Regaining His Freedom

We are facing a deadly "pandemic" of unknown origins. This vile plague has already killed 2.5 million American bar codes and even this staggering number is almost certainly understated, considering how reluctant officials have been to list "seasonal flu" as the cause of death. Yes, we are definitely dying here. You're going to need to take the semitic serum, wear at least three "makks," put wet cement in your anus, cover your entire body in Glad Wrap and get another "booster" of the jew jab. Be sure to carry your "covi-pass," you hateful slave. We're saving lives, although the precious millions were still lost. Obviously, much more needs to be done. It's time to release dangerous living fossils from the "over-crowded" prisons, with predictable results. We're all in this together. Two and two is five. Turn in your neighbor for Virus Crime.

A prison inmate in New Jersey who was released from custody early due to the coronavirus pandemic has been charged with murdering a teenager merely two days after regaining his freedom.  

Wow, who could have predicted this? It's not like we have a crystal ball or something. We were trying to save Barkevious from the common cold, but it ended up "drawing down" on another tar creature while enjoying the gift of health bestowed by benevolent and wise authorities. I guess we'll have to count the dead "teen" as another Cohen-19 victim. We'll eventually reach those insane Fauci projections, you just need to have faith.

Jerry Crawford has been charged with murder in the shooting death of Davion Scarbrough, 18, who was gunned down in Bridgeton on Nov. 6.

A good boy turning its life around and getting ready to go to college got smoked by another nightmare creature. If it wasn't for the massive and insane dereliction of duty that led to these predictable monkeyshines it would be hard to care, but next time the target might be an actual human.

The accused killer was granted early release two days prior from South Woods State Prison, reported.

I know it looks bad, but we're fighting against deadly sniffles and sneezes, here. This was the right thing to do.

This malformed criminal animal is your equal.

Crawford, 25, had been serving time for burglary when he was granted early release on “public health emergency credits” to parole supervision on Nov. 4, prison officials confirmed to the news outlet Wednesday.

For reasons that I'm sure are highly valid, this appalling story was completely buried and is only now being dug out of the memory hole. I don't think I'll be awarded any "emergency credits" for this.

He was charged alongside Yusuf Waites who had also been released from incarceration less than a month before the homicide.

We'll put dangerous and idiotic inferiors in cages for a little while and this should alchemize them into something resembling cut-rate Whites. This is lunacy.

However, Waites, 23, had reportedly completed his sentence for a weapons violation, New York Post reported.

The Model Minority.

Crawford and Waites were reportedly captured on surveillance video with Scarbrough shortly before the decedent’s body was found riddled with bullets, reported, citing court documents.

Dat a kam-ruh awp en durr? Naw, mudda fudda. Nao dis sucka bee holdin korn. The 60 I.Q. has consequences. 

The victim in happier times, throwing gang signs.

Although Crawford wasn’t charged with the murder until last month, he was already back in custody on gun and theft charges, the news organization reported.

Being a "racist" is like having a super power that allows you to see the future.

Regardless, those charges have subsequently been dismissed.

The eroding rule of law. We could never punish all these worthless simians and it would be immoral to do it, besides.

Now, both men have been indicted on new charges, which include first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder due to Scarbrough’s fatal shooting.

Hopefully this will earn the brown sewage a more permanent residence in the "crib" on your dime. In any sane society they would have been put down. In any sane society this genetic waste never would have been allowed in. You need these schwoogies for your economy. What a bargain for you, gentiles!

According to, Waites was also indicted for attempting to kill two other men in a broad criminal complaint involving eight additional defendants, another killing, a drive-by shooting and a daytime gun battle.

Quite the surprise, to say the least.

Full Story.

This is a primitive and failed branch of humanity.


  1. >who was released from custody early due to the coronavirus pandemic

    Hardly anything exposes the COVID fraud more than the demand to release inmates 'due to the coronavirus pandemic' -- re 'social distancing', is there an adult population whose social contacts are easier to control than prisoners? -- yet 'experts' everywhere were recommending right from the start that criminals be released -- it would be hard to come up with something more idiotic and absurd.

    1. You would think that social control would be possible. But I imagine that few, if any, guards would be eager to attempt to interfere with the frenzied "downlow" madness that must reign in these monkey houses.

    2. right.

      can you imagine a White Man, in current year, aspiring to work as a “corrections” officer in one of these
      dark, nightmarish , concrete buckets of filthy Nigger refuse ?


      you know who they will recruit to do this shit in the future .

      the bottom of the evolutionary barrel.

    3. >But I imagine that few, if any, guards ...

      Why does that matter? -- re COVID, just put them in lockdown/confine them to their cells and have only people who've tested negative guard and deliver their food -- they can take turns using the shower -- time outside could be similarly controlled -- effective protocols are easy to imagine.

      Instead ordinary citizens were locked down and inmates who I imagine are less likely to obey COVID restrictions were released ('When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns').

