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Court Rules That Negro Killer is Too Delusional and Moronic to Punish

The average I.Q. of the American negro is 85. This means that a significant percentage of negroes return scores that are not really exceptionally low by negro standards but would be considered mentally retarded in a White or Asian. Combine this with typical negro Dunning-Kruger delusion and you get something that isn't compatible with White civilization or White jurisprudence. The level of awareness and intelligence the justice system expects of the so-called "reasonable man" is simply beyond your typical "African American." This is why we need prison amnesty. It's wrong to punish idiotic negroes for their horrific crimes. So very wrong.

The Supreme Court of Georgia has thrown out the conviction and death sentence of a man convicted in Macon County of the murder of a bank vice president.

Did new evidence surface exonerating this "man?" New witnesses? An angle no one ever considered turned up by those tireless and heroic people that try to overturn…

African America: Negro Machete Attack in Chicago

In today's U.S.S.A. the la-teen-oh is replacing the White population, the negro is turning our cities into war zones, the jew is pulling the levers and the average White is asleep in a dream world where the old America still exists. Many Whites honestly believe that everything is fine, that there hasn't been any "fundamental changes" and the 90% White America of 1965 still exists. That America is gone. In its place we have a nation rapidly Balkanizing along racial lines, different "victim" groups pick at the rotting remains. While the rust never rests, the White man still slumbers, riding his Swipple-cycle into negro town at three in the morning with predictable results.

A Chicago man said he was attacked by a man with a machete while riding his bike home in the city's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

No race is given for the victim, but I think it's safe to assume he was White. Only an American White would be delusional enough to try to perform a goofy …

March Madness: Negroes Arrested For "Unclear Motive" Attack on Whites

A combination of the first days of relatively warm weather and the massive hatred for Whites held by the sullen brown mass has kicked off another Summer of Dark Mobs way ahead of schedule. In Louisville we saw the undeclared one-sided race war explode, with huge mobs of identical looking and behaving "diversity" targeting White victims. In Philadelphia the victims of the communist indoctrination center have come under attack in several incidents that have been sent down the memory hole. In the latest of these, a horrific attack involving a brick to the face, the animals have been caged.

It's not clear why a group of high school girls lashed out at Temple University students Friday, but, with five girls in custody, police are hoping to get that answer soon.

It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in willful kosher ignorance. It was racially motivated, obviously.

Five girls, ranging from 14 to 17 years old, turned themselves in to Central Detectives today, Capt. Frank…

United Kaliphate: Sodomite Soldier Mutilates Genitals, Converts to Islam

The spiritual sickness that covers the West like a vile fog has infiltrated all of our major institutions, including the armed forces. For this, we should be grateful. An army made up of mental defectives, sodomites, pregnant women, sneaky alien invaders, lady-boys, 85 I.Q. negroes and crying dykes is going to have a very difficult time carrying out the increasingly drastic measures that will be necessary to keep the rot at bay. This means accelerated collapse and a chance to repair all the damage caused by the disastrous jewish century. Until then, the military provides a vomit-inducing spectacle.

As usual, the United Kaliphate is winning the race to the bottom. Today's story from not-so-great Britainistan reads like some kind of elaborate parody of cultural marxism more than a recounting of actual events. Incredibly, it seems to be legitimate. How far can a White nation fall? Here's the answer.

A former trained soldier has swapped her Territorial Army beret for a veil and bec…

Negro "Leaders" Demand White Hand-Outs After Black Pack Attacks on Whites

The Louisville Waterfront is currently hosting open race war against Whites, featuring the usual mobs of violent and moronic "babies" attacking unarmed Whites. We got another good look at the content of their character: dark monsters jumping on "whips," assaulting oblivious Whites and the usual "robbery gone wrong" pathology. As per the recent pattern, the police state was forced to move in and try to restore some degree of order after this massive outburst of savagery from a failed race. With summer approaching it's only going to get worse. No one seems to have any answers.

Don't worry though, negro "leaders" are on the case. Their solution? The usual "more needs to be done" topped off some truly incredible and delusional beliefs about their fellow "African Americans."

For suburban families, downtown's Waterfront Park is but one gathering place. But for some west Louisville teenagers, it may be the only place.

We …

Big Brother Catches Negro Terrorists in North Carolina

The two competing forces in today's America are the growing police state and the all against all terror that naturally arises from the "diversity" of identical looking, thinking and behaving dark bipeds. For this wonderful salad dish to even partially function requires a massive Orwellian presence that would be completely unnecessary in a White nation. It's an endless struggle to try to control the base impulses of 85 I.Q. religion of peace members via the erosion of rights, endless surveillance and a general chilling atmosphere of mistrust and fear. We are constantly surrounded by hostile alien faces and behind those sullen brown masks lurk hatred and pathology.

