Negro Privilege

Whites have many special rights in the U.S.S.A. The right to pay taxes for the latest round of failed programs for the alien. The right to chase the materialism and careerism carrot while our own country is lowered into the cold earth of "diversity" and a jew counts the shekels. The right to be the official scape-goat for any and all "minority" failure. The right to be called names, vilified, mocked and attacked. Yes, there are many special privileges for a White population that is rapidly being displaced and destroyed. But what about the negro, the brown animal that must be discussed around the clock on kosher televised news? Today we're going to take an honest look at negro privilege. Let's unpack this highly visible shit-sack.

The negro is never responsible for its own behavior. Ever. It's always caused by "racism," the "legacy of slavery" or pilgrims. Over fifty years of failed negro appeasement hasn't even slightly mitigated this negro privilege. It's still Whitey causing them to soil their own nest. As long as one White person exists, that's who made the "African American" stupid, violent and unable to connect actions with consequences. When we're gone, they'll blame the grave. We tried so hard to prove we weren't "races," wasted so much money and shed so much blood and that will be the final insult. It's never the negro. It's you.

  I was so upset over what negro police did I stole toilet paper.

The negro doesn't have to live with its own kind in Africa. The American negro should thank whatever wooden idols their savage tribes worship for this privilege every single day. Lifted out of the all against all on jewish slave ships and brought to the land of White prosperity, far from the pathology the genetic alien generates when left completely to their own devices. Here even the albino is relatively safe, living without fear of being made into witchcraft amulets. They have all the benefits of White civilization, even as they bring it down through the content of their character. 

The negro can expect a life of hand-outs and free stuff, courtesy of the White tax-paying chump. From the E.B.T. to the Obama phones and $300 dollar Chinese sneakers purchased with welfare checks the almost unbelievable largesse just keeps coming. If you expect a thank you for this insane generosity, you'll be waiting forever. At best all this spending purchases sullen hostility. At worst, the Uncle Sucker card will fail to scan and our cities will go up in flames.

  Look at all the "diversity."

In the unlikely event the negro feels like working, that doesn't mean the giveaways have to stop. Even the most marginally "well-behaved negro" can expect to be promoted far above their abilities and be completely secure in this unearned position no matter how inept. Don't worry, Whites will cover the predictable failure, until their aren't any and it all crashes down like in Detroit or Baltimore. 

When the negro turns on the talmudvision they can expect to see their kind presented front and center. The telavivision negro is, of course, presented in the most glowing fashion possible, the smooth hero with the flat nose, the dedicated surgeon and lover of White women with no frontal lobes, the hip and cool scientist with a 70 I.Q. In contrast, Whites are portrayed as nerds, losers and "neo-nazi" criminals. Change the channel to the jew-controlled sports and expect a sea of brown, with a few White zookeepers in the mix. Watching the electronic synagogue you would think the U.S.S.A. was at least 50% negro, maybe more.

The negro is free to rant and rave about "killing dem pink people" and "White debils" with no consequences whatsoever. If anything they'll be rewarded. Just be careful Barkevious, there is one special group of "Whites" that you aren't allowed to criticize. Otherwise, feel free to hoot and holler at your long-suffering benefactors. We'll take the abuse and run and hide, because that's our failed survival strategy.

I could go on, but I think the point has been made. We support a failed race, give them special rights and endless "cash money" gibs me dats and there is no discernible improvement in their predictable behavior. The time for a half-slave (White tax payers) and half-free (negro tax suckers) country must end. We need our own White nation where the burden of this failed race and the jew that unleashed them can be removed. We need a White homeland.


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