Not Everybody was Cooperative

America is back. The amount of vitality our great idea nation has shown in the last several months is almost unbelievable. You can see it everywhere: gas prices going up 50% overnight, losing a war in a distant wasteland and being thoroughly humiliated by moe-ham-head sheep fans, wearing face diapers and living in fear of the common cold and all the progress we've made in fixing the negro animal. We're probably very close to turning these vile inferiors into the worst human beings you'll ever see, you just have to trust the "infrastructure bill" and the exciting world of pushing wheelbarrows full of worthless "Tubmans" to the grocery store to try to buy one loaf of bread this total fiscal lunacy will produce. While we're waiting for the big collapse, I want to stress that the "African-American" hasn't been fixed yet, although we're probably one doomed program away, so you might want to avoid standing around in a pack of feral groids in the small hours in the Chiraq zoo.

Two men were beaten and robbed in Chicago’s River North neighborhood early Saturday.

Debased Whites blunder into a crowd of tar monsters and get battered. You need to be armed. You need to avoid the negro areas. You need to organize with your neighbors. No one is coming to save us.

The victims were attacked on State Street near Kinzie at about 1:30 a.m.

I sometimes wonder if certain members of my race have any sense of self-preservation at all. Here's a mob of living fossils who have been carefully taught by the jew to hate us. Let's go interact with it. What could go wrong? 

Video shared on social media shows the men knocked to the ground on State Street. They are robbed as they lay on the ground.

You can watch the amazing video at the link below. It contains graphic footage of traditional "black" behavior and may be upsetting to small children and adult delusionals. This is the content of their character. We hold these...they told me to say this, c'mon man. My son died of cancer.

Chicago police said that the 40-year-old victim was taken to Northwestern Hospital. The other victim refused medical attention.

Yes, please continue your idiotic "tough guy" act after catching a tribal beat-down. We do not have the luxury of being foolish.

The incident has sparked new controversy, as video obtained from the scene by CWB Chicago does not show any police responding to the scene. 

They were probably busy with the numerous unsolved murders and the incident only lasted about a minute, so realistically what could they have done? Yes, moronic "I've got a black belt in UFC" spiritually sick White behavior has me offering a tepid defense of the Chicongo "five oh." Until we start equipping these brave Blue Lives with tactical giant nets, this will keep happening.

White supremacy is a major problem in my dead nation.

Supt. David Brown later defended the department’s response time to the busy intersection.

You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie. I'd be shocked if all the groids involved in this sickening incident aren't quickly caught and severely punished.

“Let me address one of the aspects of the incident, (which was) how long it took to get there. There were officers on walking beats that were nearby. From our preliminary review, it took about six minutes to get there,” he said. “Not everybody was cooperative, but you can see it was a very chaotic scene.”

Excuse me, constable. I regret to inform you that some of the poorer examples of my sub-Saharan genetic group have engaged in a mob rob against people without color. I hope I can be cooperative with your investigation of the "twerk vultures."

No arrests have been made in the case, and Area Three detectives are investigating.

If you report on Chiraq monkeyshines you definitely want this sentence bound to a single key to save time.

Another hate crime that was ignored by the media as America’s once beautiful cities are turning into a third world s**t holes!

Our cuckservative writer notices reality, before returning to worrying about getting "Americans" out of Afghanistan and passing the "Platinum Plan" to get the coal creature off the "Democrat Plantation."

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Dems are the real "racists." Vote Loser Party. 

Full Story.

Watch out for those roving gangs of "Democrats."


  1. i hate to reprint other’s sentences , but on this site it’s just unavoidable :

    “if you report on Chiraq monkeyshines you definitely want this sentence bound to a single key to save time .”

    more examples of why we’re here.

    1. if you report on Chiraq monkeyshines you definitely want this sentence bound to a single key to save time .”

      That's great writing self reflexively brilliant

  2. i guess these ‘cool’ progressive White guys thought they could achieve some smooth, late-night assimilation.

    way to wonder off .

    have another.

  3. This will be Democrat National Conventions soon. Beat the shit out of any white men dumb enough to still be democrats who show up. Democrats are the real racists. A party of 3rd worlders

    1. Government is the 'real racist'. Their number 1 priority is human depopulation. The race matters not as long as there is division and death among us plebs.

  4. i’m the real racist.

    i would never be able to navigate this degenerated , deracinated fuckpile of a society if i was otherwise.

    Biological, evolutionary, racial determinism is all that fucking matters....what else is there ?

    This Jew-poisoned Husk of a former Nation?

  5. just blows

    watching everything be destroyed

    by 2% of nothing .

  6. Wypeepo: quit trying to buy dope from negroes at 1:30 in the morning In Chicongo.


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