Boston Woman Converts to Islam, Worries About "White Privilege"

We can no longer call things evil, even when they obviously are. This is perhaps the strongest indictment of the spiritual sickness in the West, the dead nations and lost youth who unironically say things like "riot-shaming." This is the end result of the big lie of equality, a massive kosher con that was accepted because it was the path of least resistance and it's not like there's ever going to come a reckoning, right? If we can pretend that a 70 I.Q. shit-colored monster carrying foreign genetic material not shared by any other race is actually just a sun-tanned White, we can swallow any jewish madness, no matter how ridiculous and destructive. Putting a penis in your rectum is heroic. Chopping off your own penis is even more noble and praiseworthy. Immigration is making us strong. Islam is a peaceful and spiritual religion.

Delusional and suicidal. If you need a very succinct description of today's U.S.S.A., there you go.

Like many participants in the Boston Marathon on Monday, Leanne Scorzoni will be running to honor the victims of last year’s bombing. But Scorzoni will also be running in a hijab: she converted to Islam after the attack, and wants her participation to emphasize that Boston’s Muslim community was also hurt by the bombings.

When it comes to typical Religion of Peace behavior, this has become the new logic. The muslims are the real victims of their endless violence and malfunction. Certainly not the dead Whites, or the dead White nations that have embraced their own cultural and religious displacement. No, the victim is the elusive "one good one" that is spiritual and humble and certainly doesn't dream of killing the Kafir. The dead Whites haven't even been buried and we must focus on this hypothetical member of the desert giant rock cult.

Last year, Scorzoni staked out the same spot near the finish line and waited to be joined by a friend of hers named Sam. Unfamiliar with Marathon Monday tradition, he arrived late and, at about 2:30 P.M., he asked where the nearest bathroom was.

Meanwhile welfare recipients were preparing the detonation, but let's focus on this banal tale of avoiding the mo-ham-head blast.

Scorzoni doesn’t believe a divine power carried her away from the attack that killed three people and injured more than two hundred and sixty: “It was because my friend had to pee,” she said.


As the media began to sort out the background of the Tsarnaev brothers, local reports also began to surface of sporadic verbal and physical attacks on Muslims, and of hate mail being sent to mosques

Sporadic is right, as in it might have happened once or twice, if that. Lambs to the halal slaughter, meekly accepting the presence of the alien death cult and wanting to learn more to "understand" the pathology.

Scorzoni was raised Catholic, but she abandoned the Church in 1999, shortly after family members publicly announced that local priests had sexually abused them. 

Poz does not fill pews.

When she moved back to Boston, in 2011, she remembered seeing many ads for the I.S.B.C.C. on public transportation around the city, and later found out that the center was two blocks from where she lived.

Comforting pastel colors and cheerful statements that in no way reflect the reality of this middle eastern cancer convinced me it was the right thing to do.

You can see her hair! Stone the whore!

As she began to make new friends at the mosque, she would observe prayer services and occasionally sit on prayer rugs and meditate. The I.S.B.C.C. thus became a special place for her: it was she where she began to feel comfortable again with being in religious surroundings. In Islam, Scorzoni found “more of a sense of ritual and meditation and contemplation I wanted in my life.”

Not religious but very spiritual. Not nationalist but a citizen of the world. Not aware but in a waking dream. Not alive but dead.

While she regularly attends services and will wear a hijab on Monday, Scorzoni also carries what she describes as “white privilege,” which many other Muslims do not have.

Can we send this lunatic to Nigeria where she can be part of a Boko Haram harem to atone for the evil White body?

She works part-time teaching English as a second language; many of her students are young Muslims living alone in the United States or working seventy-hour weeks to support their families here.

The seventy hour mo-ham-head-an work week. Well, that or welfare hand-outs from the good JUDEO-christian suckers. 

On Monday, when Scorzoni crosses the finish line, her family will be there to cheer her on, as will Sam and other friends from the I.S.B.C.C. “I believe we are moving away from, ‘Hey, look, a Muslim doing something normal,’ ” Scorzoni said. “Now we see a myriad of cultures and religions here, as it should be.”

The finish line of the West. A flood of alien animals and their vile satanic beliefs, as it should be. The corpse of a nation, it's immune system unable to keep out foreign viruses. Run, Whitey. Run for your life. 

Cultural enrichment.


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