You Know the Thing

Please watch the following amazing video.

The most popular Presidential candidate in American history ambles down a path, the living proof of why democracy is the best system. The negro idiot, the la-teen-oh invader and the worst debased scum get the same vote as you and if this doesn't work out we'll just introduce massive fraud ineptly performed by 80 I.Q. tar monsters. Then the poisonous mushroom's propaganda apparatus deploys itself. People love this vulgar senile dirtbag, two and two is five, make sure you wear three "makks." This is an illegitimate junta squatting in the putrefying remains of our globalist kosher bodega. Dusthead slowly creeps forward, a symbol of decrepit, cowardly and doomed White useful idiots. Soon the jew will have the slaves promised by the talmud and the need to use a dementia patient as a figurehead will vanish amid a Brazil North all against all. This is the last pitiful gasp of my "idea nation." Genetic determinism is destiny. Your lofty enlightenment ideals are yellowed toilet paper for a dangerous brown inferior unleashed by our jewish enemy.

A dog-faced pony soldier tries to point a horrible human being laid low by insane ambition, semitic wire-pulling and the merciless advance of time toward the door. You just follow the concrete path, Corn Pop, it's not all that complicated. Here's my extended index finger to act as a visual aid. Does any of this help? The vile and totally corrupt scumbag who hates White America is still in that decaying head somewhere, right? Maybe not, as the Big Guy goes into a fugue state and wanders off toward some bushes, his deranged mind alternating between shadowy "That looks like a tree" dribbling idiocy and "This country is doomed, Whites will be a minority soon" lucidity which still occasionally breaks through the heavy mental haze. The secret service man looks back toward the camera, silently asking "Do you expect me to go get this piece of garbage?" Like a rat following its nose in a maze, the most powerful man in the world eventually hooks around and reaches the door. 

R.I.P. U.S.S.A.


  1. I give the US about another 5 years. Any guesses how it turns out? Is there a remnant federal government in a form more like the Articles of Confederation? Or does it go away completely? Even if it used authoritarian means, could it still maintain itself for any length of time?

    Once fedgov is diminished or gone, many subsidized and protected interests are on their own. Jews, nonwhites, the corporations, welfare parasites etc. They may gather in enclaves but the enclaves themselves are not sustainable. Many jews, other nonwhites and elite will self-deport.

    The key is surviving the transition.

  2. Aside from this there is plenty of much more convincing evidence Biden is cognitively impaired -- and yes the system that installed him is disgusting, malevolent, and unsalvageable.

    Median age of the US Senate is 68, meaning half are older -- counting Sanders, there are 14 senators over 80 y/o -- nearly half of all senators are over 70 (common retirement age is 65) -- McConnell looks like death warmed over -- it's an open secret that Feinstein, 88 y/o senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has a serious dementia problem.

    >the worst debased scum get the same vote as you

    This of course is a major problem, and I'm not sure how many Whites realize it even when on TV they see these mass naturalization ceremonies that look like a zoo of third worlders -- does it cross their minds that their votes as well as those of their descendants are being rendered meaningless?

    'WHITE MAN: Democracy is the noose the Third World will lynch you with'

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  4. this is not a serious country.

    hasnt been since 65’.

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