Mud World America: Headless Goats

We're all equal. Cultural values might be different, but to claim one is better than another is the height of ignorant and arrogant hubris. All religions are basically the same, teaching amazing ethical truths like "Don't be mean to each other" and "We jews will rule over mindless and faceless slaves for all eternity." If you're offended by the grotesque and primitive beliefs and practices of foreign aliens, to say nothing of the staggering spiritual leprosy of the ruling synagogue, this just proves you're a bad person who should probably die in pain. "Diversity" is a mighty strength. There are dead sacrificial goats from 70 I.Q. hoodoo ceremonies floating in our rivers.

Channel 2 Action News is investigating headless goats found floating in the Chattahoochee River. Someone has dumped hundreds of decapitated goats over the past few years.

Someone is doing the dumping of decapitated goats and it's not ordinary White tax-paying chumps. They're worshiping a retarded child's version of the devil, they're clogging our waterways with demonic propitiation, they're rapists and some, I would assume, are good people. 

Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston cruised up the Chattahoochee River with Jason Ulseth, who works for the environmental group the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

Next time let me know in advance, Dave. I wanted my dream "long weekend" holiday of boating up the Chattahoochee and looking for beheaded farm animals in that muddy water. Pass me another estrogen drink with the weird "U" on the bottle, Jason. Hey, is that the remains of dark continent rituals? Boy howdy, sure looks like!

As they approached the Interstate 20 bridge near the Fulton County and Cobb County border, “There’s a goat,” Ulselth said.

On tonight's thrilling episode of "I Can't Believe it's Not Namibia."

“Lately it’s become a lot more frequent, and on Friday we were out here and saw 30 of them floating down the river,” Ulseth said.

Those brown inferiors squatting in our dying nation are sure feeding moloch's gaping maws. 

A witness recorded cellphone video of goats being tossed into the river from the I-20 bridge.

I bet this crude video of Mud World pathology gets a lot of "likes" on Faceberg!

Up next, your dead country is literally now Africa and the Latin American sewer.

The video shows the splash as the goat hits the water.

Yeah. That's what The Science says will happen.

“He actually hears the body splashing down, not only in the middle of the night, but he told me he hears them in the middle of the day,” Ulseth said.

Relax, it's just worthless brown inferiors tossing mutilated animals. I really don't see what the big deal is. Did you know the Liberia Ball is on your telavivision?

But a lot of questions remain unanswered.

Questions like "Why were these vile monsters allowed into our ancestral homeland?"

In 2019, Channel 2 Action News did a story about people leaving dead chickens, goats’ heads and coconuts near railroad tracks in metro Atlanta.

Peach State primitive superstition. We hold these truths, c'mon man. You know the thing.

It turns out it was part of a religious ceremony for the followers of Santeria, a religion that mixes West African culture with Cuban Catholicism.

Wow, that's absolutely fascinating. Tell me more.

Channel 2 talked to a Shango priest in 2019, who explained the significance of the goats.

This is why democracy is the best system.

“We use a he goat as also a victory. Then we use she goat for the baby, for the for also for the blessing. That is the significance of all these animals that we use,”Akinton Shingods Anjoula said.

Well, you sure cleared that up. Thanks for the help, moronic alien savage!

Channel 2 reached out to three law enforcement agencies to see if they are investigating the headless goats.

We examined the eroding rule of law in our national cadaver. 

The Georgia State Patrol and Fulton County Police told us they didn’t have any reports.

Problem solved.

Ulseth said he is concerned that the number of headless goats being dumped in the river is growing.

It sure is exciting to live in a globalist kosher bodega capable of producing sentences like this one.

The decapitated goats are a public health danger not just for people who fish or play on the Chattahoochee River, but for just about everyone in metro Atlanta.

This might be true, but on the other hand I'm not "racist" and I don't have any reports and the imminent collapse is not exactly preventable at this point and did you know Martin Luther King was a Republican?

Some people treat the river as a dumping ground, throwing everything from tires to couches to flat-screen TVs into it.

African America.

Ulseth urges everyone to do their part and not throw anything into the water.

Looks like I've already done my part. Ball is in your court now, rotting institutions.

Full Story.

The New South.


  1. It could be worse:

    "Frauenleiche vor Wohnhaus abgelegt – Fall bleibt rätselhaft"

    Above is a 2019 story from Hamburg DE where two African men were seen depositing the corpse of a woman ('eine 50-jährige Ghanaerin' = a 50 y/o woman from Ghana) in front of the apartment house where they lived -- then they just went back inside.

    A rough translation of the headline: 'The Case of a Woman's Corpse Found In Front of an Apartment House Remains a Mystery'.

    They're probably still scratching their heads about it.

    1. >West African culture with Cuban Catholicism

      West Africa has culture? -- interesting.

      Another fun factoid: for the last several years, the country sending the most refugees (by far) to the US has been the Democratic Republic of Congo (hard to believe, but somehow independence and 'democracy' have not worked their magic in the DRC either) -- average IQ in the DRC: 78 -- average IQ of a DRC refugee in the US: uhh, still 78.

    2. For a people with neither wealth nor IQ, they seem to have an amazing capacity for global travel. It's almost like they were being actively imported into the US by someone. I wonder who would do that....

  2. i read this post while listening to some Paganini Adagio in E Major.....synched perfectly .

    Spiritual sickness consumes.

    these daily MH post are literary symphonies ....the only journal that matters, where chronicling the destruction of our Race is concerned.

    Thanks for your genius man.
    Street -level and beyond.

    1. MH's commentary is like a steam vent as you try and slog your way through these waking nightmares that he chronicles.

    2. He is our Jonathan Swift in modern English. Burning black comedy born of savage indignation. And a stylist of genius. When this is over and we win he will be honored.

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