Libraries are "Racist"

White men and their ideas take up too much space in libraries, a social justice-obsessed librarian has declared, stopping just short of suggesting we burn all those oppressive white men’s books to make way for diversity.

White supremacy is real. We are vastly superior to the brown failures and it can easily be demonstrated by comparing our towering achievements to the pathetic efforts of creatures who aren't even human. It's comical to suggest we're equal; it's the joke of our age and everyone is afraid to laugh at it. We take up space in the library, take up space in inventions, take up space in actually caring about something other than our stomach and genitals and take up lots of space in cemeteries after dying for our unique idealism in the disastrous jewish century. At least it was worth it, so much gratitude was earned from the alien inferior desperate to live in our much more advanced nations.

“White dudes writing about white ideas, white things, or idea, people …

Upmost Tolerance

Recently 100 billion shekels were extorted from working Whites under the threat of violence and then dropped into the "African-American" volcano as a sacrifice to the false gods of our time. Let's see what we got in return. Yeah, about that. Maybe I'll get back to you on that one. A lot more still needs to be done, all those decades of wasteful spending, appeasement and cowardice were basically wasted, sorry. The next debasement or theft will be the one that works, honest injun. In the Chiraq all against all the racial headcount allowed a bug-eyed brown dyke to replace the skeletal jew and this, combined with a lot more geld and spilled blood, is sure to be the magic potion that alchemizes a genetic alien carrying DNA not found in any other people group into something resembling an extremely cut-rate human. Let's check in and see how the "progress" is unfolding in the Midwest Mogadishu.

Chicago police were dealing with hundreds of teens running through d…

It All Happened So Fast

It's my pleasure to announce that the burning ruins of Notre Dame Cathedral have mostly been extinguished. We can state with perfect confidence that all this unpleasantness was just some sort of bizarre "accident" and certainly not a worthless moe-ham-head alien unleashed by the jew attacking its benefactors. Not like all those other times. Also, this is not a metaphor for anything so please stop saying it is. Everything is fine. Take off that yellow vest and go back to sleep. We should have it rebuilt in a mere four decades. At some point during this interminable reconstruction the fallen symbol of the dying West might turn into a mosque, but this is fine, "diversity" is our mighty strength. Yes, things couldn't be better. You are lucky to be alive right now, to enjoy such wonders. Say, how are things in California?

A naked 29-year-old man brandishing a knife was shot and killed by a security guard after a bizarre series of events Sunday afternoon in which …

The Worst Has Been Avoided

A massive blaze at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris devastated large parts of the 850-year-old church on Monday evening. Here's what we know so far.    

At 6:20 p.m on Monday, the first call to emergency services came in, but no fire was visible at that time, Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz said. The first call mentioned a fire in the attic, according to the fire brigade.

20 minutes later, a second alert was called in, and the fire was visible at that point, the prosecutor said.

It is unclear how the fire, which spread very quickly across the roof and over a section of around 1,000 square meters (10,763 square feet), began.

Shortly before 8 p.m. local time, the cathedral's famed spire burned to a blackened shell before finally toppling, as thousands of Parisians who had gathered in the streets watched in horror.  

By around 11 p.m., President Emmanuel Macron announced: "The worst has been avoided. The façade and the two main towers did not collapse."

By early Tuesday morning, the…

The Open Sewer of Network Talmudvision

Please watch the following amazing video.

Turning off the electronic synagogue and leaving it off was definitely the right decision. It's time for a promo for a show called "The Good Fight" on jew-owned CBS, so called because all you see is b.s. Whites engage in a violent all against all, wrecking cars and even attacking our women (Not like well-behaved and highly sexually desirable negroes, hint, hint shiksas). This is how we behave, explains our best ally, the traveling merchant. Yes, all Whites are violent and dangerous ogres and certainly not endlessly conciliatory suckers who actively fund our own destruction. Instead, we're wearing "red vests" (French Nationalism Bad!!!) and raising all kinds of hell. One stale, pale man waves his arms as if he was directly an orchestra while the Caucasian chaos unfolds. I hope this isn't too subtle for you, gentiles. White Man Bad.

