Running Around Like a Lunatic

I can't wait to welcome millions of "trapped Americans" to the Whitest remaining areas of my globalist semitic bodega. These Afghan scumbags bravely assisted in a total and complete failure to convert sheep fanciers to our kosher faith of the male anus (this part was probably not that hard of a sell), aimless materialism and total submission to jewish evil. Now that moe-ham-head has smacked around the American whore, we must dump the vile animals from this vaguely nation-shaped broken sewer pipe into our rapidly declining economic zone. The jew will be at the center of the successful completion of our military defeat to idiotic moon cultist wastelanders and may be resented, but this is a transformation our idea nation must make if it's going to receive a semi-dignified burial in the very near future. Besides, consider the enrichment. Just ask New Zealand.

New Zealand police on Friday shot and killed a knife-wielding "extremist" who was known to authorities, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, after he stabbed and wounded at least six people in a supermarket. 

This uh-maze-in story is an example of how much Clown World can be stuffed into the semitic sock. A crazy cat lady who plays stone worshiper dress-up reports the latest predictable behavior of her cargo cult religion. The police knew this animal was dangerous, but it's not like we could deport it, it has "citizenship," just like all those wonderful Afghan fuckwads clinging to the outside of planes and being spewed by our great ally the merchant into Wisconsin and Utah.

The attacker, a Sri Lankan national who had been in New Zealand for 10 years, was inspired by the Islamic State militant group and was being monitored constantly, Ardern said.

Man, that "ISIS-K" (Keep the muscle, lose the fat) is spreading everywhere. Constant monitoring failed to stop the stabbing rampage. It's almost like our magical soil isn't turning these dangerous aliens into good little consumers and cocksuckers. Next you'll tell me their "snake idol in a giant rock" faith isn't really all about peace and promoting sodomite discos.

"He obviously was a supporter of ISIS ideology," she said, referring to Islamic State.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious. Duh. It certainly wasn't a believer in completely mainstream moose-limb doctrine which calls for killing the kuffir (you). 

Police following the man thought he had gone into the New Lynn supermarket to do some shopping but picked up a knife from a display and started "running around like a lunatic" stabbing people, shopper Michelle Miller told the Stuff online news outlet.

Open wide, here comes the "diversity." Moe-ham-head went nuts. We're all equal. All religions are exactly the same and equally good. Your fundamentally broken jew-run nation will protect you. We need common sense knife control.

This pudgy dyke with a giant and totally impractical gun will stop the religion of peace.

A witness told the New Zealand Herald the attacker had shouted "Allahu akbar" (God is greatest).

The motive remains unknown. 

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster told the briefing the man was acting alone and police were confident there was no further threat to the public.

Isolated incident, random attack, unlikely to ever happen again, no lessons here, go back to sleep.

Ardern said the reasons the attacker was known to authorities were subject to court suppression orders over legal proceedings.

My free and open society. This foreign looter was on double secret probation. 

Ardern, asked if the Friday attack could have been revenge for the 2019 mosque shootings, said it was not clear. The man alone who was responsible for the violence, not a faith, she said.

This kind of delusional thinking is what got us into this mess and certainly is not going to get us out of it. Every identical dusky fighting age male invading your feckless homeland is a unique individual full of special value. It definitely had human agency and wasn't ordered to do this by the rock it bows down to.

"It was hateful, it was wrong. It was carried out by an individual, not a faith," Ardern said. "It would be wrong to direct any frustration to anyone beyond this individual."

"There's someone here with a knife ... he's got a knife," a woman can be heard saying. "Somebody got stabbed."

It looks like the talmudvision wasn't entirely honest with us.

Ardern's compassionate response to the 2019 mosque shootings united her shocked country but the Friday violence is likely to lead to questions about why the attacker was allowed to remain free if the authorities decided he had to be watched so closely.

I like how a significant portion of this article is devoted to blaming Whites and praising a woman with severe untreated mental illness.

She said she was "absolutely gutted" when she got news of the attack.

Maybe not the best choice of words considering the nature of this pathetic attack on a debased and doomed nation. My son died of cancer.


Gamal Fouda, imam of the Al Noor mosque, the main target of the gunman in Christchurch in 2019, said both white nationalists and Islamic State stood for hate.

Whites are bad, in case you forgot in the handful of sentences that have passed since the last totally irrelevant piece of cynical scapegoating. 

"We are broken hearted but we are not broken again ... We stand with the victims of the horrible incident," he said.

Ride dick bicycle, etc.

Full Story.

Don't worry, I'm wearing my face nappy.


  1. Seeing this pop up on local news here, my first thought was "what shade of Brown was the perpetrator?" because the most I got from the early reports was that it was a "person". A lot of greater conspiracies are concealed behind the veil of incompetence, but this one was a case of crazy Brown idiot and layers of incompetence at Police and legal levels that only a female-led Government could achieve.

    1. yeah, this Gynocracy in the West is/was a really good idea.
      Thanks Merchant Rats.

    2. >layers of incompetence at Police and legal levels

      Maybe that was part of the problem in this case -- but it's not the main problem, which is that he's in NZ in the first place -- also a BIG problem is that a police/surveillance state is deemed necessary to keep an eye on guys like this, since inevitably a police/surveillance state expands and looks for more enemies, like maybe ... YOU, a 'white supremacist terrorist' -- you see this happening right now in the US (it has long been underway in the UK).

      Personally, I don't want to live in or pay tax to support that kind of state.

      These people have to go and the police/surveillance state must be dismantled -- otherwise it's anarcho-tyranny forever.

      He came to NZ and was given asylum in 2011 when John Key was PM -- checking Key's 'Early life and education' section in Wikipedia is left as an exercise.

    3. I have to agree with you on this one. He should’ve never been there. However, the police state has no right to follow said person around until they commit a crime. If he committed crime previously, deport him.

    4. >If he committed crime previously, deport him.

      Unfortunately this is not straightforward given the current framework of asylum law and the practices of many/most western countries -- someone granted asylum is assumed to have a 'well-founded fear of persecution', or similar, meaning it is not safe for them back in their home country -- so unless circumstances change back in the home country in some significant, material way, often criminals will not be sent back -- if a government tries, a court may block it -- or the home country will refuse to take the person back (this happens a lot).

      Very soon after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the German government announced a halt to deportations (of criminal Afghans and failed asylum seekers) to Afghanistan -- several news stories have reported that previously deported criminal Afghans, including rapists, were evacuated back to Germany along with 'refugees' -- they will stay.

      White countries have to stop this faggotry -- they have to abrogate the 1951 refugee treaty that obligates them to consider applications for asylum.

    5. What I don’t understand is why are “refugees” (obviously most are seeking economic prosperity) sent directly to White countries? It’s just like immigrants fleeing South America. They cross numerous countries that would take them in but for some reason they keep traveling until they get to the States. Surely the groups that are persecuting them aren’t following through X amount of countries. Why aren’t the brown horde from the shithole middle eastern countries sent to the closest location that is majority Muslim where there’s no need to assimilate? Any politician advocating for refugee asylum is no ally of the White man.

  2. I was looking up her “Early Life and Education”. I knew she was not a jew. But apparently, she was raised as a mormon which is almost as bad.

  3. Wait I’m confused. So DON’T BLAME A RELIGION, only blame the individual. But if a gun is involved, blame the gun and DISARM AN ENTIRE NATION? Right, GOT IT.


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