The Great Relationship with the Blacks

When it comes to achieving things for alien biological units I could not possibly care less about, President Trump has really hit it out of the park. I mean, just look at the slavish devotion to Israel and our jewish enemy. Don't even get me started on the record low "African-American" unemployment or the billions of taxpayer shekels poured into the dumpster fire of this failed race of dangerous inferiors. Yes, our "Nationalist" phony tough guy is a true friend to the poisonous mushroom and the tar creature, but for whatever reason these amazing contributions to abetting money thugs and propping up violent brown dullards have failed to garner much goodwill. In fact, it might even be making brothas hoss-tile.

A man who had been watching the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Tuesday allegedly choked and punched his girlfriend in a Pennsylvania motel room when she wanted to watch something else, according to charging documents. 

Datt Adamm Shitt bee a …

Friend Groups

A shocking video shows a student walk into a Leominster High School classroom and forcefully slap one of his fellow students.

You can watch all five blurry seconds of the coming all against all at the link below. A negro attacks a White for no apparent reason in a publik schmuel where our most important resource is being prepared for a windblown future of kosher globalism. I wonder if all the powerful White organizations will swing into action to force our government to denounce the crimes being committed against us by dark aliens. All signs point to "no."

Another student records as a 15-year-old sophomore walks into the math classroom and smacks 14-year-old Hunter Gallant in the face, drawing blood.

Tribal war, sneak attacks, we are filming, look out China, we're gonna kick your "booty" in trade! Assuming your exciting new virus doesn't kill everyone first, of course.

“I had my headphones in, I had a pencil in my hand. I was just doing my homework and next …

Muh Democracy: Defending Drunk Driving Invaders

I'm told there's an election coming up this year, but I can't honestly say I care much one way or the other. Participating in a massive hypocritical racial headcount loses a lot of its luster when your own race is steadily being replaced and mostly fails to understand that the brown rot doesn't really care about any of the important issues other than more free stuff and more attacks on their hated pale benefactors. Voting for the phony tough guy is just lending official approval to a jewish scam, even if it would be objectively better than supporting the "Kill Whitey!" communism that is now the official platform of the Evil Party. Still, we should consider all the amazing nuance and carefully examine individual plans before we start tallying up the misshapen dark skulls. I'm talking about key points like where a candidate stands on some greasy sawed-off burrito enthusiast inhaling tequila and then climbing behind the wheel with its special illegal alien d…

These Deformed Appetites

Whites are bad. This is the least controversial statement a person can make in today's kosher globalist bazaar, other than praising analism. This plusgood assertion seems to be contradicted by what used to be called "objective reality," specifically the endless "tolerance" and appeasement offered up by the stale and pale Eloi toward a roiling brown mass that, at best, wants to profit from the endless suicidal generosity of the official scapegoat for the "multi-kulti." With this in mind, it's time to deploy a jew psychologist to offer some semitic drivel explaining why we're bad. Get ready for a lesson in the Pathology of the American White, as presented by g*d's chosen and annotated by a boomer cuckservative "muh freedoms" and "as long as they come here legally" website.

A prominent psychoanalyst is currently on a speaking tour in which he argues that simply being white is a mental condition that one acquires by being bo…

Happy Malfing Day

It's time again to honor everyone's favorite dead jew-controlled communist plagiarist sex monster and what better way to show our sincere gratitude toward this vile animal than a "doodle" from the same big tech currently removing all dissident voices from the internet (the phony tough guy is "monitoring" the situation, don't worry)? Look at this visual vomit, this is the best propaganda our enemies are capable of making. Behold zog the great and terrible. Please ignore the tiny jew behind the curtain. It's really a testament of our desire to avoid conflict at all costs that this nonsense ever gained any traction.

Well, let's start on the left (where else, right?). Oh my g*d Becky, look at her butt. Gott damm, peep dat fuggin juicy! Dis beech bee deep in dem jeans an sheeet. Gots to get up on dat mystery meat "booty." Call me crazy, but I don't know if "ghetto azz" should be the first thing you notice when looking at a hig…

More Cuck Island Knife Control

The biggest threat to our "multi-kulti" globalist bodega is, of course, "racism" from the openly hated and rapidly vanishing White population. After this official scapegoat for the staggering failures of our internationalist kosher bazaar, the next worst menace is inanimate objects. It could be anything from the dangerous guns that must be collected from "the streets" by Chiraq heroes to the physical evidence that leads to "disproportionate" punishment for the people of brown to the horrors of the military-quality assault steak knives in the United Kaliphate. Fortunately, the dying legacy population is right there with an amazing solution.

A cutlery company in England has designed a new line of kitchen knives with square tips in an effort to reduce the rising knife crime that has plagued the United Kingdom.

It's 2020. What we were promised: moon colonies, flying cars, cures for all diseases. What we got: special blunt knives created in respon…

Germany Not Dying Fast Enough

White countries are for everyone. Europe has always been filled with negroes and moe-ham-heads, just turn on your talmudvision if you don't believe it. The "multi-kulti" has always been our mighty strength. Besides, there is a vital "people race" to win and apparently semi-human inferiors from the world's worst failed states are the raw material for the final kosher victory. After all, we're all equal. This 70 I.Q. Somali clinging to a partially inflated raft is in every way your intellectual, moral and cultural equal. In fact, it's probably a better [your nationality] than you are, what with its strong desire to loot and burn. The only problem is the entire population of Africa isn't entering Europe fast enough. Luckily, your wise and noble leaders are all over it, working hard to ensure your national suicide happens as soon as possible.