A noble negro even gets shoved. It's just like the very real "racist"…

African Tree Hockey Privilege

Be sure to watch the amazing jumping tar monsters in the second story Sudan soccer, shkotzim. Look at the living fossil "dunk" the ball, this is clearly your equal. Drink your booze, take your pills, put a gun in your mouth and passively observe this ugly kosher clown act. We need a lot more of these creatures in the Whitest remaining areas; who will get your "buckets" or "rejections?" The only problem is the African Tree Hockey is still absolutely rife with "racism" against the tiny minority of "African-Americans" who participate in this degenerate child's game. If you won't take my word for this obvious truth, consider the pathetic bleating of an early "Cuck of the Year" candidate who has learned to love big jew and its disgusting and worthless biological weapons.

NBA player Kyle Korver revealed Monday in an intensely personal essay that he has struggled with the privilege he's been granted as a white man, and h…

Working to Free Ourselves

Please watch the following amazing video.

What you are witnessing is the coming race war once the now inevitable collapse has occurred. Dark monsters from a nightmare attack an older White man in the Chiraq zoo. All we need is a jew in the background giving its biological weapons orders and we'd have a perfect metaphor for 2019 America. Did I mention that White Nationalism is evil and must be stopped? Allowing Whites to discuss our collective interests and future survival is deeply wrong, a panel of international financiers, zionists, moon cultists and living fossils said so. Once non-kosher political speech is outlawed everything will be fine. Shut up, keep paying and die. You have lots of privilege.

The orcs awkwardly attempt to bludgeon their stale and pale victim, but he's able to create enough separation from the dangerous inferiors to deploy a handgun. Armed Whites, the other vile dragon that must be slain by our elected criminals once they've outlawed peaceful diss…

The Thing that Resonates

Yesterday our criminal government met to discuss the destructive scourge of White Nationalism, an omnipresent and insidious danger almost as likely to end a tar alien as the North American Bumblebee. As you might expect, said hearing was full of quiet dignity, deep introspection, circumspect discussions of personal liberties versus the need to have order and a profound appreciation for the right to dissent: the greatest and most fragile freedom. Well, that or it was zionist jews and a moe-ham-head jihadan yelling slurs at each other, muh holohoax, muh ethnostate (it's okay if you're a jew), Fascist extremist Candace Owens (too radical even for me) spewing hate and a rogues gallery of non-White scum trying and failing to control their hatred of each other in service of their mutual hatred of all Whites. My memory isn't so good these days; I'm pretty sure America was always a non-White mess directing frothing and completely irrational hostility toward the shrinking pale …

Violence Season

Now that E.T. the dyke genetic alien has been selected by a racial headcount to rule over the ruins of Chiraq, we should start seeing immediate improvement in the pathetic content of the negro character there. The mule of the world, with its considerable practical experience in the dildo wars, is the best choice to inherit Rahm's brown slaves and miracle them into something resembling cut-rate human beings. This, combined with 100 billion shekels dumped on the sickening trash heap our enemies call the "African-American," should be the magic bullet defeating stupid old reality. Also, we need reparations for "muh slabery." I guess the absence of this final explosion of negro appeasement explains why Drillinois tar creatures continue to wage tribal warfare in a dead city. Much more needs to be done. Pay the living fossil, its long dead ancestors were in jewish chains.

It was the first warm weekend in Chicago, and just as feared, violence spiked, with 24 shootings a…

Cucktianity: More Barbarians Needed

Pope Francis continued his immigration crusade this weekend, saying that migrants bring with them the wealth of a multicultural and multi-ethnic world.

