Looting for Justice

Last year we dumped 100 billion shekels extorted from working Whites down the "African-American" chasm. We also saw record low unemployment and prison amnesty, all in the hope that this latest eruption of pathetic appeasement would finally change genetic reality and transmute the tar monster into a low-quality human. Jump ahead to the amazing futuristic wonders of Current Year and it seems like a lot more needs to be done. We must stop "racist" police from murdering innocent nightmare animals. The best way to spread this message of a happy "multi-culti" globalist bodega is by putting your local Target and AutoZone on tilt. I'm looting for g*d! I'm not a negro tonight!

Thousands of protesters fueled by anger took the streets of Minneapolis for the second night this week demanding justice for George Floyd, an unarmed black many who died in police custody.

When Whites peacefully assembled to meekly request some of their rights back after the Kung Flu …

The Chosen Race

Our jew-controlled dinosaur media is very eager to distract everyone from the horrific racially-motivated abuse occurring in nursing homes, suggesting the misadventures of an AWFUL (Affluent White Female Urban Liberal) who called the "five oh" on a negro "bird watcher" as an acceptable alternative to facing the horrible reality of muh retirement. With this memory hole effort desperate enough to unperson Jew York leftists who voted for Indiana sodomites, I think we need to keep hammering this story, especially focusing on the idiotic motives of the genetic alien and the general apathy of an unbelievably corrupt kosher system.

An elderly white man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan was viciously beaten by 20-year-old Jaden T. Hayden, who recorded the whole incident on video, sparking a firestorm on social media and prompting President Donald Trump to decry the abuse of the defenseless man.

The violent inferior finally gets a name, days later. Will you formally den…

Two Fake Green Cards

We must all accept the "new normal" the jewish globalist elite has inflicted on us by using the seasonal flu as a pretext. Wearing a fag-rag and maybe having pool noodles on your head to enforce "social distancing" is just how it's going to be from now on, goyim. Soon we'll have a needle full of autism and other chemical horrors for that ass, you piece of unclean meat. While you're waiting, you can at least take solace in knowing some of the worst aspects of Clown World will remain intact, despite the precious 2.5 million lost to the invisible enemy. Our cities are still tribal warfare disaster areas and rapist la-teen-oh filth is still pouring over an open border, for example. We'll get you to follow all these ridiculous and humiliating new rules and bow down to your semitic rulers, but don't expect the may-hee-can child rape to suddenly stop or anything.

An illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting three underage girls has pleaded not guil…

Chicago’s Historically Violent Summer Season

Memorial Day weekend has seen at least 36 people shot so far across Chicago, nine of them fatally.

Today we remember the brave mongrel soldiers of the Chiraq all against all, the dangerous brown animals who gave their lives to help bring about the coming semitic nightmare state. Each one of these alien inferiors was full of special value and while this particular crisis isn't exactly useful, it's time to honor the heroic primitives sitting in cars in the Midwest Mogadishu.

The weekend’s death toll has already surpassed last Memorial Day weekend, during which seven people were killed and 34 others were injured.

Congratulations Chicongo! Despite the sky falling and the precious 2.5 million dead from Kung Flu these dark inferiors failed to "flatten the curve" of tribal warfare. Against all odds we have surpassed last year's appalling example of their character's content. "Diversity" is truly a mighty strength, a gift received from Mount Zion.

About 3:05…

Some Degree of Assault

The future of our mongrel nation is bright, now that Whites are being eliminated and the early stages of semitic tyranny are being stress-tested to determine how much abuse and humiliation we're willing to take in the name of "safety." I'm definitely looking forward to a blissful retirement in the nightmare state we're creating. Before being taken to the knacker's I can enjoy all my wonderful memories of interfacing with a dead nation and maybe catch a brown paw to the face from a negro criminal while on the death bed. I'm sure glad I supported this kosher snow job, the rewards are amazing.

Detroit police announced they had made an arrest just hours after video of an elderly man being beaten in a Metro Detroit nursing home had surfaced.

Another sickening negro crime for the memory hole. Here's what you purchased with a strategy of cowardice and groveling appeasement: a nursing home beating by a worthless tar monster.This is the end game of White Americ…

We’re Horrified

Volkswagen has withdrawn a Golf car advertisement posted on its official Instagram page that the company admitted was racist and insulting, saying it would investigate how it came about.

"Racism" remains a serious problem in car commercials, despite the total disaster that was the jewish century and the decades of appeasement directed towards hostile alien inferiors. We must have a lengthy inquisition into how this forbidden imagery appeared during a promotional film for a sensible Teutonic automobile. We will eventually find and severely punish the criminals who thought it was okay to put out something other than White male loser demoralization footage.

The car company, which has already seen its reputation tarnished in the past five years after it admitted cheating diesel emissions tests, said it did not tolerate any form of racism.

Oy vey, the diesel engine used to murder the precious 80 million in death camps! If that wasn't enough, now we have this horrible thought c…

De Omnibus Dubitandum

As the never-ending war with the seasonal flu creeps closer to ultimate victory you can't help but be optimistic. Much like fixing the negro, at some point the endless sacrifice and humiliation should add up to total victory. You can stop wearing your bitch-cloth tomorrow. Until we reach this tantalizingly close deadline which never seems to actually arrive, we have another fight on our hands against "racists" drawing Tibetan good luck symbols in our urban disaster zones. We must defeat the incorrectly drawn "hate" menacing an area that resembles Monrovia minus the exotic African backdrop.

Police are investigating after multiple swastikas were found spray-painted across Center City over the weekend.

The monsters are here! Evil Whites, just like the ones who lynched Armed Robbery, are terrorizing the concrete zoo. The symbol that must never be made (and certainly never made correctly) is all over our rotting tribal warfare ruins. We need a massive investigation.