    4. >can you imagine a White Man, in current year, aspiring to work as a “corrections” officer

      Yes I can -- also white women -- because the work is easy and the money, usually including lots of overtime, very good -- the pensions even better -- an example is Cook County (Chicago):

      Don't underestimate the appeal of this to many Whites, and how easily they will sellout for money -- personally I find 'Back the blue' ridiculous because cops are the Praetorian Guard for the Establishment that pays their big salaries and generous benefits, including a nice pension; you cannot rely on them, they are not on your side -- nearly every video I've seen of 'racist' statues being removed, e.g. recently Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Charlottesville VA, shows it's white guys doing it, protected by white cops.

    5. i’m not on this site to hate on White People.

      The imperfections of the White Race would be heralded as glorious and noble attributation concerning any other race on Earth.

      White maggot degenerates who affiliate with Jew/Fed controlled ANTIFA don’t count as White people either, btw.

      As far as the old man was one for forty years....sure , he was in one form or another a ZOG foot soldier.....but that wasnt his conscious motivating factor to be a decent and fair man.

      who you gonna call at 3:am when you see a naked, 6’ 5 “ feral Simian Ape on PCP prowling around your back yard?

      let me guess: your gonna take care of it yourself ?

    6. >cops are the Praetorian Guard for the Establishment
      [There is no law so obscene that the police would not be willing to enforce it, up to and including the mass execution of innocent children.]

      While I think the latter is (I hope) an exaggeration, at the link: police goons in Canada prevent an 83 y/o grandmother and her 11 y/o granddaughter from entering a restaurant because they're not vaccinated.

    7. >i’m not on this site to hate on White People.

      Describing the current reality is not 'hating on white people' anymore than citing data on black dysfunction (e.g. crime stats) is 'racist'.

      As a nationalist once said on Twitter: 'Our main adversary right now is other Whites -- once we overcome them, or convince enough of them to join us, the rest of the task will be easier' -- he's right -- I was surprised at how many Whites participated in the BLM 'protests', especially young white women, whose natural empathy makes them more vulnerable to emotion-laden media propaganda (which they've been consuming their entire lives) -- I don't 'hate' those Whites, but obviously re a white nationalist solution they are a problem.

      Why would I care that your father was a cop? -- how is that relevant? -- is that supposed to be a counterargument? -- and just because I believe cops will likely enforce tyrannical laws against me doesn't mean I would not call one if I thought it necessary.

      >your gonna take care of it yourself ?

      It's you're = you are.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. we are all equal

    we all bleed red

    the u.s.s.a

    is fucking dead


    thanks again MH for this brilliant historical recording...

    and your consistent , lucid ripping apart of International
    Jew chicanery. nobody comes close to doing this -this well.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Thanks to Jerry, Davion now has a huge Scar, bro.

  5. eahilf ....your comments are 6 million times longer and stupider than MH’s actual post.

    your boring everyone with your long winded bloviations.

    besides the fact that your a twerpy are clogging up the comments section of this site with your self-righteous horseshit.

    start your own faggot website/blog....stop ruining this one. And oh yeah, piss the fuck off Lice.

    1. Relax man. I am disappointed there's no heretic today as well.
      Is today some holiday I wasn't made aware of? I need my true news fix.
      I hope all is well with Mr. Heretic.

    2. yeah
      i get triggered by
      hasberatic rats


      yes ...MH must be having a personal issue

      this is a first in 6 years

      hope things are well

    3. Second day of no Heretic. Hope MH is just taking a well deserved break and not a forced one by our semitic overlords.

    4. exactly.

      worried as well.

      the site is still hopefully it’s a benign personal issue, as in nothing serious.

      weird though....he usually warns if he’s gonna be skipping days.

      hope all is well.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ok

      so no one would know


      what’s the point ?

      it is what it is

      if they came and took this from him then...

      we lose the most excellent , racially-realistic website that will ever be...

      and Big Jew wins again..

      what can we do.?..cept return to our shit job the next day....and lament.

    2. We can only hope all is well with our spokesman. If this blog is the reason for his absence then I would think (((they))) would memory hole it immediately. Speculation is shite and we've been conditioned to always think of the worst outcomes. I'll keep coming back either way. The archives are still awesome reading too

    3. that’s what i was thinking too.....we wouldn’t even be able to access the site at all
      if that’s what ((they)) wanted.

      maybe he did warn us last week that he was going on vacation and we just didn’t see it.

      existence is pretty bleak without the daily MH dose. besides the excellent writing, this is an extremely funny man.

      i’ve had laugh out loud/spit out the beer moments reading this site . many.

    4. Dude, I literally thought 'maybe he's taking a well deserved vacation'. Here you are saying the same thing.

      I also agree about laughing here. This blog is the closest I get to mainstream narrative anymore. For me once I became aware of the situation(s) it's all so bleak. Heretic has very funny way of telling the truth while dissecting the blatant lies. Hope he's back sooner than later.

    5. he’s back PWM!

      he posted a couple hours ago.

      i hear you sir.

      there will NEVER be another blog /site like this in our lifetimes .

      this MH guy is reading our minds....and articulating it’s contents brilliantly .

      yes...i’m a Fanboy.

      take care sir.


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