Poland's Communist Rulers

We are locked in an endless battle against the deadly "Delta Variant" which has already killed millions of American bar codes and will kill millions more if you don't start complying with brazen evil. We have achieved all of our goals in Afghanistan and can now begin moving rapefugees out of this permanently backward sewer in celebration of our defeat. We're probably only a day or two away from turning the negro into something resembling a pathetic version of an actual human. The next humiliation and waste could well be the magic solution we've been hoping for. With all of these comically malicious distractions, it's easy to forget the plight of the noble and innocent jew and the shocking villainy of Eastern Europe. Fortunately, our greatest ally has a somewhat incredible incident from Poland to share with us that will hopefully encourage you to attack your brothers, you unclean meat.

Praises for Adolf Hitler were etched on a grave-shaped monument in Poland for Holocaust victims whose bodies were burnt.

The precious six million lost in fire pits, the worst crime in the history of the world, and now a Poland that's starting to fight back against the endless kosher outrages is preparing to repeat the grim history of electric belts, skull smashers, soccer games using jewish babies as the ball and all the rest. It's up to you, American golem, to stop these monsters who want their own homeland free from cynical snow jobs crudely executed by hostile aliens.

In Poland, the incident in Rudzica, near Krakow, happened on a large tombstone-shaped monument for about 1,500 people murdered there in 1941 by German troops, the news site Jewish.pl reported Wednesday. 

This is probably just like the Katyn massacre where vile "nawzees" slaughtered Poles. That's what I was taught in a publik skool, at least. Imagine my surprise when the truth came out implicating the Soviets. I'm sure this other extremely dubious piece of kosher propaganda is legitimate, though. Fool me once...shame on...you? Fool me twice? Won't get fooled again!

In 1944, the Germans dug up and burnt the bodies in an attempt to cover up the crime, the report said.

Say Karl, remember those 1,500 precious jews we murdered three years ago? What do you mean, "no?" You know, near Krakow? Ring any bells? Well, anyway, I was thinking we should go back there and dig up all the bodies we buried so we can cover up the crime. You know, from graves that are now completely overgrown and forgotten? This is a good idea. Then we'll burn the merchants, because fire completely and easily fully disintegrates bones.

When you hold the power, you can put almost no effort into your lies.

Poland’s communist rulers erected the monument, and signage was added following the downfall of communism acknowledging the Jewish identity of the victims.

Maybe we should downplay the whole "all of these memorials and alleged death camps were built by communist criminals after the war" angle.

The perpetrators broke some of the signage. Police have no suspects.

Hey rabbi, etc.

To prove you're not a robot enter this barely legible "hate."

The incident comes amid a diplomatic crisis in relations between Poland and Israel following last week’s passage of a law in Poland that limits the ability of Jews and others to claim property stolen from them during World War II and thereafter.

Wow. What an incredible coincidence. Uh-maze-in.

The dispute has exacerbated antisemitic trends that already were on the rise, Piotr Kadlcik, a former president of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Thursday.

The cattle are starting to notice our appalling behavior and are putting an end to our con games. Quick, scratch "Hitler" into a Soviet memorial.

“There is a wave of hatred online,” Kadlcik said. “There are few antisemitic assaults, but something is definitely happening and I fear it’s getting worse.”

We can only hope.

Full Story.

Resisting the rot in Poland.


  1. I grew up in an industrial town in the northeast in the 1960s. About a third the city was Polish, a third Italian and a third British, Irish, Scots etc. Polish jokes were a big yuk yuk.

    Seems like the dumb Polack isn’t so dumb after all.

    I wish Hitler had been able to work out a modus vivendi with the Poles instead of the Soviets.

  2. Can anyone ever recall the ADL actually paying out a reward that they had offered for information that leads to the conviction of the perpetrator(s) of an “anti-semitic act”?

    I looked through the press releases of various chapters of the ADL and was unable to find any indication that they had. You would think they would want to spotlight a righteous gentile.

  3. "Anti-Semitic" incidents always seem to be inexpensive, easily repaired, and emotionally "hurtful" rather than physical in nature. Very efficient.

  4. That’s what has always astounded me ....for at least the last 30 blatant years.....how utterly sloppy these Insects are ...with their hoaxes and false-flaggage.

    whatever ....White People could not possibly wrap their head around how a Luciferian Jew thinks...No way.

  5. all about “ da joo”
    “da joo”

    “da joo”

    “da joo”

    * it’s not like they haven’t been the source of Western Hemispherical misfortune for at least the last 100 years.

    nah.....let’s talk about something else. please. hey, those groids in the blue shirts did pretty well against those groids in the red shirts last night. did you catch that?



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