This is the great strength of diversity.

Planes linked to a company with FBI connections circled a north Raleigh neighborhood for weeks before a Wednesday raid that resulted in terrorism charges against two men. 

Please ignore the Ministry of Love planes circling your neighborhood for weeks. Everything is fin…

Negro "Baby" Poses With Drugs and Guns, Gets Shot

As ugly and spiritually sick as mainstream culture has become in the U.S.S.A. it might as well be the height of the Renaissance compared to the monolithic customs of the American negro. Talent-free (c)rap music promoting crime. Overwhelming and irrational hatred for Whites. Drug abuse. Gun violence. The down low. R strategy bastards. Delusional belief in their own value and future fame as a (c)rapper or African tree hockey player. Disdain for civilized behavior, i.e. "Acting White." Idiocy. This is the content of their character, the rich pageant that makes up the life of the 85 I.Q. North American simian. It would almost be humorous if we didn't have to deal with the inevitable failures. The negro is simply incompatible with civilization.

A baby-faced Memphis teen posted shocking snaps of his wannabe thug lifestyle online just hours before being shot dead by his best pal as they played with a gun, police said.

Are we witnessing the birth of the new euphemism for fully m…

The American Zoo

What will ultimately win out, the tyranny or the anarchy? This is the only remaining question as far as the fate of the U.S.S.A. is concerned. If the anarchy wins we become a combination of Africa and Latin America, a violent all against all nightmare where life is worthless. If the tyranny wins we'll enter an Orwellian hell, a police state that controls the teeming brown mass by eliminating all of our rights. Neither of these two end games has any sustainablity and the final collapse will come regardless. For now we watch these two competing evils war with each other, while the mortal remains of America enters the flames. Here and there we get glimpses of what this future will look like, a future without White civilization.

Kansas City police are investigating after shots were fired in a parking lot outside the Kansas City Zoo on Tuesday afternoon. Police said 10 people were arrested in connection with the shooting, but police were unable to locate the person responsible for firin…

Woman Marries Dog

The sodomite agenda went from "this is a mental illness that should be treated" to "this is a heroic thing and we'll destroy your life if you criticize it" in about one generation. Even the most optimistic Frankfurt school jew couldn't have expected such rapid and total success, but the spiritual sickness that began with pretending the lower races were our equals prepared the soil for this foul harvest. It now seems inevitable that every kind of perversion and "marriage" will be celebrated and protected by Thought Crime laws. Everything except having White children, of course. Make no mistake, this disgusting insanity is aimed entirely at Whites, with the ultimate goal of White genocide.

Soon we'll be holding "Bestiality Pride" events and talking about how brave and noble the football negro that has relations with livestock is. In the United Kaliphate, always the gold standard for Western collapse, it's already happening. 

For th…

Foreign Invaders Make Demands in U.S.S.A.

It's good that we're being flooded with millions of unwashed welfare colonists. Just ask anyone with any kind of authority. Ask the megachurch "jay-sus loves your sin!" JUDEO-christians praying for their own destruction. Ask any billionaire bastard. Ask the jew. They'll tell you. We need "comprehensive reform" that can be summarized as a total and complete surrender of the remains of a once great nation to foreign, alien elements that are mostly concerned in scavenging the national corpse, maybe eating those delicious dead eyes. Even this isn't enough, as usual. The invaders aren't happy that there's still some pathetic, token resistance to the fundamental transformation of a formerly White nation into a Latin American sewer.

President Barack Obama's surprise announcement last week that his administration would change its deportation policy to become more "humane" shows how the immigration battle has narrowed after months of con…

Wyoming to be Flooded With Brown "Refugees" On Our Dime

One plan for White survival is for awake Whites to resettle in America's most desolate areas, forming pathetic little communities and praying that a "worse is better" miracle occurs before the rot reaches these isolated places. It's already too late. The nation-wreckers are now intentionally targeting White areas for the lethal injection of sub-Saharan "diversity." Running and hiding is not going to save us.

The governor wrote a letter in September to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement saying Wyoming was interested in establishing a public/private center to help refugees.

What's not to be interested in? 65 I.Q. African imports without the slightest understanding of Western civilization are the raw material for a healthy nation, after all. Give us your sewage, your morons and criminals, says the jew, while building a massive wall around Israel.

The federal agency has responded that it was happy to hear of that wish and the work in progress.

This i…

Football Negro Raped Nine Women in Five States

If you claim to be fighting for White interests but you also watch kosher sports you're still half-asleep. There have been few more successful jewish take-overs of a formerly White institution. Today the Africa Ball provides a steady stream of communist sewage: negro worship, miscegenation, feminism, materialism, gun control, the sodomite agenda and more. In a game where the ball isn't in play and the players mill around doing nothing the majority of the time there are plenty of opportunities for "teachable moments" and "narratives." Find a White person that's deep in the kosher coma and there's a good chance the comatose body is hooked up to the I.V. of sports addiction.

