he had asked to be traded.

It sure hope this animal joins "my" group of negroes so we can beat those other negroes.

Full Story.

Welcome to the North American Economic Zone.


  1. Glad to have a laugh here today. Thank you Mr. Heretic

    1. just follow eahilf’s lengthy directives...
      everything will be fine.

  2. I’m surprised DeShaun has a Wonderlic score of 20.

    1. >I’m surprised DeShaun has a Wonderlic score of 20.

      Yes, it is surprising -- although 20 is below average for QBs, it's still higher than you would expect.


      [So basically any QB who comes in under that 21 threshold is a huge risk. ... That’s not good news for Watson then. This table from Walter Football will help illustrate why. ... So basically of all the combine quarterbacks who took the test, Watson had the lowest score.]

      But on the same page it says both Terry Bradshaw and Jim Kelly only scored 15 -- ?

      An under-reported story of the last decades is how university admissions standards have been corrupted to accommodate big time/revenue college sports like football and basketball -- many major universities now have Blacks enrolled who belong nowhere near a college campus -- Title IX may be partly responsible since these schools rely on this revenue to fund a lot of money losing sports programs for women needed to satisfy 'equity' requirements.

      At this point I have only contempt for white sportsball cucks.

  3. sometimes, the abstract air in the abstract room of this “comments section” seems like the spirit is being sucked out of it.

    prolly just me and my pronoun stingy old ass.

    1. >just follow eahilf’s lengthy directives...

      LOL, I haven't issued any 'directives' (as if I could).

      There is an obvious, distinct class divide among Whites in the US; Charles Murray wrote about this in his book 'Coming Apart', which I recommend.

      Trump won in 2016 only because Whites with no more than a HS diploma voted so heavily for him -- he would not have won if they had voted the same way college educated Whites did; his margin among them was much smaller (i.e. not large enough to overcome the overwhelming non-white vote for HRC) -- Trump actually lost a significant number of their votes in 2020.

      In the phony 'two party system', Whites foolishly split their votes between worthless Republicans and even more worthless Democrats, while non-whites (including Jews) block vote for Democrats.

      Whenever I send links to sites like this to educated white friends, the response is often 'the material/viewpoint is interesting, but the comments are a moronic freak show'.

      People like you are a turnoff to more educated Whites whom we badly need to win over to even have a chance to headoff demographic disaster for Whites -- but sadly too many of them still cringe at the thought of being associated with people like you -- make no mistake: I resent them for their attitude, because the demographic fate of Whites is so important -- but I see their point.

      I would characterize your comments here as scribbling at about the level I'd expect from a 6th grader.

    2. then you should ignore them like everyone ignores you

      you are obviously delusional, and bring the concept of “a know it all” to new cartoonish levels of banality.

      i just took a long shit and wiped it with you and your queer friend’s
      Marxist diplomas.

      get help worm.

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  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OT (similar)

    "Judge hands Trevor Bauer major victory in sexual assault case -- The judge said the woman’s petition asking for the domestic violence restraining order was 'materially misleading'"


    I don't know how much of a 'victory' this is since he's still under investigation for sexual assault -- the judge just ruled he wasn't a threat to the woman and so a restraining order wasn't needed.

    The story above contains a link to an ESPN story about this -- text from there:

    [Gould-Saltman determined that Bauer did not pose a threat to the 27-year-old woman, who accused him of sexual assault over the course of two sexual encounters, and that her injuries were not the result of anything she verbally objected to before or during the encounter.]

    So there was a 2nd 'encounter'; presumably whatever abuse she claims to have suffered must have happened then, otherwise why go back after the first -- ?

    While I'm generally sympathetic to women in these cases, some of them do develop illusions re what's really going on, and turn nasty once they realize they were just being used for sex, and there's no chance for any kind of relationship.


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