White Cops and Pilgrims to Blame for Negro Pathology

To toe the marxist line of "correct thinking" a person must either be a careerist professional liar or completely delusional. Or both. The failure of the negro is always the fault of the Pink People, no matter how illogical this argument becomes. According to the Chicago Chief of Police the Whiteys somehow responsible for the brown savagery now include Pilgrims. Yes, really. Cancel Thanksgiving, it be makin' da bruthas hos-tile, mang. Hos-tile.

“It’s a big issue. It’s a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of things wrong in policing in this country. I’m willing to admit that,” said McCarthy. “But this goes back 200-300 years to the time when Pilgrims came here and things developed from that, the African American experience in this country.”

The Pilgrims are, of course, responsible for the Mayflower Compact, which established rule of law and individual freedoms in what would become America. These concepts don't really mesh well with the jungle all vs. all chaos of the "African American." Thus, the Pilgrims are responsible for the Big Chimping going on in Chicago. Q.E.D.

The cause of negro criminality.

But wait, there's other cracker devils to blame! Hooray!

But the Pilgrims weren’t the only people being blamed for the violence. The superintendent also laid blame at the feet of America’s finest and inferred – without actually stating it - that white police officers are the problem.

“Who has been the people enforcing those laws that were problematic for the African American community all these years? And that’s to me where it all starts,” stated McCarthy. “It starts with the recognition of how we got here and figuring out how we are going to move forward. By first confronting the issue. Recognition is the first step towards reconciliation. So that’s what I bring to the table. It’s one of those things that a lot of police chiefs in this country are afraid to talk about. I’m not afraid to talk about it because it’s out there and we’ve got to address it.”

Yes, we can't lay all the blame on peaceful religious separatists. It's also the fault of White cops, apparently. It's nice McCarthy isn't "afraid to talk about this." What courage, to blame the White Man just like everyone else. Anything but pointing out the failure of the American Negro: the single parent broods, the government dependency, the refusal to work, the low I.Q., the poor impulse control, the lack of future orientation, the media and government incitement, the criminality, the endless excuses and all the rest.

Then WVON host Warren Valentine chimed in, blaming the Jim Crow era.

I think it's legally mandated that this be brought up at least once every time the typical negro behavior is addressed.

Full Story. 

It seems the only ones not responsible are the actual criminals themselves. They're just good boys, aspiring rappers, basketball players and brain surgeons, turning their lives around.

It might surprise some, but I agree with this Police Chief. Whites are bad for negroes. Clearly the solution is segregation and eventually creating Whites only nations. This would solve the cruel legacy of religious pacifists. White Nationalism: even our enemies support it. Once the negative honky influence is removed the negro can create chocolate paradises like South Sudan. Clearly progressive justice demands this.

Another comical chapter in the farce that is diversity comes to a close. Until we have our own White Nations this idiocy will continue. We're not equal. Diversity doesn't work. Wake up, White Man.


  1. It is Whitey’s fault for making common sense laws that the jigs can’t adhere to. What do you ppl expect? Are you seriously going to think jigs can act normal? COMPLETELY THE WHITE MAN’S FAULT


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