The European Union has decreased its Mediterranean rescue efforts, while Greece and Italy are struggling to d…

A Safer and More Welcoming Future

Forcing wildly incompatible racial groups to share living space is perhaps the most sensible idea produced by the jewish century. There are so many benefits gained from being surrounded by and ultimately replaced by dangerous brown aliens, everything from exciting food (no White person is capable of making a taco, it's like the may-hee-can Manhattan Project) to amazing (c)rap music and vibrant cultural contributions like posterior size appreciation. Yes, you'd be a fool not to want this semitic experiment in terror to unfold in your ancestral homeland. Unfortunately, the same merchant behind the slave ships, open borders and zionist wars which create invasion columns of "refugees" is starting to get some crumbs off the plate of the foul meal they prepared for the gentiles. What is to be done? Maybe teaching Barkevious about Soviet war propaganda will convince it not to pummel the same chosenite who once bought and sold its failed race.

City Hall and the Museum of Jewi…

Cuck Island: Sensitive Community Issues

A whistleblowing detective has said Greater Manchester Police chiefs should face charges after a damning new report revealed they left 97 men free to groom 57 young girls by dropping their investigation into Asian grooming gangs.

Welcome to the United Kaliphate, where "Asian" criminals are allowed to sexually destroy our young girls because we're afraid of being called names. These are the heroes who bravely fought the "not-sees" in Europe's Second Jew-Assisted Suicide Attempt. From bravely rejecting peace overtures and fighting for kosher communism to this state of total degradation in less than a century. Here's hoping your enemies don't have too many unkind things to say to your rotting corpse as it's lowered into the cold and uncaring ground. There will always be an England.

GMP detectives launched Operation Augusta in 2004 after the death of a 15-year-old girl called Victoria Agoglia who previously told carers she had been raped and injected…

Baltimore: Flooded with Violence

Like most good Americans I'm very worried about Iranian protestors. This is truly the issue of our time: jew-funded civil unrest on the other side of the world. I almost made today's post entirely in Farsi script; that's how busted up about this possible threat to our Great Ally and the sham of democracy I am. However, we must focus. There are more Baltimore monkeyshines to discuss, as the big Liberia Ball holiday was ruined by the same predictable behavior we've been seeing from the "African-American" ever since the hebrew chains were removed. Another 100 billion shekels down the garbage chute of this failed race of dangerous inferiors is likely to fix it, but we have to keep paying.

Authorities say 12 people were shot, five of them fatally, in eight separate weekend shootings in Baltimore.

A dozen groids get drilled in one day during winter. The progress is being made. First we had record low "African-American" unemployment. Then the stock market w…

He Identified as a Holocaust Survivor

Moshe Peter Loth made headlines in November when he hugged defendant Bruno Dey during his trial in Hamburg, Germany. Loth is a Florida man who identified as a Holocaust survivor, and Dey is a former concentration camp guard.

Wow, what a hero. Imagine forgiving the evil "not sees" who hurt you so badly in your imagination. This is truly the healthy mushroom. Of course, the trial for a nonagenarian who had guard duty during Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt is going to continue and we'll probably severely punish this elderly man, but the important thing is a con artist who "identifies as a holohoax survivor" (trans-skull smashing machines?) is extending the hand of forgiveness before we pitch grandpa into the slammer for serving his country seven decades ago.

“Watch out everyone, I’m going to forgive him,” Loth, 76, said as he approached Dey, who admits to having been a guard at the Stutthof camp near Gdansk, which today is in Poland.

Watch out, …

Minnesota Resists the Rot

Yes, you read that title correctly. I know, pretty hard to believe, but it appears that if you venture outside the Middle West Somali Enclaves there are actually still ordinary healthy Whites in the Land of Ten Thousand Mistakes who don't want to see their tiny communities carpet-bombed by "refugee" infestation. Meanwhile, the ruling reptiles and cucktian "charity" leaders are even more shocked than I was. Careerists living for jewish crumbs can't believe that not everyone is happy with bringing in the worst alien garbage available, something that should be the most non-controversial issue ever, at least according to the talmudvision and the communist indoctrination center.

Refugee resettlement will not be allowed in Beltrami County, where officials voted late Tuesday to deny consent under an executive order from President Donald Trump that places the decision in the hands of local governments.

Every time you think you've seen the last stand of White Ame…

The Indiana Long March Continues

In 2018 evil Indiana nazzees targeted a refuse shed near a synagogue in a comically cynical "Hey rabbi..." incident. It didn't take long before this obvious hoax was being used as a cudgel against Thought Crime. Create the phony crisis, strip away your rights, all the while wailing about how victimized the poor innocent nation-wrecker is here in the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Slave. Of course, much more needs to be done. We need a lot more holohoax education in the embarrassed home state of Mayor Booty Judge. The semitic campaign of demoralization advances.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb made a proclamation on Monday. 

Wow, I can't wait! I wonder what it will be? Why we need to attack Achaemenids on the other side of the globe for the jew? Why we need more sodomite behavior? As it turns out, it's even more incredible and valuable.

The special day coincides with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

Great job, Soviet Union! These jewish communist…

Chocolate Control

Long before the isolated incidents, the "teen" pack attacks, the assaults on the precious jew right after the million merchant march and the other disasters associated with "diversity" begin, the first casualty of the "multi-kulti" is always basic civility and quality of life. Suddenly everything needs a lock. Going out alone at night becomes a bad idea. The local grocery store starts to resemble a bank vault and then abruptly closes. Whites flee if they are able. "Racism" is blamed for the predictable failures we've witnessed a million times. The rot settles in; all hope is gone. On the other hand, it's kind of funny, at least if you're an Eloi living in Cuck Island.

This is the amusing moment a man went into Tesco and found his favourite £1.10 chocolate bar locked away in security boxes.

I'm wiping away tears of mirth. That wacky decline and fall, it's absolutely hilarious. My favorite empty calorie bar in a security box. Th…