Meanwhile, the typical negro behavior of the "hero" athletes has a bad habit of seeping through. Like the story of a negro animal that used his fame to commit a series of rapes all across the land of the fee and the home of the slave.

Former NFL All-Pro safety Darren Sharp…

Higher Education: Mystery Meat Professor Goes Full Retard

Convincing Whites of the necessity of a four year stint in an adult day care, racking up massive debt and absorbing endless marxist propaganda in the process, has been one of the greatest triumphs of the jewish nation-wreckers. Who could imagine that the goyim would actually pay huge amounts of money to be molded into Right Thinking slaves? Few vestiges of scholarship and academic rigor remain in these formerly White institutions that were meekly handed over to the communists during the disastrous jewish century. For every legitimate area of study that remains there's dozens of marxist departments that teach nothing but White genocide and the destruction of the West, plenty of fake classes for 80 I.Q. negro "affletes," and a general air of hostility to anything that resembles the normal White America that used to exist.

Indoctrination is the goal.

A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstrati…

Unbelievably Horrific Negro Home Invasion Will Be "Taken Seriously" By Authorities

Many Whites are awakening from the jew-induced coma of materialism, careerism, worship of The Other and kosher spiritual sickness. The spectacular failure of the American negro, caused by inherent genetic traits, is no longer an issue an honest person can debate. The imaginary benefits of an invasion of millions of uneducated welfare colonists are touted only by the billionaires, the jews and the careerist scumbag. Our numbers are growing and the low level race war that continues to heat up is going to force many Whites off the fence. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. We now have to assume that most, if not all, of our opposition has no interest in facts, reality, or the continued existence of White people.  

In the liberal enclaves, far from the "diversity," the careerist still slumbers, happy to trade away his soul for whatever shekels fall off the table. Enclaves like Madison, Wisconsin.

Police arrested six people believed to be involved in what they're calling one of…

Africa Ball Animal Impregnates Age 14 Cousin

There's nothing more heroic and worthy of worship than the negro that plays a child's game in our national coliseums. They distract us from our dispossession and marginalization and let us pretend that we're part of a meaningful corporate entity, now that the U.S.S.A. has died. We can root for "Red" to defeat "Blue," because that's all we have left. Besides, consider the amazing "character" of the dusky "affletes." Some are brave enough to commit acts of sodomy, the sacrament of our national religion. Others, perhaps slightly less noble, fornicate with underage immediate family.  

Three-star Louisville football recruit Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad was arrested Monday on felony charges of lewd lascivious behavior after allegedly impregnating his 14-year-old cousin, according to WPTV NewsChannel 5′s Will Greenlee (via Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky).

Africa-style dysfunction topped off with a little "Religion of Peace" pathology…

White Man Murdered For Cellphone, Negro Killer Disappointed it Wasn't a Better Phone

The negro is incapable of functioning in a civilized society. At best the fear of immediate and severe punishment can suppress the predictable thuggery of this failed race and segregation can keep the criminality that still occurs quarantined. At worst they're unleashed on Whites, told that they're right to hate us because of imaginary wrongs and further encouraged by an eroding rule of law. This is where we are right now. Dark aliens on the loose. Horrific crimes. Joke sentences. Media and government silence. Two-legged animals walk among us, prey on us. This is what the anti-Whites in power want. They want us to die.

A Seattle teen shot and killed a man for his cellphone — then went to a friend’s house and complained the stolen gizmo wasn’t nice enough, police say.

This one sentence tells you everything you need to know about the simian brain and anti-soul of the negro. No remorse, not even any fear of punishment. Just 75 I.Q. disappointment that the magical Chinese light box…

More Negro Knockout Attacks in New York

The dinosaur media doesn't care that packs of feral negroes are committing "random" attacks on White victims. It's just the goyim and not the Light of the World, after all. Our criminal government has encouraged these attacks. The victims are forgotten. The silence now hangs heavy. Ignore reality. Pretend everything is fine. Keep consuming. Watch pornography. Drink yourself stupid. Take prescription pills to drive away the Wrong Think. Watch negroes chase a ball. Worship the increasingly worthless dollar. The center can not hold. The final collapse draws near, the flames prepare to devour the remains of a once great nation.

More Whites are attacked.

Investigators are looking for the person who randomly punched a man in apparent case of the knockout game after the victim left a bar in Manhattan.

Another "random" attack that just happens to target a White victim. Are you sick of the lies yet? We can't even admit that this is a case of polar bear hunting. G…