A pope who belongs on the end of a rope continues to serve the almighty jew. At least the communists and international financiers usually have the common courtesy not to pretend to be champions of righteousness as they loot and destroy. Evil comes to us wrapped in robes of white and preaching weakness, cowardice and suicide. At least g*d will remember all my good deeds, as defined by demonic outsiders, while my mortal shell is lowered into the uncaring mud of my dead nation.

“Let us thank God for a multi-ethnic and multicultural society,” the pope told students and faculty of the San Carlo school of Milan gathered in the Vatican Saturday, “because dialogue among cultures, persons, and ethnicities is richness.”

Let us thank the hebrew moloch for all the exciting foreign invasion and the complete annihilation of everything of value. Woe t…

The Most Horrible Times

We have no choice but to warn may-hee-co to knock it off with the whole "decades of foreign invasion" act. I know it's wild and perhaps inadvisable, but you have one year to get your act together or I'll have no choice but to blow more hot air and do nothing. Consider yourself properly handled, Pablo. I'm sure the rush of criminals, looters and worthless scum from the Mud World will now cease, with the beautiful wall of meaningless semi-tough talk built firmly up in the clouds somewhere. It's just too much winning, I can't take it any more. Now, let's make sure we get a lot more holohoax indoctrination in our Publik Schmuels.

Middle and high school students would be required to learn about the Holocaust under House Bill 437, which received a favorable hearing Tuesday from the House Education Committee.

Johnny gets attacked by his dusky classmates every day for being White. Juan speaks no English and doesn't know how to use a toilet. Barkevious can&…

Concept of Time is "Racist"

The average I.Q. of the "African-American" is 85, a full standard deviation below the scores returned by actual humans. Even this depressing number is wildly optimistic, artificially boosted by tragic mulattoes, mystery meats, undercover brothers and various other assorted shit-colored detritus that defies identification other than obviously being incompatible with a White nation. In Africa, the average I.Q. is closer to 70 or lower. With this indisputable and repeatedly proven scientific data in hand, it isn't hard to diagnosis why the tar monster is a dangerous failure and threat to humanity's future. On the other hand, we all know that Whites are bad (ask any jew) and the pathology of a failed race of pathetic inferiors is actually being caused by "racist" White concepts like determining the time of day and the like. No really, you're supposed to believe this.

Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper is back with another hot take. This time, she’s…

Muh Democracy: Exciting Firsts for Chiraq

Chicago voters on Tuesday signaled a strong break from decades of machine politics, choosing a black gay woman and former prosecutor to be the city's next mayor.

If you still had any doubts that tribal mob rule was the best system, they can now be laid to rest. After mere decades of massive corruption the Chicongo all against all has truly made a huge step forward by electing a Mule of the World who was a decorated veteran in the dildo wars. If you don't think we're going to see massive and immediate improvements in the Midwest Mogadishu you're out of your mind. Hope and change has arrived in the form of an ugly genetic alien with various disgusting proclivities. Now to miracle away reality with the magical sick nightmare animal.

Voters overwhelmingly chose Lori Lightfoot, an attorney who once worked to root out corruption in Chicago's Department of Procurement Services but who had never held public office before. 

Wow, what a hero. We can only assume this wise dyk…

Remembering Nipsey Hussle

Be sure to set your talmudvision for the African Tree Hockey, shkotzim! Here's your chance to witness the exotic spectacle of identical dark monsters pulled directly from your worst nightmares chasing the bouncy ball and hanging off of things, just like the ape-like creature which provided the foreign DNA found exclusively in the negro. Yes sir, look at that animal jump, this is just the thing to chase away those "my country is being systematically destroyed by foreign opportunists and international jew bankers" blues. You might even get to see a touching tribute to a supremely talented (c)rapper who was cruelly taken from us far too soon, robbing humanity of more enduring fine art on the same level of its timeless classics like "Racks in the Middle" and "Young Nigga."

The NBA world has paid tribute to slain West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle, a basketball fan who frequented LA Lakers games, after he was gunned down outside a Los Angeles clothing store ov…