Our Moral Responsibility

The problem with "doing the right thing," defined as the current whims of the jewish nation-wrecker, is this moral imperative is in a constant state of flux and always for the worst when it comes to the best interests of the Whites expected to shoulder the kosher burden du jour. Indeed, what was considered pious devotion to the ruling synagogue only a few years ago is now not only insufficiently deferential to the demands of the traveling merchant, but is actually considered "hate," the only remaining sin. It's almost like the concessions we make today not only count for nothing toward winning any reprieve from the endless kosher attacks, but also are little more than the narrow end of a semitic wedge. Still, we don't want to be called names or anything and cowardly surrender is a lot easier than trying to resist the planned demolition of everything that has any real value. If you're still skeptical, consider the wise words of a pope who belongs on the …

South Africa: The Coming White Genocide

What will happen when Whites become a hated minority? First and foremost, our dispossession is not going to buy any goodwill or decrease the jewish attacks in any way. As our countries begin to resemble the African all against all, the Middle East shithole and the Latin American sewer we can expect to be the official holocaust goat for every failure. Suffice it to say, said failures will be frequent once the day-to-day operations of maintaining an advanced civilization are in the hands of 80 I.Q. foreign animals, so expect endless red-faced speeches from inner party zionists about how "racists" caused the windmill to collapse. The anti-White rhetoric will steadily get worse until direct violence becomes the official policy of poisonous mushrooms angling for the brown slaves promised by their talmud. If you think a yellowed scrap of Enlightenment-era toilet paper will protect you, you're completely delusional.

South Africans are outraged after a recent speech by a local re…

Attacked by Some Adults

No one can figure out why online shopping is rapidly replacing the old "brick and mortar," other than lamely pointing to the "convenience" of waiting several days for an item you could have immediately after a ten minute drive and the "savings" allegedly occurring. I will submit to you there is actually a real explanation for the Bezos Boom which has nothing to do with the usual excuses and everything to do with the death of America as a meaningful corporate union. Simply put, no one wants to go to a mall that has been put on tilt by "teens," no one wants to look at filthy sawed-off illegal alien scumbags with a brood of ten goblin spawn yapping away in a foreign language, no one wants to experience the "vibrancy" of a flood of worthless mud. Better order from the jew oligarch on muh sex box, at least this way you won't get five to the face from a crazed hottentot.

A day at the mall turned violent for one group of teenagers in New J…

A Native of Strasbourg

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of [the Strasbourg rampage]. This is a horrible tragedy, an attack on the diversity that is our greatest strength. If we learn any lessons from this we dishonor their memory. We must continue as if nothing happened. [Moose-limb attacks on Christmas markets] are a part of life in the city and something we have to get used to. My biggest fear is a backlash from "racists" against the many innocent [moon cultist invaders]. I trust you all have your candles lit. Let's have a song. "Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle."

Strasbourg gunman, identified as a 29-year-old who has a criminal history, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” according to public prosecutor.

The mating call of the Religion of Peace. You know something "enriching" is about to happen when you hear this barbaric desert war-cry from an enemygrant. This is a transformation Europe must make if it is going to survive. Jews will be at the center of this process.


Beyond Vandalism

Europe is fighting for its future. In the past few days we've seen the French, formerly the gold standard for continental cuckoldry, rise up against their criminal government in an unprecedented rejection of their nation's planned jewish demolition. Whatever the eventual outcome, open revolution is now on the table as a possible solution. In Italy, we're also seeing many positive signs, as the new government seems reluctant to allow their ancient homeland to be transformed into an African hell. As you might expect, the chosenites at the center of the "multi-culti" push are not happy and right on schedule we've got a phony hate crime. Somehow I don't think this pathetic kosher trick is going to gain much traction as European Whites must face the greatest existential threat to our homelands we've ever seen.

Twenty cobblestones commemorating members of two Italian Jewish families who were deported to Auschwitz or killed in Rome were dug up and stolen in t…

Chicago Gun Violence Tolls

Chicago saw two people killed and 27 others wounded in shootings this weekend, surpassing gun violence tolls of any weekend since October.

Congratulations Chiraq on setting exiting new records for "gun violence" during frigid December weather. It couldn't have been easy for creatures with alien genetics programmed for African savannas or the equatorial zone of the Latin American sewer to brave the cold in service of more "drillin," but there's a certain civic pride that demands it. Animals straight from a nightmare engaged in tribal warfare. To the extent we'll even recognize this total disaster, we'll blame inanimate objects. Must be those violent fully-automatic military machine guns. Give up your Second Amendment, shkotzim.

The most recent weekend with higher shootings happened leading up to Halloween from Oct. 26-29, with five people slain and 38 others wounded from gun violence. 

You can read all about that particular display of the content of t…

Higher Learning: Constant Disruptions, "Racism" Witch-Hunts

Any attempt to correct the predictable failure of the negro animal and the la-teen-oh invader is wrong and "racist." Obviously, arresting the brown aliens is off the table as an option, but this is merely the beginning. We must learn to tolerate the exciting vibrancy of their idiotic garbage culture which usually expresses itself in every manner of public ugliness. Civility and trust die a long time before the all against all begins, always with the full approval of terrified White cowards seeking to avoid conflict and the jew nation-wrecker orchestrating this planned demolition. When someone actually attempts to control the living fossil, they must be severely punished. For example, meet "Classroom Claire" who tried to stop the communist indoctrination center chimping.

A white biology instructor who repeatedly warned her students to behave themselves has been yanked out of the classroom for the semester and required to undergo classroom management training.

