Pure Lies

The White population is declining in number for the first time in American history, we just lost a war against moronic primitives who will now invade our globalist bodega and our basic freedoms are under constant assault in the name of fighting a virus that's so deadly you can have it without even knowing. It looks like we're reaching the "unforgiving rocks below" portion of the semitic plunge, but don't worry, everything is actually fine. You still have your Liberia Ball, your narcotics and, of course, your jewish pornography. Watch the "black and blondes" cuckold sickness, goyim. Isn't this a wonderful thing our tribe has given you? Don't procreate, don't build a family, you can passively become completely desensitized to even the most vile aberrations, which is far superior to having a child who might grow up to be Hitler. Thank you, Light of the World. You are our greatest ally.

Adult film star Ron Jeremy has been charged on more than 30 counts of rape and sexual assault, Los Angeles prosecutors said, alleging crimes against more than 20 women over a period of two decades, as well as one underage girl.

Welcome to a dead nation where a completely repugnant jew scumbag sex monster is allowed to run wild. This creature is a "film star." The number of lives ruined by this semitic sack of shit and the disgusting "movies" its tribe created is absolutely staggering. Taking this horrible devil's bargain was a great idea that's been fully vindicated by later events. Watch the kosher rapist defile your women, shkotzim. Become a slave to vomit-inducing evil.

The 68-year-old porn actor, born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, was indicted on 34 charges on Wednesday, including 12 counts of forcible rape and one count for a lewd act upon a child under the age of 15, in addition to a litany of other sexual crimes.  

It was because of "jealousy" they were kicked out of all those countries, not because they were turning our culture into a reeking chemical toilet. For no reason, we elected Hitler.

The alleged crimes stretch back more than two decades, with the earliest dating to 1996, when Jeremy is accused of raping a 19-year-old woman during a photo shoot in California.

In any sane nation this repellent chosenite would have been immediately put to death, along with all the other merchants pushing the spiritual necrosis. 

You can trust me, I'm jewish.

The actor is also accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 2004, and of raping another 17-year-old four years later. 

A loathsome jew paid to destroy your race is an "actor." It made impressive contributions to our national open sewer.

Jeremy’s attorney Stuart Goldfarb told Fox News that the actor’s “position is the same as when the criminal complaint was filed. He is innocent of all the charges.”

Goldfarb. Probably German, maybe Swiss. Every. Single. Time.

Jew demon makes the rat claw while defending shiksa rape.

He previously denied the allegations, which initially surfaced as rumors from a fellow adult film performer in 2016, calling them “pure lies or buyers’ remorse.”

The silence from kosher feminism is deafening. These dozens of allegations are all lies, probably caused by "jealousy." Jews do not have a wildly disproportionate and entirely negative influence on your homeland.

One of the most prolific actors in the porn industry, Jeremy has racked up thousands of credits over a decades-long career that began in the 1970s, parlaying that success into reality shows, movies and music videos.

Weimar America is very healthy.

He was charged by the same LA task force that took down Harvey Weinstein, a major Hollywood producer, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault last year, and now faces additional counts.

Besides being a bloated partially-shaved rat, I wonder if this new defendant has anything else in common with this "Weinstein." 

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  1. Not one illustration in Der Sturmer was a "caricature". It took me the better part of a lifetime to arrive at this truthful conclusion. As things ramp up, I'm hoping that others will not be so slow.

    1. i hear you MB.
      though i’d known as a child that these insects were not like us, thanks to the goodwill of my parents for sublimely clueing me in....it wasn’t til i was in my forties that the picture became lucidly clear.

      Getting a full grasp of the lies of World War Jew is where all novices should start...IMO.

  2. Prolific indeed, prolifically disgusting. It actually makes me sad that some of these women that would degrade themselves in such a way are okay with it completely. Many of them are attractive and it makes you wonder what went wrong in their lives to end up in such a disgusting industry. Molestation, self esteem, lack of morals in their family, or just no father to enforce discipline? I knew this one girl in high school, was 3 years older than me. Graduated with my brother. Absolutely gorgeous. I remember one time in grade school she was sent to the office for ripping up a picture of Jesus Christ. She was in 8th grade. That kind of thing doesn’t happen here. Then as the years went on I heard she laid down on a pool table at a party and let any guy that was brave enough to whip it out have a go at her. Obviously she was looking for attention, but that was the best way to get it? I know she could have found someone to treat her with respect. I never knew if she ever came out of it. I did do a search for her maybe 5 years ago and she was murdered by a boyfriend of whom she just ended their relationship with. He committed suicide after he shot her. Makes me wonder if she was screwing around on him and he just couldn’t take it. He was an army vet. Happened outside of Ashland Ky. Men will do illogical things for a beautiful woman.

    1. Smoker, I grew up in Proctorville, Ohio. I am not too far from Ashland now. Are you still around? I would like to find a few folks of like mind that I might be able to trust in a sticky situation.

    2. And actually the guy was from Ashland. Girl was from Floyd County where I’m originally from. He killed her in 2012 in Pulaski Co, time flies.

    3. A make up artist who worked in the porn trade published several before and after pictures of “porn stars” as part of her portfolio to gain entry into the slightly less sleazy “legitimate” film business. In almost all cases, without extensive makeup these women looked plain (at best). I noticed that many had acne or some kind of blemishes from either poor nutrition or drug use.

  3. the lovely, endearing Rat-People. What’s not to admire about these rodents?


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