Demonstrate his Anger

The invisible enemy (plague) is being very slowly defeated and the terminally ill Clown World you miss so much will eventually return in an even more ridiculous form. Soon we should have the autism shot courtesy of globalist jewish evil and your participation in this transparent plan to create the moronic brown slaves promised by the talmud is mandatory. In the meantime, we just have to bravely soldier on, thanking the heroes hiding in sheds, making cringe videos and helping to dispose of the 2.5 million dead. Everything is going to be fine, the planned demolition of the economy, kosher money magic and the staggering decline of your ancestral homeland into a mud world all against all are necessary for the transformation that must occur. Give up your rights and die.

A 35-year-old homeless man is accused of attacking a husband and wife with a machete to “demonstrate his anger” over COVID-19 lockdowns, Tennessee police said Sunday.

A "homeless" tar monster derelict was sick of b…

Chiraq Busy Season Begins

We destroyed our economy, annihilated our individual rights and placed our future in the hands of petty tyrants, GRIDS quacks and the globalist jew, but it was worth it to maybe save one or two elderly nursing housing residents who will now die in humiliating pain a month from now instead. Still, no amount of "18 months of quarantine, minimum" and "You will never go back to what used to pass for normal, take this needle full of autism" can hold back nature's steady march and summer is coming, no matter what someone in a bitch cloth on your talmudvision says to the contrary. By the same token, we can't hold back genetic nature and the all against all in the Chiraq zoo has resumed, a triumph of the sub-human spirit, trading the "invisible enemy" for a nearly invisible night-fighter enemy walking up on its fellow living fossils sitting in cars in neighborhoods carpet-bombed by the content of their character.

Six people were killed and 32 others were w…

Aware of the Situation

One of the only things sustaining me as I make the ultimate sacrifice of sitting on my royal White ass to save lives is that one day the Liberia Ball will return, presumably after we've all taken the kosher autism needle in the same heroic fundament currently saving the elderly. Yes, soon the amazing "diversity" of identical tar monsters crashing into each other and fighting for the big "tug" will be vomiting out of the synagogue in the living room while I watch without directing, completely insensate in a pool of waste. This is the brilliant light at the end of the semitic tyranny tunnel, but in the meantime we can settle for the Eritrea Eggball silly season, featuring creatures straight from a nightmare behaving in a completely predictable fashion.

Two NFL cornerbacks are facing multiple charges after an incident at a party on Wednesday night in South Florida.

This is almost certainly a "racist" lynching of innocent simians. Also, that whole "so…

Look at that Boy Not Running

We are all eager to see "justice" done after the tragic lynching of Armed Robbery. This "good boy" enjoyed light exercise (it was too timid to play Liberia Ball) and observing the construction process with deep appreciation for the work being done. Evil Whites murdered this "jogger" because of "racism." We were honestly expected to believe this ridiculous narrative from the professional liars in our kosher fraud news. Of course, like all of these stories, it quickly collapsed in the face of reality, despite the endless dupery from the synagogue in your living room. It was an anti-White blood libel, as usual. Don't tell this to the "paper of record," though, as they continue to bitterly cling to the semitic mythology while explaining why the Jesse Owens act might actually be full of well-hidden "racism."

Born in lily-white Oregon, it’s a sport that’s long claimed to be for everyone — even as African-American joggers have be…

A Similar Story

The president of a pro-migrant association that delivered assistance to the homeless was found murdered at his home in Bretteville-en-Saire, east of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche), according to Actu.

The president of a frozen snake rescue association dies at the hands of his venomous charges. A life dedicated to self-negation comes to a predictable finish. The only tragedy is this didn't happen sooner, before this forgotten victim caused so much damage to a dying land.

Retired teacher and former director of Gonneville School, Jean Dussine, 63, was president of Itinérance, a group that helped vulnerable migrants.

For a moment I thought this was a jew getting high on its own supply, but as far as I can tell it's just another useful idiot cuckold for the pile. Good job helping the poor innocent enemygrants. Since you're the hero of the year come and get your award. Here's a hint, it's like a long sharp sword.

Dussine was found dead this morning at his home, believed to…

The Reason We're Sick

We are slowly winning the victory over the Invisible Enemy while coming together as the high-trust globalist kosher economic bodega that we are. In another eighteen months, maybe even sooner, we'll have a vaccine for that ass and we can then maybe restore what passes for sanity in our Clown World zoo. Until that needle full of autism poison is available, please follow this list of arbitrary and nonsensical rules and be sure to report anyone who fails to wear their bitch cloth, keep the six foot germ halo or avoid groups of more than one person. Please note that all of these goofy edicts used to control and humiliate do not apply to g*d's chosen people. All animals are equal, but some much more so.

A couple was arrested after they allegedly shouted anti-Semitic slurs at three Hasidic men in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and tried to rip off their face-coverings while blaming them for the spread of the coronavirus, the NYPD said.

No, not my secondary yid lid! This is the worst hate cri…

Jogger Murders Elderly Whites

As our country prepares for a self-inflicted depression followed by dissolution and total all against all warfare, the jew has decided we need to hold a national Trayvon Martin audition, with the failed applications from "African-American" garbage piling up before the merchant finally settled on the bizarre story of a "jogger" being menaced by the Georgia "klan" and ultimately getting blasted by these "racists." A few decades ago this semi-genius talmudic scheme would have probably worked with a lot of help from the controlled dinosaur media, but today we have many other sources of information besides the synagogue in the living room. It turns out the "good boy" involved was just another criminal tar monster whose own violent idiocy led to the "limiting." I know, I was surprised, too. Now all that remains is the inevitable "jogger" rioting after the charges are dropped. You need to be armed.

Meanwhile, another worth…