Run up …

Germany: A Guide to Spotting "Nazi" Children

Whatever remains of the nation of Germany has its share of problems, from a massive invasion of fighting age moe-ham-head rapefugees to a culture of spiritual ugliness and degeneracy reminiscent of the Wiemar era, to a jew-controlled criminal government that, for reasons unknown, still enjoys popular support with much of the doomed indigenous population. Worst of all, of course, is the long shadow of "nazzee" evil, ready to return at any moment, even as your typical German slouches toward the semitic mass grave. Yes, we must be alert for signs of Hitlerism and fortunately we now have helpful guidelines for spotting National Socialist tendencies in school children.

A 60-page advice brochure for German kindergartens instructs teachers on how to identify and deal with children from 'far-right' families.  

We are winning the fight against Thought Crime, one chilling new development at a time. We will catch the six-year-old fascists and their wicked parents, don't worr…

Jew Wages Symbolic War Against Host Country

Happy Chanukah, goyim! Yes, it's already that time of year, where a minor jewish holiday commemorating the killing of gentiles (Not to be confused with the major ones, which mostly focus on trying to trick God) is used as a cudgel against your traditions. Clearly, we need the symbols of this barbaric tribal blood celebration everywhere, serving as an act of aggression against the hated shkotzim who endlessly tolerate the kosher pathology. There is no such thing as separation of synagogue and state. If that means ugly piles of Chinese junk acting as a semitic middle finger towards the endlessly tolerant cattle, so be it.

It was more than 30 years ago when Rabbi Boruch Klar first heard the Lubavitcher Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory—speak about the importance of lighting menorahs in public places.

"Oy, it's very important we display symbols of our conquest of the damn goyim," explained a vile rat-man of righteous memory before it went to hell…

Chiraq: Approached by Two Males

Much of America is facing record-setting cold caused by man-made climate change (I read granny's holohoax journal in the bathroom!) but the sudden early chill caused by your indoor plumbing and the internal combustion engine has done little to cool the Chicongo tribal warfare. In a city fully annexed by the primitive African hell and the Latin American sewer, the moronic violence committed by racial inferiors continues in the face of massive apathy from "leadership" and "no arrests were made" breakdown of the rule of law. This is the future of our entire country if we fail: worthless brown aliens displaying the content of their character against a backdrop of burning ruins.

Four people were killed and 23 others wounded in shootings throughout Chicago over the weekend.

The negro will start improving tomorrow. These dangerous and idiotic animals are your equals, no, your betters. Grovel and appease, bleed and die. I have a dream...

The gun violence surpassed the t…

Good News Monday: Climate Action

Please watch the following amazing video. Well, as much of it as you can handle, at least. In the interest of full disclosure, I made it 55 seconds in.

Meet a future member of the ruling elite, flushing red and gesticulating wildly like a dinner theater actor while yammering about muh holohoax. "I'm gonna start telling a story," declares the jew spawn. Yeah, no kidding. Have I got a whopper for you, gentiles. There was a bear and an eagle inside a cage and they'd put the precious six million lost in there, also fire pits and mechanical skull crushers and grandma went up a chimney six times and did I mention you need to give up on your automobile and flush toilet because the Sun is getting colder?

The drivel continues. Somehow my Hungarian jew grandparents survived the systematic not-see extermination (just like George Soros!) and ended up in Cincinnati. You honestly have to wonder if those work camps killed even a single chosenite. This little semitic cocksucker is g…

NFL Death Watch: Free Ticket Giveaway

The traditional opiates of the vanishing legacy population are continuing to lose power as it becomes harder and harder to embrace "everything is fine" apathy and nihilism in the face of the final days of decline and fall. The Talmudvision, the Weinstein movies, and even our precious Liberia Ball are finding new and exciting ways to alienate their goyim target demographics and more and more non-chosen have had enough of this kosher shuck, even if they would never call it by its proper name. It has become so bad that worship of the shekel almighty, the g*d that brought us up from Egypt, must take a backseat to pathetic attempts to get the shkotzim back in front of the bread beer with a little "K" on the bottle and circuses amazing living fossil athletes.

The NFL’s attendance problems this year have been well-documented. But, for one particular club, those attendance woes have caused them to resort to extreme measures.

For some reason I'm not interested in watchin…

The Fundamental Rights

EU report claims that harassment, violent attacks and police profiling against black people in the EU is wide spread, with much discrimination and attacks going unreported.

It's about time someone discussed the real problem in our rapidly dying ancient homelands. No, not the homicidal trucks, the moose-limb rape gangs, the acid attacks, the knife murders, the "isolated incidents" which are so common no even cares anymore, none of that. The issue in the European Economic Union is foreign invaders experiencing face crime from their endlessly put-upon benefactors or getting arrested for violating the remaining laws. My heart is breaking for the poor looter, the living fossil who only wanted to destroy your ancestral lands and got called a mean name once, maybe. We need to die a lot faster, we're upsetting the 70 I.Q. dark biomass brought in by the jew for the express purpose of destroying everything we care about.

The report published Wednesday asserts that Black people…

A Fellow Human Being

Negro lives matter. The identical looking and behaving pathological brown biomass is full of special and unique value. All of them, every last one, is about to start showing discernible improvement if you'd just hold off for a while with the punishments and removal their actual performance demands. Having a parallel society of moronic and dangerous outsiders just makes good sense, ask any jew. When the inevitable disaster occurs, it's your fault for being "racist." You had no right to "limit" Barkevious just because he was running through a mall that had been put on tilt while waving a gun at the "po-po." The loss of this not-so-super orc is the greatest tragedy. You can start making up for it by following the usual semitic playbook prepared for you: more groveling, more appeasement, more shekels poured into the "African-American" chasm and maybe a nice traffic jam.

Demonstrators shut down a major Alabama highway during rush hour Monday i…